Announce: New version of DCPP - DCPP 4.0
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Shaun Hollingworth
2011-06-01 14:19:54 UTC
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In case anyone still reads this newsgroup:

A new version of DCPP is available.

DCPP 4.0's newest features:

* Fast one stop destructive format and encryption of *none system*
drive partitions which can be used when the the drive is either new,
or the current content is known to be benign and you wish to reformat
and encrypt the drive very quickly.

* Sha 256 and legacy/optional Sha1 password hashing.

* USB flash drive bootable updated DCPP tools support. Allows all
unused space of the flash disk device to be used as general file
storage on seperate Windows visible partition.

* Support for encryption of none system GPT formatted hard drive

* Support for none system hard drives > 2TB (GPT)

* Direct login support for access to "foreign" DCPP encrypted system
drives from other computers, invaluable when windows system problems
occur on other encrypted DCPP computers.

Advanced screen available to full users gives you:

* HiddenOS support for XP Vista/W7 on separate adjacent Fat32 or
NTFS disk partition.

* Main OS can be booted and regularly used with minimal risk to
hiddenOS which is on a seperate drive, and must be encrypted before
hiddenOS can be installed

* MainOS partition drive still available in HiddenOS mode as a
different drive letter. (Requires access to main disk keystore if main
disk is encrypted)

* HiddenOS partition can be significantly smaller or larger than
MainOS partition.

* Option available in HiddenOS can remove main preboot
authentication and rely on Tools boot (Windows Vista and Windows 7

* Option available in HiddenOS can make its host drive partition
appear as completely unallocated disk space when main OS booted.
(Windows Vista and Windows 7 only)

* Configurable (Drive letter and size) RamDisk drive in locked
reserved kernel memory used to transport keys storage file securly
from MainOS to hiddenOS disk area. Ramdisk can be used by user for
other purposes.

* Ability to optionally and automatically copy relevant data from
Windows 7 100mbyte partition, to main Windows disk and set to boot
from there. (Must be done before bootauth installation for those that
know DCPP)

* All existing features still supported.

* Various bug fixes and compatibilty issues sorted.

available at http://www.securstar.com

2011-06-01 15:32:34 UTC
Post by Shaun Hollingworth
A new version of DCPP is available.

Thanks for the update info, Shaun.