G.W. 'don't send blankets or water, give me money to spend wisely' - Bush and Cheney Closed 911 Investigations - Banksters do not cover our loans - Where is Justice in America?
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The Truth
2010-01-17 00:23:33 UTC
Fox News Wins Haiti Ratings, CNN Comes Second, And MSNBC Third

G.W. 'don't send blankets or water, give me money to spend wisely'

These enemies of Life have no qualms about gathering innocent
children in the center of cities, like in Gaza, and burning
them alive with white phosphorus, or as the grunts were CAUGHT
several times in Iraq, gathering children together with candy,
then blowing them all up with explosives. Dropping more than 38,000
bombs on Iraq indiscriminately during the Shock and Awe campaign,
blowing up near all vital infrastructure, or killing
ALL Iraq school teachers because they were Bathists, like
the serveral hundred innocent women murdered in these last few
weeks by the grunters because they might have had PhDs, or murdering
countless hundreds of young men because the bushite claimed the
victim looked gay. Not a fuking care for human life there, or
for the countless women, men, and children being raped or gunned
down in Iraq by Blackwater, Aegis, or KBR. They stole the entire
Iraqi Development Fund (Bremer pocketed 19 billion himself) Micheal
Jackson was first degree murdered, and what does anyone in the
entire nation care for anyone else, truly? ... So, how come in the
nation of Haiti, THESE VERY SAME hosts who supported the over
throw of the democratically elected government, and installing a
military dictatorship funded directly by Bush to push drugs into
America, a dictatorship that gunned down innocent peoples for
asking for elections, or begged for food, that now, these VERY
SAME hosts, tell us all how important it is to donate billions
of dollars into the hands of GEORGE WALKER BUSH. Obvisously,
someone is planning to STEAL the billions of charity given.
These media celeb demon fuks will starve Jews in garbage dumps,
if it means more caring People will blindly give a Zionist our
money to mass murder even more innocent Christians. Bush and
Cheney closed 911 investigations. Do you think CNN, CBC, or FOX
would give a dying Iraqi child simply a clean glass of water to
save his life? NEVER EVER HAVE THEY CARED. There are videos on
youtube of grunts torturing 8 year old Iraq children who desperately
need clean water to save their lives, that the grunt laughs at
to see harmed, and nobody in all of America, indeed the world,
barely cares to scream a word.

These demon fuks will watch the Peoples of New Orleans
die, before defending the lives stole there too as "charity".

State Department: bin Laden Videos Have Been Faked!

/ / The U.S. State Department has updated its 1998 file
photo of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, digitally altering
it to account for a decade of age and possible changes in his
facial hair. \ \

So, the State Department is alleging the bin Laden videos
have all been faked by Intelcenter then to con the teen
grunts for death in Evil? You Americans are not human for
remaining silent in contempt for my wisecracks. Instead
corporate America is paying Palin millions to cover
your TV broadcasts with the notion that she believes the
vicious lie that Iraq really did do 911. Can the demon nazi
whore of Satan, really be that stupid? Stupider than Bush?
Than a forth grader? Really? Make you feel all warm and fuzzy
that you can claim to be so much brighter than the Zionist
demon whore who supports murdering countless innocent families
with Cheney and Sakkasvilli, knowing that CNN, CBC, and FOX
will refuse to your death to fairly correct her for our
defense under God? While hating me, Johnny America, only
because I am wise, just, and Spiritual? Understand, after
I wrote what I did, what did Alex go on about yesterday?
How much he hates limp wristed effeminate Liberals. He works
to divide our cause, to undermine our pursuit of real Justice
because he is an intolerant bigot living in his cartoon world,
who can't find the words of Liberty to condemn Bush and Cheney
for 911, and so on. Evil is the deceived disguised. Besides
I know of Great "Liberals" who would easily tear his head off
for such contempt of this fight to defend Life and all that
is Loved. Justice is what we will, Alex wills bigotry and
contempt for truly great wise men and women. The Founding
Fathers considered themselves Liberal. Innocent men and
women wiser beyond his years, are whom he wouldn't advance a
defense of protection under the Law universal, or grant a moment
to speak in their own defense, because this struggle for Alex is
all about his big fat ego, not defending the innocent from war
criminals. See I don't care what you do with your life, as
long as you don't infringe on that same right of Liberty
for another. American tax payers pay nazi grunts to rape,
torture, shoot and bomb innocent Peoples routinely, killing
Police 0fficers, and stealing everyone's money, so naturally,
as any real man would, I hold US all personally responsible
for not speaking out sooner. I am, King Johnny

David Bowie- Starman

America's Tax Money Paid to Those Guilty of Defrauding the Public

/ / The regulator decided that Goldman Sachs and more
than a dozen banks would be fully repaid for $62.1 billion
of the swaps \ \ But Americans do not care to phone happy
monster George Noory to demand Americans be allotted free
time to discuss Bush and 911, minus con man NWOer Alex
Jones stealing our mikes to blame anyone but actual guilty
parties. Alex's Marxists, Communists, effeminate limp wristed
Liberals, Socialists, and many other innocent free thinkers
saying whatever stupidly, are worthy the protections of a fair
just government Alex wants US to know he hates more than those
personally responsible for 911. (note: repugger rapists not
mentioned) As for real Americans, committed to the Bill of
Rights, (as evidence to convince ourselves of something), they
just apparently, can't be bothered as fat asses, to raise
their heavy phones to demand Bush and Cheney be Publically
Tried as FOR SURE traitors escaping from mass murder of
INNOCENT AMERICANS on 911, and so on. George Noory is too
happy killing ourselves with his personal contempt for freedom
as liberty. So, how is it possible to make Americans care for
their own downfalls as it pertains to this issue of Treasury?,
as far more complicated than.. Bush and Cheney closed 911
Police Investigations? What we can only hope for is You making
some effort to spread this concern for real peoples lives
falling as dying victims. Don't care a word for God or Man in
America? Like that enemy Limbaugh and demon Robertson taking
all our stages to deny You respect for Justice as the Law of
these here Lands? So be it.



It is called criminal fraud


/ / It sounds to me a little bit like selling a car
with faulty brakes, and then buying an insurance policy
on the buyer of those cars. [that he would crash] \ \

It is called criminal fraud. They illegally sold
something they said was triple a, knew it wasn't, bet
on their lies failing, then scored all the policeman
STOLEN. STOLEN... Cops out there! You need your well
deserved Pensions back, because they were stolen. Not
maybe stolen, actually stolen by CRIMINAL FRAUD. Allow
me to openly debate anyone on Earth regarding this, and
you will find, I have no real opposition. Why? I am a
good guy with no cards up my sleeve. CBC, CNN, and
George Noory the monster, refuses to respect a wise man
such as myself speaking freely for open deliberations.
Support Justice for a change, and give to my cause for
a fair verdict in this case. Our own. (I also could
use a small few dollars donated to pay my meager way,
if any local People want to please help me from going
further hungry without bus fares. It's a long walk to
Washington, that I guess I'll do, once it gets a little
warmer... you bastards)

"Jordan wants Dead Sea Scrolls back from Israel"

Understand why the Satanic enemy nation steals our
History. Because, the Jews of the Bible were BLACK!
That is correct. Black, who of which now live in
Ethiopia. Now, you try to go on the NWOer George Noory
show with that, and he'll go nuts like Alex Jones does
to deny this Truth. That Nazi Israeli steal innocent
Peoples homes on a routine basis, funded blindly by
Americans like themselves, who have no position either
way but to say, it's a Jewish thing to do,.. don't be
anti-semitic. Nuts! Go ahead, give truth they doesn't
own a try! Palestinian are the Semites. So, George
Noory in his CARELESS silence, is an anti-Semite to
have no real concerns for all the innocent Christians
of Palestine who have fallen victim to his godless
tyranny of happy happy joy joy all the time. He has
near millions, so why should he care for anything..
right?? Sidenote: Obama is not a "Socialist"
committed to serving the interests of the public by
supporting the indiscriminate bombings of Peoples as
"SUSPECTED al-qeada", or stealing trillions for
corporatist private banksters. Those blind Americans
who hold "free market forces" aka Banksters as their
religion. "Corporatists", are usually referred to as
intolerant right wing bigots, Conservatives, or
fascists, or Nazis. Alex Jones states here, yeah,
Hitler was a socialist, because of all the Union
busting?, hatred for gays?, indiscriminate fire
bombings with ITT over London?, and lawless death
camping of innocent persons, as the very same of US
Socialists, who want a roof over grandma, money back
that was stolen from the TRUST FUND called Social
Security, or basic food needs kept for homeless
mothers. ? Again, Alex is a bigot, with a bigoted
label system that means division among US innocent
masses in HIS NWOer world of global, nobody guilty gets
arrested for war crimes, tyranny. A Ron Paul bigotry
which is near as close as a racist is truthfully. Ask
Alex, 'Since you know what all Liberals think, and what
all Socialists think, and your so much more
knowledgeable than everyone else, as you claim, tell US
whats it that blacks, or Indians think too then, eh?'
HE HAS!!! An inability to respect what equal rights
under the judgment of character, as the individual, is
all about what an NWOer truly fears about themselves.
Example: No evidence, person innocent. Black, white,
green, Mexican, Indian, whatever.. Bush and Cheney are
FOR SURE guilty of obstruction on 911.. and so on.
Calling them puppets to ignore the big picture means
shit to me in totality, how about You? Accountability
is what we are sorely in need of just now.

"BLACK" is not Obama. Obama's mom was as white as Snow
White. So he isn't an African American either, as
anymore than he is for sure Euro trash. Nothing wrong
whatsoever with having two parents, but let's get the
facts right on who speaks for the black man's cause.
Certainly not multi-millionaire basketball players who
con black teen grunts to die for the escape of the EVIL
whitey Neocon Zionist Peenackers responsible for 911.
Like the pussy boys of the UFC too. Now those guys are
all for sure niggas bending over for whitey. Well,
except one. One guy I know of that has actually spoke
a word or two for warring to fight for a just cause is
what true warriors actually do, one guy. The rest,
dying niggas tolling themselves to permanent brain
damage for tyranny. 'uh... yeah.. Ia respect him as
a fighter, a warrior, but one of us is not coming out
of the ring without permanent loses, i'm getting two
thousand dollars to risk life and limb here! whore
yeh' Instead of, let's wrestle without the lethality,
then get together, and demand these un-arrested
KBR/Blackwater rapists face US in the ring, with
matches to the death, (prize money in the millions how
about!) since the government of Zionists have sided to
allow them walk OUR streets to further harm our loved
women and children. Sound good friend? To fight for
what is right. Rapists, torturers, and those that drop
bombs for NATO, every last man woman and child of
Earth, would just LOVE to see me or any other real man,
tear apart in God's good name. My punches generally go
through bushites, not because I'm exceptionally strong,
(though I am fairly fast) but because, when you
understand the truth, you'd know, in these UFC fights,
all Life is doing, it trying desperately to hold back
everyone from being hurt seriously. Which isn't often
the case, hence, the concern. But a bushite, no one
really loves, (not their spouses, nor the children
TRULY who are only hoping for the insurance money) and
would rather see dead, before they attack another
innocent person for the Demonic Zionist Peenackers. To
kill a bushite, is to truly love his family dearly.
Example: "Heroic" free to walk our streets Lance
Corporal Boudroiux likes to rape children, then murders
the fathers, for he explains, that way he doesn't have
to be looking over his shoulder. Or Sattler ordering
the nazi grunts to murder more than two hundred and
fifty thousand completely innocent Peoples in Fallujah
without any cause, dropping more than nine two thousand
pound bombs. NO CAUSE. They did the same in Samara.
No cause to bomb the city, but they did anyway
murdering countless peoples for nothing but their
sadistic ungodly terror. As REAL Satanic enemies of
Life in this universe, We can practically kill them
with a flick of a pinky. Hunt bushite for a living,
(like real men do) and you'll see the entire Universe
open up to you, with a great big thank you from the man
upstairs. Go on, give Living for Life to see the
"lawless" bushite nazi die! instead of the innocent
children they target for indiscriminate mass murder in
the millions to please their false imprisoning,
torturing, thieving Zionist Neocon masters of Evil.
The Zionists who war God for the escape of those truly
responsible for 911.


Amerikan news media refuses to defend America

John Cornyn "Rape victims prefer to be left alone."

Bushite are enemies of Life for remaining silent

That is why it is such a blessing for all concerned
when a evil enemy bushite dies at the Will of the True
Patriot Warriors of Liberty, those of US who champion
Justice as the only fair measure in a causeless war of
bushite evil.


If you claim to be at all truly religious, You can not
go silent against these Satanic enemies of Life. Jews
love God, Zionists are Satanic enemy LIARS of all
Humanity. Did you know: in Canada, on TV, American
funded Nazi Israeli begged to feed starving Jews living
in the garbage dumps of Jerusalem. So, People such as
myself asked, why are there starving Jews living in
garbage dumps prominently displayed by Zionists? We
asked the extremely rich Likud Nazis striking as
Zionism's ungodly Leadership collecting huge American
welfare 'tax free' checks, and they formally responded
by claiming, 'if we starve Jews, we can attract
charitable aid to be used elsewhere'. Then, the
Zionist "charity group" confessed on national Canadian
TV, to support raping, torturing, and murdering
INNOCENT God Loving Christians and Muslims because God
promised them this right as Satanic liars. Deserving
war crime prosecutions warranting death. This is as
the Son of God named Messiah. What more could you
possibly have to know, before, as an American, Atheist
or as Believer, forward a concern for innocent Peoples
murdered deliberately in your taxed to die name? How
many? Be a man for Christ sake, be a man.


SEC Orders AIG Info Sealed Until 2018!

Trying to pull a Ron Paul?

Look, we know the tax money was to hide CRIMINAL FRAUD.
SEC is criminal is this action, to escape the for sure
culprits responsible for STEALING untotalled trillions
with toxic debts labeled triple A.

/ / Step 1: Sell mortgage-related securities that are
absolute junk to trusting clients at vastly
overinflated prices.

Step 2: Bet against those same mortgage-related
securities and make massive bets against the U.S.
housing market so that your firm will make massive
profits when the U.S. economy collapses. \ \

"Secrecy order stays in place until November 2018"

Come on now, Obama's SEC can't do that to America.,
under who's authority? the Peoples who gave them
freely, trillions and trillions of tax dollars to boost
capital off-shoring private slush funds. What? Still
empty? ohohohhoo I guess Wees all be giving them the
last pennies in our pockets too as being only fair for
taking us so far in debt, of gratitude, for being our
single reason for existing. "living" to serve the
bankster dinning blindly as the turkey thinking, great!
I get to dine with an actual holy bankster! Everything
for the substitute of actually having something to live
for besides what can be taken from others unfairly.
Justice is Freedom.

Netanyahu: Israel will never share Jerusalem with Semite Palestinians

Where is G-D spoken as Life stolen in Israel as that picture?

Again, The Holy Bible "I know the blasphemy of them
which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the
synagogue of Satan."

Seek the Etheopian Jews for the story of suffering and
great sorrows by an America gone Zionist for the greed
of evil as ungodly murderous thieves.


Sarah Palin, Demon Whore of Satan

“I am thrilled to be joining the great
talent and management team at Fox News.
It’s wonderful to be part of a place that
so values fair and balanced news,” Sadist Palin

Liar Palin supports Warring All Russian Peoples for Nazi Evil

Palin "For Russia to have exerted such
pressure in terms of invading a smaller
democratic country [South Ossetia],
unprovoked, is unacceptable,"

Palin with Cheney should be formally charged for
execution in America as a war criminal for this capital
offense. Cheney's war was started by nazi zionist forces,
headed by Sakkasvilli, to target unprovoked as they
did, every elementary school child, hospital, and
police officer. Then randomly grenading thousands of
homes. Murdering more innocent families than could be
counted, so many in fact, they couldn't for a while,
find enough space to bury the innocent children Palin
cares not a word for. Palin, the demon whore of Satan,
stole the bridge to nowhere money too, fuking evil nazi
demon witch she is. Without doubt, a Zionist.


Blackwater guns down ten year olds for pleasure, admit
it, and an American "Judge" refuses to allow fines of
death to all of every last mecenary breathing because,
someone in Clinton's Office at the State Department,
sabotaged the FBI investigations clandestinely - SO?
DBD. The treasonous bushite grunting Judge (with as
typical, likely zero actual Law knowledge - only in
America!) seriously needs to be arrested for accessory
to mass murder. He had no right legally to throw the
confessed as guilty charges out of our Courts to
PURPOSEFULLY escape first degree mass murderers who
pimp child rape. Knowingly he did that.. American?

The State Department is not a Police Agency with
magical un-Constitutional Clinton powers that over-ride
all of the FBI, all of the DEA or the useless CIA who
eats up hundreds of billions that completely disapear
into the pockets of "lawless" Cofer Black and his child
pimping stooges who mock up as judges of equal
standing. Murdering Americans.


[Booduh and the Tea Baggers]

Remember: Alex Jones had no misgivings in gunning down
innocent Americans if it means he can look Nazi strong
against our uncertain forgiving natures. Plus he LIES
on purpose regarding Ron Paul winning the fixed
Republican National Convention. 1441? 661 Committee?
Black are Jews? Too close to Justice winning, for him
to allow mention as critically important for US to use
for real indictments against ACTUAL CRIMINALS to TRULY
defend ourselves from further plunder. He instead
would rather send America against groups of people the
military and police would rightly defend, without a
formal argument where someone is actually found suspect
of a criminal offense. Like Mr. Bush the false
accuser, whom Alex and the NWOers claim, is mearly a
puppet.. lookaway lookaway for eight long long long
years. "Final Cut" THE Exception. It is no crime to
be an Alex Jones "Socialist", an Alex Jones "Liberal",
an Alex Jones "Elite" or a Alex Jones critic of his
blatant bigotry he sells as rotted fruit picked fresh
from the orchard yesterday. He is getting better! as
does still, have a great show as compared to near
everything else. However, as an absolutionist, stuck
in his cartooned world, he can't fathom this as
honestly from myself. (He sells I am "disinfo" . 1 +
1 = 2) But we'll learn, we'll learn. Example: I'm
sure Hitler opened a door for little old ladies once or
twice in his lifetime. Before he went all kookoo.
Don't go kookoo Alex, and respect our rights, as being
careful when advocating denying the rights of Life and
Liberty from others, better than you have, and you'll
make out fine without much more hassles from me on
equal grounds. Truth you do not own as a possession,
but of a reality we share. Believing in a God or
Nature far beyond our understandings isn't inherently a
bad thing in others minds greater than you presently
can imagine in your carboard cartooned "World". You
Alex are a man. A good man, a great man often, but a
man who might be insecure about things you might not
quite understand, that you make up for by seeming
overtly agressive like that somehow makes it more so..
ahh nevermind. Let US respect the rights of everyone,
(a softer side doesn't mean your secretly gay therefor,
or mean you love watching Pandas for hours on end
listening to Beethoven) and let's get all these People
doing all the work for ourselves by being together, mad
at actual war criminals, and the Banksters as
prioritizing our problems that we have REAL answers
for. Not the Ron Paul nonsense that doesn't stand in
free open debate with the facts, that you purposefully
deny this audience with censorship to defend egos, not
lives. One Example of Many: Auditing the Fed stance,
is not understanding these guys don't cover our loans,
and have OPENLY stolen trillions already with PROVEN
FRAUDS.. so what don't we know?? We know Ron Paul
calls the conning of Congress, and the indiscriminate
murder of millions in Iraq a "Police Action", not mass
murdering crimes of Tyranny instituted by a found
unconstitutional traitor who closed 911 investigations.
George W. Bush. And Jeeze, don't get me started on
Ron's idears about earmarks, or health care as traffic
signals being governments "always" failing when helping
to do any anything right for another. Dumb as a
Libertarian cult member is, and being foolishly as
such, they can not honestly support free debate for any
as all who demand Justice without conceeding failure
right off the start. Funny but NOTE: Apparently, his group
censored the snookered following doing our chant "911 was
an inside job", in the video they are selling to fight
the NWOers in an action officially planned to fail, as
always with the Libertarian of today. Spooky? Nah just
dumb as evil is. [Libertarians were not always as such]
Remember: Ron Paul won the Republican National
Convention with the tens of millions of dollars donated
by dying soldiers for the cause.. Getting what they paid
for, a sworn failure of criminality guised by Ron as
"Police actions". Ever heard of 1441? or Lawless South
African Death Squad goons of Aegis shooting dead US, the
People, at random for fun? KBR gang rapists of American
women going officially unarrested by Republicans? Blackwater
pimping toddlers? SAS cop killers dressed up as evil Arabs
getting killed sacrificing teen Marines by the score? to
be more precise.

What do you think brothers? Don't I make a fair King?
You don't have to answer.


"Chemical analysis links ISI to CIA killings in Khost"

Think about this CIA officers. The CIA is
claiming that the CIA murdered the CIA for
the CIA. So.. join Johnny America and demand
the immediate arrest of Bush and Cheney, Condi
and Rumsfeld with the Peenackers for the high
treasons of 911, or, die a bushite death at
the hands of a bushite traitor like yourself.

"analysis" - C4 is C4, plus when the bomber murdered
the ladies of the CIA, (likely not so happy about
the women and toddlers being raped or tortured
by the sadistic evil nazi enemies of kbr/blackwater)
he did so with a vest.. so why is his body in such
great shape then? 10 People were blown to bits.
(Remember Zarqawi?) I would argue, since there was
no real body as advertised, the CIA is likely being
targeted by Blackwater so they can continue on with
KBR, raping women and children, pushing heroin, and
murdering good people like the Neocons did on 911
for more stolen gains as lawless minions to the
demon antichrist enemy of God and Man. [Atheists
included.] If you had asked me, I'd order the CIA
and every other man woman and child to kill "lawless"
Blackwater mercenaries on sight, all to defend their
next targeted innocent victims. They are traitors
to Life without doubt, completely without a Human
concern for escaping Bush and the Neocons. But that
is just me as a real man in the land of the dying
Zionist Amerikan Nazi. Bush is Evil.

The CIA Misspells Al Qaeda Terrorists to Let Terrorists Fly

/ / Fourteen other 9/11 hijackers appeared on the list five
years after they had supposedly died in the attacks. \ \

Who is this "The CIA" person, and how do we get
it formally executed by Public trial, as a Zionist
traitor to America? For, the highjackers are of some
alive, with ZERO conections to bin Laden (as Condi
planned and Alex Jones, George Noory, and the NWOers
forbid) and this "The CIA" person, (likely Rumsfeld
or Cofer Black) obviously wants to murder, or torture
for false confessions, to halt them from wising up
and going mainstream. All Zionist partners with
Rumsfeld would surely be ordered murdered, for why
take the risk the Bushite might become human at some
later date? Bushite kill bushite for stolen nickels.

Corporate America is conning American teens for
death by criminal sacrifice, and American GIs
are TRUE cowards for not speaking freely for a
just cause. Nope. They are told not to read from
the internet freely, and they jump to salute the
enemy, with a, "Yes sir." Cowardly enemies of
American liberty who refuse to demand the arrests
of those responsible for 911. COWARDS.

Alex Jones "Obama is so much worst than Bush was"
So, don't arrest "puppets" for treason that murdered Americans?

"One in Three Think Obama Might Be the Anti-Christ"

Anything like AJ and the NWOers, to escape Bush for
closing 911 investigations, then stating, "we don't
need any evidence", and proceeding to order the murder
of millions of completely innocent persons. Alex Jones


Fake video footage 'persuades half of people to wrongly accuse others
of crime'


UN: Israel broke six-month truce in Gaza


Again, understand, Israeli NAZIS murdered 239
Police Officers who were just trying to defend
our families.

Banks Were Pushing Subprime Mortgages Behind The Scenes

/ / In a number of the fliers, Chase makes it clear to the
mortgage brokers that the bank doesn’t need income or job
verification \ \ because they don't cover the loans of course

Just a reminder to everyone: these actions on the part
of trillioniares who pirate the Public's authority, were/
are highly criminal. Costing lots. I'm just saying is all..
It's your robbed Home, your robbed Country.


Senate Banking Committee on December 3,
Bernanke "In the area where we had responsibility,
the bank holding companies, we should have done
more," he said. "That is a mistake we won't make

STEALING near 30 trillion dollars is a
fraud that could happen again, if
we arrest, try, and convict the thieves
responsible to get back our earnings/lives.
But Americans refuse to even raise their
heavy phones, can't care for God or man.
Too mentally deranged as underminded by the
NWOers who sell anything, but the arrest of
specific criminals found for sure as guilty,
such as obstructers of LAW, Bush and Cheney.
Now Timmy from Treasury.

Dictator AJ "Puppets! puppets! puppets.. and
don't love the big love, the universe as Nature
either.., it's the New World Order!"


Tim Geithner Tried to Cover Up Money Going to Top Banks

This is newsworthy. Oh.., and naturally a crime.
But the bushite enemy nazi savages have not supported
Justice on 911, OR for American women gang raped by
KBR, or toddler rape by 911's Blackwater, through
"elected" Conservative Republican John Cornyn.

John Cornyn "Rape victims prefer to be left alone."

Bushite are evil enemies for remaining silent
against demon monster George Noory lying
to our dying kin that bin Laden did 911 as
naked traitors to God and country. Do YOU
care either?


Ghouliannie is Just a Crazy Dumb Evil Bastard


"You can't describe something as a terrorist
attack, if it hasn't been investigated."

People were warned to step back from WTC7,
because the pre-planted explosives were going
to be taking it down momentarily. Then, it
happened just as they planned it. Remarkable?
So much so, that international news networks
reported it falling just before it starting
falling. Who on Earth could possibly dispute
such? but a bushite liar, a zionist thief,
an ungodly war mongering enemy to Life,
warring YOU for the further escape of
the neocon peenacker highjackers.

God is Great.


/ / US border officials were aware that an alleged
extremist was on a Detroit-bound flight on Christmas
Day and were ready to question him on landing,
according to a report in the the Los Angeles Times. \ \

THINK AMERICANS THINK. Therefor, they knew enough to
not allow a known terrorist board a plane destined to
America without a passport, but they did so anyway,
with who a Police Dog alleges, was, "The Man in
Orange", carrying a real bomb that thankfully didn't go
off.? Despite "officers" ordering the passengers to
stay on the un-checked plane for a terrorist plan of
mass murder with passengers on-board a plane was near
completed. .. Don't care really for the rights of any
other do you corporate American media 'person'?

Believe what you will in giving care for life as a
blessing received, while debating with US my friends,
against the illegal war criminals escaping further,
denying others life's great virtues, as the righteous
flight for true personal liberty. Justice is what this
work wills. Life for everybody could be so incredible
as improving, if life was defended fairly by honorable
men and women, not these media machines of silence
about lawlessness, where, if we play our cares for holy
cash right, war crimes as big business will send
innocent others to their graves to save the economy for
the super super rich as grotesquely deceitful - in a
Nazi Marine's Paradise in hell where all with God
suffers unjustly for the bushite demon rat escaping to
torture, make lame, and murder more as US found
completely, routinely, innocent on all a bushite
belligerents.. That is why it is such a blessing for
all concerned when a evil enemy bushite dies at the
Will of the True Patriot Warriors of Liberty, those of
US who champion Justice as the only fair measure in
a causeless war of bushite evil. Bushite nazi grunts
indiscriminately bomb humanity, while chanting, 'whore
yeh, whore yeh', claiming they will war all that is
right, just, and spiritual to escape the zionist neocon
Peenackers guilty of 911 in their demonic hell of
stolen gain. God is only hated in America's corporate
structure of exploitation through criminal misdeed,
called, 'embarrassments', 'guffaws', 'intelligence
failures', as a naked lie to sell to God in self
contempt. I HATE bushite to death, how about You?

Millions and millions are sold this nightmare horrors
that is polled as, 'no, it's not that 77 percent of Fox
staff support bombing innocent people indiscriminately
with intentional lies designed to escape the Zionist
Neocon Peenackers, our numbs would be higher, and why
should I even care victim.?.' To some day they wish, to
be any President or CEO at one of the major last
private, money for nothing institutions of trillionaire
greed, trillionaire!, by ridiculously obscene criminal
fraud conducted near in the open, broad daylight style.
Bystander: "What happened to the money?" Trillionaire:
"lost. lost to the market forces of chaos.. hi-jinx
of such wizardry, it baffles further any in-questing"..
"er.. and no, we're not lending back the money you
gave out freely to the wealthiest of all Mankind, we're
not hiring, and don't you have a late payment due on
that Condo we never covered as lent you for back in
early 82? Well, ..we want it backk.. tehheehe,
yehyeh.. we want it back . , echm excuse me, i've
been on psychos.. but yeh, we'll have to be taking the
condo and car back from you since you defaulted on our
loan.. agregate, prime set goal benchmark.thanks..
have a good day. Or maybe head up a private mercenary
firm/army that guns down innocent men women and
children for more stolen gains in our stolen names.
Sounds good to who? See, banksters never cover our
loans, we do. And Blackwater, who's loyalty is only to
a stolen dollar, refuses to support the rightful arrest
of the actual bad guys responsible for 911. The
bail-outs were a crime of cover ups for even other
escaping frauds. And Blackwater lies today, to attempt
the further escape of Bush and Cheney for stopping REAL
Police Officers from making the proper arrests.
Millions of stolen homes. Millions of lives. We, The
People have been slowly to understand how serious this
is through out the continuing ordeal of being drugged
down and left for dead or dying still needlessly,
thoughtlessly, criminally.. We have a ways to go,
until we arrive at a place called free to roam. So, we
shall begin here on Earth building a bridge to span the
great divides for starters. Bush and Cheney must be
arrested as obstructors for the 911 terror offense of
no questions allowed. Let's go.


/ / Who says Al Qaeda takes credit for a bombing? Rita
Katz. Who gets us bin Laden tapes? Rita Katz. \ \

And again, with zero profit interest in arresting
TRAITORS Bush and Cheney for closing 911 police
investigations, let alone suggesting the arrest of the
individual responsible for the financing of the 911
terror, General Ahmad. Then, how about the child
torturer pimp daddy for Muslim toddlers, Cofer Black?
Did you know, under the "freedom Forces" of Iraq, you
can buy an innocent to this world Iraqi child, for a
dear $300.00 American? Did you hear? After KBR
acknowledged that they have gang raped countless
American Women, and that some had managed to escape
with the power of a cell-phone, KBR changed their
conduct by forbidding all employees/rapists from having
such phones in the first place. THINK AMERICAN THINK.
Who is Blackwater and KBR individually in America, and
why are they not rightly dead yet by public trials in
defense of all women and children? THERE IS NO EXCUSE.
They are thieves, they are rapists, they are al-qeada
escaping from the crime scenes of 911, 77, drone
strikes, and so on. We, Humanity, shall hunt the
bushite terrorists for war crimes prosecution with Life
as our side, to soundly defeat these demonic Zionist
enemy forces of Christ into their early graves by the
laws of all lands. Count on it. I am. - a Son to

Your Servant,
King Johnny

Bushite Grunts like Killing Good Cops


- why do bushite do it? To cowardly die enriching the
tyrannies of ungodly enslavement. Warmongers. Mongers of
thought delusions that sell the taking of lame excuses
to profit the war criminal.

Proofs #1: Popular American Marines Creed:

"Heaven won't take us and Hell is afraid that we will take over."

Hell is no place to end for the Victors of Justice willing
a great future. So, why would a bushite dumfuk enemy Marine,
as a first degree murderer of innocent children with bombs
or bullets, torturings or starvation, speak in our public
with boasting pride, to be such an enemy to God and Justice?,
Willingly as Evil? Because, as like the Amerikan Zombie, they
have no real virtue. No honor among dishonorable thieves.
These demon fuks while warring for the escape of the Zionist
Peenackers, will steal their own grandma's social security,
and give it to Bush as they did (700+ billion), then laugh
about it like that makes them tough. Bushite grunts truly
deserve to die being the cowardly nazi enemies they are to
everyone. No love for Life in their dead black hearts. Marines
who care not for the freedoms of others, but to openly steal
America for the likes of a KBR, which includes the rights of
American women to be left undefended. (as what they war
for against Women in Afghanistan)

KBR/Haliburton Worker Raped, Locked in Shipping Container

Lavena Johnson Was Raped and Murdered: Then the "Army" Covered It Up

"Army Imprisons Soldier for Singing Against Stop-Loss Policy"

But it's okay with America that demon grunts sing about
the joys of murdering little girls then falsely blaming
the innocent father for the war crimes made popular in
the Marines fave, "Haji Girl" hit? Did you know: the
marine who is likely raking millions off the celebrated
crimes, hasn't been gunned down by a monster guitar
smashing by any six stringing father who truly loves
his precious daughter? Just an innocent Muslim girl
loved by the LORD, murdered for "America's" evil right
to further escape such heinous piracy in our name
against all of screaming Creation? American grunts
refuse to demand just words broadcasted coast to coast,
instead of lies, because they know they're enemy
thieves too maybe? Bushite just don't care for anyone,
anyhow, anywhere, if it means freedom defended for
others. They'd rather steal it as losers..

Unnatural Acts: No Place for Mercy

/ / Having stopped the torture, the Oregon soldiers
asked for further orders: what should they do now?
The request was relayed up far up the chain of command,
and the answer came back from on high: Go away \ \

How about kill a grunt, and all day long, have good luck?

American Soldiers Do Not Obey Criminal Orders

Speak out for the arrest of Bush and Cheney for
obstructing Justice on 911, and the rightful deaths of
every last bushite breathing who mumbles support of
further drone terror strikes against innocent people in
market places, or as bombings anywhere done to escape
the naked treason of the Zionist Peenackers. Look, the
Bushmob doctored the NIE on Iraq to CON America. CON.
Bushite IS al-Qeada. They kidnap, torture, and murder
the innocent, openly, as the ungodly war criminal
terrorist enemies of everybody.

Stanley McChrystal: A History Of Condoning Torture

A "freedom fighter" of "America" who wills the torture
of innocent people to death to escape the peenacker?


/ / The alleged terrorists in Yemen had been in
Guantanamo Prison. They were released without trial by
the Bush Administration even though they were reported
as among the most dangerous detainees. \ \ Not an
accident, but Obama calls it YOUR stupidity of
excepting their inteligence failure as not blatantly
treasonous. Your call victim dummy.

/ / I want to know why the FBI/Customs would not tell
Amsterdam to look into what we saw. Why? \ \

They are truly refusing to defend ourselves with
accounting for how the terror crime was conducted.
Their actions of contemptous silence indicate no cares
for nabbing the lawless terror savages., why should
they risk anything, it's just the Nation being
highjacked for more profitable deaths. Instead of
Ronald G Smith being arrested as a TRAITOR to every
last American Patriot, he's probably up for a cash
bonus by forbidding the pursuit of the escaping
terrorists. Actual terrorists. Do Americans care I
ask for anyone, but for how much they can take
illegally from all others? Your call Amerika.

"Al-Qaeda says CIA attack 'revenge'"

Is it the CIA who they fake will actually believe
General Ahmad isn't Al-Qaeda at the same time?
Sacrificing? Bushite kill bushite for a stolen nickel.
No honor among thieves. Bush closed 911 Police

Johnny's World Wide Works of Wonder


/ / The crotch bomber showed up EXACTLY when needed to
convince the public to go along with the plan. \ \

The terrorist could put the C4 up their ass. The
scanners are useless now. Go Americans, go get fucked
up the asses, as good little faggots to the willingness
of refusing to support my demands for open
communications for honest debate on equal rights for
all, naturally, broadcasted Coast to Coast with the
demon enemy LIARS of a Just will expressed found


Israeli army to attack anyone chanting praise to to the LORD

Israeli army trains dogs to attack anyone chanting Allahu Akbar

American? Jewish? Human?

how about as the Bible teaches, Satanic more like as
enemies to the King of Jews? Where are the religious
of America, who ACTUALLY believe in a greater



/ / it was reported on television the previous day that
there was another man arrested on another flight from
Amsterdam to Detroit whose behavior fit the description \ \

Bomb Sniffing Dog Police Officer Alleges He Smells Bushite

We need to find what "The Man in Orange" had in his
luggage, and if it was a bomb as the bomb sniffing Dog
Police Officer alleged, why didn't it go off earlier
as planned? And if it had, could there have been
double agents on the other two flights as well as
hidden cover if things went wrong? Is this why the
bushite stole the CCTV coverage as the enemy, refusing
all Police so far, to witness the truth for ourselves
as respected? In other words, are the Terrorists still
escaping by Obama's refusal to support Johnny Justice
for our days? You bet.

Bushite are as evil as they are stupid. This is not
the same case. Follow the evidence of an evil
forbidding America from arresting Bush and Cheney for
closing 911 Police Investigations, and then, you'll
understand, these media cons of distraction by the
bushite enemy conspirators will not stear God and
Johnny off course to a great victory of Justice for
everybody. Eventually.

The Man In Orange and the Merry Go Round of Ron Smith

/ / Mr. Ron Smith didn’t have and know all of this
information before? \ \

Mr. Ron Smith needs to be arrrested as a for real
terrorist immediately by the REAL FBI. His story he
sells to US, the Public, is a pack of naked lies
covering for an attempted bombing of innocent folks to
jump start Obama's war against those who want democracy
in Yemen. Do not let this pass in doubt that your life
has no worth as meaning.

/ / To say that the man that was being held was from
another flight, and is the same one I saw 20 feet away
from me the entire time, defies logic. \ \

crazyman, crazy.


/ / whom he is recording [LINK] with extensive video
footage. This passenger too, we are not told about,
are not to ask about, and we do not get to see his
video. \ \

Mr. Ron Smith needs to be arrrested. Like now.


The Most Powerful Video Ull Ever See

When a bushite dies, all of Humanity is rewarded by the
ending. They are enemies of God, they are enemies of
Justice, they are enemies of Life. They war the
innocent for the Neocon, as zombie nazi savages who's
care is only to steal from others, namely themselves.
To hear of a bushite death, is a mercy on our souls.
They are torturers, rapists, thieves, ENEMIES of
absolutely everyone.

Who Would Appose?

Again, none of the "suspects" for 911 were from
Afghanistan, and NONE, I say as King Johnny, NONE were
alleged to be al-qeada. Not a single one.

/ / National Guard ad revives Nazi oath to Hitler:
"Always place mission first," not US Constitution \ \

TREASON. murderous Bushite nazi grunting rapists State
"I don't care."

Today, there is nothing more i wish, than to hear
bushite nazi savage thieves for the neocon die rightly,
before the innocent they target for murder.


/ / a shocking rise in the number of cancer victims
south of Baghdad. Sufferers in the province of Babil
have risen by almost tenfold in just three years.
Locals blame depleted uranium from US military \ \

Bush "There’s no need to discuss evidence of innocence or guilt."

Understand Humanity, Americans refuse to concern
themselves of these mass murder campaigns by simply
raising their phones to the Satanic demon enemy George
Noory, a refusal that steals the lives of our innocent
families celebrated by Noory and Company as war crimes
of the ruling Zionist ungodly "Elites". NOT JEWS.

They are enemies of America, they are enemies of God,
they are enemies of Life.

/ / New York Times, The "majority of hamburger" now
sold in the U.S. now contains fatty slaughterhouse
trimmings "the industry once relegated to pet food and
cooking oil," \ \

Dying Bushite Nazi Grunter "I don't care! you liberal
commi pinko socialist know-it-alls with your fancy book
reading like faggots do"

/ / The FDA [thatopenlyrecievescashbribes] approved
spraying a virus that attacks bacteria onto the surface
of meat. \ \ and what else

How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA

Dying Bushite Nazi Grunter "I don't care..
where is your daughter, or your wallet chump?
and yeh, go on, call me a hero like the Fox
has taught you rightly bitch"


WTC7 -- This is an Orange


NWO is the Old World Order

/ / NWO is the Old World Order…Are we commodities?
Is life just a commodity or are we in the Deep Mystery
a current from the that which is original and not changed
by the arising of phenomena? Is life sacred? \ \

Exactly. You know, Alex Jones greatly often hugely
sucks. He is a bigot, and as a bigot, he is committed
to the death of his ego to lie about things like Unions,
"environmentalists", "liberals", "socialists", "metallists",
"God", Michael Jackson fans, and Ron 'what constitution'
Paul winning as he did in a land slide victory, the
Republican National Convention.. that Banksters never
cover our loans, or that never elected Bush and Cheney
closed 911 investigations AS RELEVANT. But to near every
last robot stepping "Republican" "conservative" we know what
they all think as near identical - kill YOUR kids, steal
YOUR money, rape YOUR spouse, torture your life, and
evidence to form a conclusion? who thinks that? Obama
is now officially, un-doubtingly, a war criminal with
aiding Israel with war crime weaponry to be used against
the TARGETED INNOCENT. (after Nazi Israel disclosed they
broke the truce, and targeted specifically innocent
children in UN schools, or by ordering them to the city
centers to 'be safe' to where they burned them alive
with white phosphorus, while warning Hamas when they's
be near to stay away, to continue on, bombing more than
50,000 homes. Death toll: 6?) , but he's not a Republican,
he's smarter, thereby, harder to hide behind the,
'i'm a stoopid' repuglicon hater of smarty pants Christ
banner. As Alex Jones, it's not about empowering ourselves
with a developing just intent of exercised Law
by fairness for all parties considered because 'all
government is always bad', refusing through his naked
censorship to leave us with an effective strategy to combat
terrorism he defines in exclusively his unaccountable
global cartoon puppet show vernacular.

Example: Alex states the international banksters are
the bad guys, but so is every government inherently so,
(is HIS false world of blanketed bigot fear) said to
escape willingly, those PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE. He does
have his moments, and he is clearly a great voice out
there compared to just about everyone else, but still,
he truly greatly sucks sometimes so severely, that he
advanced COWARDLY those two innocent Americans who were
needlessly shot in the back in an act of first degree
murder, was an act of Liberty. I publically challenge
Alex Jones and all of Texas to a debate on this extremely
easy subject where they have allowed first degree murderers
to walk free in their present State, as they do with
rapists, a public debate where the participants are granted
a free moment not to be cut off from our party lines..
In defense of all that are innocent. Justice must rule

/ / Alex is wrong is in assuming that a message
of respect for and connection with nature is somehow
inherently bad. \ \

In Avatar, the bushite never, (from what I remember)
think to consider for a second, on how not to cheat
the innocent victims, but as is done today, to rob
from ourselves true self respect for Life as Sacred.

dying bushite grunting enemy robbing Iraqis for
the escape of the Evil Peenackers "I don't care."

Bush "There’s no need to discuss evidence of innocence or guilt."

Alex Jones, "Liberals don't like Bush."for mass murdering
Humanity as never elected demon enemy of God he means?

Ron "I Is Bad" Paul will refuse these facts, among many
others, selling out for tyranny, to escape Zionist Neocon
Peenackers who planned 911 before hand. MSNBC. Bush, Cheney,
Rumsfeld, Condi, and so on as the evidence (near never
mentioned by the NWOer crowd as significant) dictates.
Instead, it is that popular divisory tactic so popular with
the NWOer mind controlled bigoted twits 'No it's those liberals,
or socialists, greens, lefties, loving gay folks, feminists,
welfare parents, Mexicans, black peoples, or someone
old and near powerless who can't defend themselves from
something only stupid they said 30 something years ago, or
Michael Jackson fans of grooving words and upbeat tempos,
EVERYBODY else but a, goose stepping right winging mindless
corporate shill for furthering corruption, who cares not for
respecting the rights of others by real Justice, fair play,
respect. Thus is why the NWOers like blaming the CFR,
Builderberg, Illuminati, and so on, without building a
possible case for public warrants as impossible without
establishing SOMEONE'S guilt. Like a, Condi, or Rumsfeld.
The NWOers are making escape for criminals of, THEIR New
World Order. The NWOers are 'in' with Kissinger and Co..
Claiming powerlessness to stop unheard of war criminals.
Like George Walker Bush refusing to pursue the 911 culprits
as himself closing investigations immediately. Like 1441.
Or even the 661 Committee.

(a conspiracy??? for Alex Jones has been pushing the same)

Ron Paul states on CNN all governing fails - (traffic lights
a bad idea Ron?) And NOT that extortionists, (like
war criminals who conned Congress and Soldiers,) should
be publicly arrested under the Standing Law (aka Government)
to recoup our stolen loses. Just ask yourself, what is a
"Liberal". Is it Stalinist Russia, who according to
the Oxford Dictionary under 'socialism', is the control
of all expression such as artistic literature, to by force,
praise the un-elected mass murdering dictator. Or, as in
Canada, where instead of private de-health companies
pocketing trillions of tax dollars for doing nothing, the
Government of the People, just hires a guy at a good salary
to handle the health care book keeping. It's BOTH. (maths
isn't suppose to be competitive capitalist mis-adventure
in error - only one way to do it right.) Duality Einstein
called it.. but who wants to hear from Mr. Smarty Pants in
America? Not the NWOer, bigoted talk radio controllers who
push selling gold and running to the hills from the clever
fellows as the answer to all your worries that's who. Ron
Paul (who won the Republican leadership convention) really
sucks man. Where's the love? Example: Ron Paul knows more
people, (800 per week) die from regular flu, yet, doesn't
demand the arrest of the Obammanators for the wide criminal
assault with mercury. For, influenza is a constantly mutating
virus, thereby, making it impossible to know several years in
advance, which exact strain will attack next - without giving
it to US in the first place.

Peres the DEVIL: Israel won't tolerate the murder of innocent children

How evil would any so labeled human,
except the Devil is true on this issue,
when they told children of Gaza to go
to the city center to be safe, then
showered them with bombs newly supplied
by Obama, the retarded amerikan reject
warring God and Humanity for the esape
of the Peenacker Neocon?

A Suspect Day in Court

By not having evidence to form a guilt
verdict, how could any pro-torture bushite
nazi grunt become a Patriot to hunt Bush
and Cheney for closing 911 investigations?




/ / With all the hoopla about trials in New York,
not a word is said when top level terrorists are
released to Saudi friends of the Bush family who
let them go. We are now fighting these two Bush
friends in Yemen. \ \

All these innocent people tortured, and the
actual terrorist buddies of Bush walk? We
have to change this for the better by
advancing Justice for all concerned.
International open debate is warranted
by everyone but those who would deny
our rights to be defended from these
'lawless' tyrants of terror, these
merchants of murder.


Flight 253 passenger Kurt Haskell: 'I was visited by the FBI'

/ / several of my fellow passengers have
come over the past few days, backed up my
claim, and put pressure on FBI/Customs to
tell the truth. \ \


How Goldman Sachs Made Tens Of Billions Of Dollars From The Economic
Collapse Of America In Four Easy Steps


Nazi Grunts Accused of Executing Unarmed Innocent Children

/ / December 31, 2009 - American-led troops were
accused yesterday of dragging innocent children
from their beds and shooting them during a night \ \

Bushites are enemies of a just God willed
for the freedoms of any. They are enemies of
You, they are enemies of me. They are enemies
of US who will fairness for all concerned.
Legit. A Bushite is a false accusing coward
warring Humanity indiscriminately with
torturing false imprisonments, all to escape
the Evil Traitor Neocon Peenacker. FBI allege
they have been halted from pursuit of the
terrorist masterminds, by men carying shiny
badges. A lawless war against terrorism they
wager ourselves instead. Innocent lives
sacrificed for no better good in lawless
tyranny by corporate victimhood ruling
blindly. Justice is what we will truly
if asked in all honesty, so let ourselves
prevail for freedom defended from those
who would steal another's fair voice on
doing right by we, for, I am King Johnny.
It is no unreasonable demand, that a just
caused news media in defense of the innocent,
would serve the dire needs of the public
going further undefended for more mass
lootings. Just who do they work for? Right?


/ / The Norwegian foreign minister accusing Israeli troops of
perpetrating a "monstrous, systematically implemented and
comprehensive massacre" in Gaza aroused harsh criticism yesterday from
Israeli officials and Jewish organizations. \ \



Yemen’s "Scorched Earth" Bombing Campaign

To think, these guys are Obama's buddies
while warring our worlds for terrorism.

Are America's Mercenary Armies Really Drug Cartels?

/ / Testimony in the US that our government has
used "rendition" flights to transport massive
amounts of narcotics to Western Europe and the
United States has been taken in sworn deposition. \ \

Bushite grunts pushing heroin to life imprison
misled American teens for stolen gains. Do
TV Snooze Americans giving suckered American
lives for the demonic peenacker neocons even care?

All Men of Humanity

Why do not all men of Humanity hunt KBR and
Blackwater for believing they could lawlessly
escape raping our women and children with those
treasonous 30 ungodly Zionist Repuglicons?
Understand these bushite nazi savages make the
decision to war God for lawlessness to rob from
every last one of US. Those Repuglicons, in
America's name, have excepted bribes from gang
rapists THAT HAVEN"T BEEN ARRESTED, and those
that randomly shoot dead our loved families, or
torture innocent children to death. Cofer Black.
They war not for Justice, but to escape the
Peenackers of 911 with our stolen values. They
could stand for the cause of Man, or quit, but
don't. Like the bushite grunts who refuse to
uphold their oaths they gave to God and Country,
they don't care, and will tell you so. They could
bill torturers, as Reagan writ with standing
American Law as the War Crimes Act, but they
don't. They could speak for demands of Freedom,
but refuse like so many of TV America who instead,
express blind hate through censorship for innocent
Human beings suffering at the stolen wills of their
naked tyranny.

Peenacker America - a place where godless nazi savages
rule their dying existence for escaping war criminals.
Robbing US blind with as BOASTED!, a belligerent
ignorance on the simplest precepts of Justice; such as
evidence to actually convince ourselves of something.
Bush closed 911 investigations. How are we to arrest
ANYONE who was actually guilty, if our Police services,
were by threat of arrest, called off the Public case.
Make sense?

Rape in the Ranks: Female US soldiers raped by ESCAPING Comrades

No honor among evil bushite enemies of Life.


Don't want the facts?

The Republican TRAITORS all on the magic tv telling
American dimwits not to support wise Justice for
pirated America, should then earn them life term prison
sentences for naked sedition escaping the Peenacker,
what say You?

How did KSM get the explosives in WTC7 then?

Bushite McCainiacs are evil stupid people of History's
worst example for false accusations. To near never apply
our skills of communicating to seek greater understandings,
but to divide itself as a bigot false accuser not
qualified to hold such a position in complete disregard
for the worth of it's viewer. US, the Audience.

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate warfare
would better serve ourselves to halt for our safety.
The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

U.S. Resigns over Afghan War

"I have lost understanding of and confidence in the strategic
purposes of the United States' presence in Afghanistan"

It's to rob America with pushing dope, raping women, and
dying as evil for a pipeline to benefit Enron - all the
while escaping the Neocon Peenackers for high treason on 911.
America is a nation of Cowards.

CBS Evening News: Enemy Bushites Who Rape ARE ESCAPING

Understand these bushite enemies of Life,
believe cowardly America will refuse to hunt
them down for public trial then executions.
When a lawless bushite grunter dies, God is
loved. A bushite has zero concern for defending
America, but only what it too can rob from
Humanity, like escaping Bush and the Peenackers
do still with 911 going officially un-resolved.

Top US General Bans Pregnancies For Soldiers Under His Command

So not only are the female bush whores being
sexually assaulted routinely (one out of three)
by their fellow nazi grunting brothers, and are
refused by Rumsfeld to have REAL Police officers
defend themselves from the lawlessness, but this
"Top US General" (who seriously deserves a
quick firing were it that real men existed in American
lawless godless military war criming affairs),
threatens to imprison the rape victims for
getting pregnant. A bushite traitor's death is a
blessing for all concerned I tell you.

Bushite liars are the true enemies of God and Man

I demand we be allowed to speak freely for open
debate in America on the Coast to Coast radio

Bush Jnr. is sure wicked evil song

Bush "International law? I better call my lawyer."


Vaccine Nation - Director's Cut (Gary Null)

We need to fix this process of poisoning
ourselves. Leadership that doesn't divide
ourselves, but for to establish just causes.
It isn't impossible to insist that our media
allow Justice to reign by proving our claims.
These vaccines contain dangerous toxins that
need to be halted to save further damages
to our innocent selves.


Iran Had a Democracy Before We Took It Away

/ / It was Washington that orchestrated the 1953
coup to topple Iran’s democratically elected
government, the first in the Middle East \ \

You Call This Love?, what the hell

Justice man is what we want for sure as being all
about. Keeping it real. It tolls all this war
criming, on the name of our should be, proud great
human condition. Yeah.. but.. we're sure a goose
stepping Conservative said that everyone else as
team "Liberals" are top secretly, (so secret they
don't even know) 'dumdums' yesterday - or something
near there it seemed - I can't be bothered to rewind
back to re-affirm what we all know already about
a, broken winged bigot as blabbering nonsense on
absolute relative terms; as carrying a slave's,
grave intellect to even effectively politically
communicate as an individual incapable of standing
erect - without blind label blaming insults
to whomever a Conservative sums it's unfair
sumation, in their carboard cut-out cartoon

Be yourself instead how about!.

Dick Cheney - Go Fuck Yourself

Sen. Patrick Leahy "I proposed the idea of a
truth and reconciliation commission to
investigate abuses during the Bush-Cheney
administration. These abuses may include the
use of torture, warrantless wiretapping,
extraordinary rendition, and executive override"

Leahy: Investigate Bush Now

Obama On Investigating Bush: "Nobody's Above The Law"

Words said, yet, Obama has refused to behave with
American values of self respect in the balance of
his wilfull refusals to defend a freedom driven
agenda. An agenda starting towards our public
demands for the immediate arrests for public
trials of the principle 911 masterminds. Bush,
Cheney, Rumsfeld, General Ahamd, Myers. Joint
Chiefs of Staff, and Condi. With all access
international forums seeking Justice through
open dialog to publicly form the warrants needed
for the rest of the Neocon Peenackers along with
Peter Power for 7/7. A national dialog principled
by priority. In war, war is the priority.

With Johnny! as Your Host! voteearlyandvoteoften

Republicans for Rape

This site is not a parody, but a documentation
of a deep contempt for American rights by
corporatist sell out bribe recievers, who'll
OPENLY let our loved ones raped, and escape
the bushite grunters responsible with too lame
as unacceptable excuses, if it means
more stolen gains into their fat ungodly
wallets drenched in the blood of Patriots.
Repuglicons who OPENLY will lie, cheat and
steal from America to deny Justice a fair
place to defend the innocent as forsaken.
Dying America's Freedom to demand nationally
we not be silenced on these interests to
apprehend for conviction, every single last
lawless Bushite Nazi savage escaping the
Zionist Neocon Peenackers for 911.

GOP senator dodges tearful rape victim’s questions

/ / Inouye's office, sources say, has been lobbied
by defense contractors adamant that the language
of the Franken amendment would leave them overly

This Goppette claims to actually be elected
by American public masses, that include too,
many loved women by me anyway. Just reminding
you what a real man is is all.


"Abu Rahmah was slapped with an arms possession
charge for collecting used tear gas canisters shot
at demonstrators in Bil’in by the army and showcasing
them in his home."

Satanic enemies of God and Man the Bible teaches of
these WAR CRIMINAL parasites that label themselves
the stolen title of Jew. It is only those who advance
Zionist censorship, that deny my fair to all claims.
Not a word is spoken against my measure, but for those
who intend to rob ourselves blind further.

Israel admits organ harvesting

Criminals did the crime, criminals. And not
REAL Jews, but those as considered in the Bible.

The Holy Bible "I know the blasphemy of them
which say they are Jews, and are not, but are
the synagogue of Satan."

Or, They are jewish criminals, not criminals
because they are Jewish. See? a real Jew loves
God. While REAL Christians don't seem much to
actually exist. Certainly not in America to
be silent against evil incarnate George Walker
Bush anyway.

Bush and Cheney closed 911 police investigations.


Bush and Cheney closed 911 police investigations.


Alex Jones "Now, if you listen to Hannity's
show, if you listen to Savage; you listen to
Limbaugh, it's almost like Alex Jones is
hosting the show."

See? No justice as advocated with evidence
to form an allegation, makes Alex, and his
NWOers, look the same as the Hannity repugger
traitors daily. Bermas, a good kid, actually
claimed a few days ago that Ron Paul's
dishonestly on 911, Iraq, Russia, banking,
and so on is actually "cunning" to sell out
America that way.. I would ask him and his
fellow NWOer Bush whoring antiChrist puppet
cultists, is it because, Mr. Ron "what
Constitution?" Paul, can con more money from
the dying American suckers that way? Banksters
DO NOT cover our loans.

AJ "Lou Dobbs is legitimate"

What about the MURDER VICTIMS of 911?
Afghanistan? Iraq? Palestine? Haiti?
Somalia? South Essetia? Eh?

Again, AJ and the NWOers sell traitor George
Noory is anything but, for claiming bin Laden
did 911 for the mindless grunts to 'excuse'
themselves to rape our children, torture
our families, steal all our monies, and
commit Humanity to further more demonically
evil suffering, all for the criminal escape
of Bush and the unholy Neocon Peenackers.

Marines sing their song, 'Haji Girl' where
they celebrate their deliberate mass murders
of innocent children as targeted. I as God's Son
bill bushite every chance we can. A Bushite isn't
human, it has no compassion, no care for anyone
but how much it can steal from our dying species.
Like pro-torture Republicans or anti-social
Conservatives, they speak no words for Justice,
nor commit actions of Just cause.

'Despite aid, hunger still stalks Afghan children'

Understand, the bushites have taken tens of
billions of dollars from Canada and elsewhere,
given by the caring to feed the actual starving
of Afghanistan, and the bushite THIEVES instead,
have stolen near every last given cent.

Death to the bushite, death to the unholy
enemies of God and Man.


American Faust From Condi to Neo-Condi

Every Bushite Death is a Gift to God

/ / Did you hear? A DOJ manager charges American tax
payers $4.50 for every can drink he, and the rest of
his cadre can swallow. Buying bulk, the pop cans
likely truly cost 35 or so cents. So... who's
pocketing the stolen loot? \ \

Bushite Nazi Grunter "I don't care."

Banksters never covered the trillions they say we
still owe them, while America goes down the crapper.

Bushite Nazi Grunter "I don't care."

God's Son HATES the Bushite Nazi grunters to death
as enemies of Freedom and Man. Die bushite die.


Every Bushite death is a mercy on our souls so
says the Son to God as Man of Men.

Child Torturer to Become American School Teacher

/ / Vanity Fair that also reveals the billionaire
ex-Navy SEAL [Erik Prince] plans to step down
from Blackwater to teach high school. \ \

After torturing children in front of their parents?
After blowing up school children? Raping children
by pimping them out for one dollar blow jobs? After
bombing Peoples indiscriminately at market places
in Pakistan? Pushing heroin? Officially? What
School does he want to push dope, rape and murder
at? He needs to be tried a war criminal and formally
executed gloriously for all that is Just and Right
in this Universe. Then we give the billions and
billions and billions he stole from America while
escaping the Zionist Neocon Peenackers of 911 to real
children still suffering from his heinous ungodly
crimes of terror. Again, HE ADMITS, with Cofer Black
to committing torture, and mass murders against
those they only knew as completely innocent Peoples.
ADMITS. Death to the bushite, death to the enemies
of God and Man.

Dred Scott Redux: Obama and the Supremes Stand Up for Slavery

/ / Barack Obama has had the audacity to declare himself
the heir and embodiment of the lifework of Martin Luther King. \ \


Undivided Attention

Dean "millions of taxpayer dollars to private
corporations is not real health-care reform"

The problem here is the closed minds of Ideologues.
Like a Ron Paul or Alex Jones. The question is
this: either pay private insurance Cartel for
nothing as dying self inflicted right wing idiots,
(those generally too stupid as evil to support
intelligent causes), or don't. Either pay billioniares
who are not doctors or nurses, not scientists or
midwives, (and of some would rather see you out
shared to victim as many others have) hundreds of
billions for nothing, or don't. Your call..

Chavez to Obama: Give back Nobel Prize

"he sent 30,000 soldiers to kill innocent people in Afghanistan,"

Exactly. As he spews he's "Just" in supporting
the escape of the true criminals responsible for
mass murder on 911, with his Bushite Nazi ENEMIES
warring as pro-raping torturers, indiscriminate
bombers, and lying DEMONICALLY EVIL THIEVES.
Die bushite die.

Obama "... nothing will be gained by spending
our time and energy laying blame for the past."

No Justice whatsoever?

No honor among thieves who feed off the
cowardice of the American citizens refusing
to stand for the cause of Man. Justice for All.

RussiaToday 'US military spreading death'

Support our demands to allow ourselves to be heard
internationally coast to coast for open, freely
trading discussions on where freedom is willed by
Justice realized. IT IS NOT impossible. These crimes
against US all need to be resolved for our remedies.

"[Obama wants] the authority to hold people
indefinitely without charges at the domestic location."

That would be the for sure crime of kidnapping.
ANY American therefore can be taken away denied
the right to identify ourselves.

Veterans Group Calls on Soldiers to Refuse Orders to Deploy to
Afghanistan and Iraq

For, that would be a crime.

Support Johnny for NEW! Coast to Coast
radio host. Vote early, and vote often

Called off binladen trail

a Bush whore "U.S." soldier was recently asked, why
would it support Bush without any evidence to form a
conclusion, as irrational, to rob and murder us People
indiscriminately, escaping the actual 911 culprits, and
the bushite grunted, "I don't care" Traitor.

150 civilians targeted for indiscriminate murder by NATO

Every time I hear of another rightful bushite
death, I shall cheer with Humanity our glory to have
defended again, the innocent ourselves.

NATO fireball kills 'small number' of Afghan children


Former High-Ranking Intelligence Officer: Cheney Responsible for 9/11


Pillaging the Average American

Living by the Gate From Hell


God's Will is Just. Who would differ? Certainly not
those who 'champion' Life's intent to rob ourselves.

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate warfare
would better serve ourselves to halt for our safety.
The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

So, instead of fighting for Justice to preserve freedom,
America is lawlessly still led by the unelected illiterate
war criminal George Walker Bush - who claimed/s we don't need
evidence to form a guilty verdict. On the matters of Good
and Evil. And some people call ME crazy..

Letter: Medicare cuts won't improve health care

The Forces of Evil in Every War

Those that indiscriminately bomb, rape,
enslave, and starve are always the forces
of evil in every war. The Bushite claim we
want to encourage Democracy as Afghanistan,
so then why are not the soldiers defending
women's rights, men's rights, children's
rights? Absent as lawless bad guys escaping
the Zionist Neocon Peenackers? Where is the
just cause of a regime that can't get it's
act together to arrest KBR and Blackwater for
torture, and as rape, unjustly attacking
our innocent Humanity, a Humanity who truly
wills to speak openly for evidence to convince
ourselves of anything. Men? In the American
military? Not many found but shallow Nazi
cowards who murder indiscriminately for stolen
money as the ungodly enemy escaping those that
done did do America wrong on 911, and struggle
to escape US still with lawless godless tyranny.
Justice as the loyal Patriot's American way,
demands by Law, Our Rights to be Defended
fairly. We need the criminal investigations on
911 to be opened widely to the public for
answers readying for Judge and Jury Trials

Blackwater Let 9/11 Hijackers into US,
then Killed, Tortured the Remaining Witnesses

I've been calling for Cofer Black's public trial and
execution for years on flimsier grounds. The guy is
it for 911 inside job boss(s).

9 scientists prove traces of explosives in dust from World Trade

This is the point.

Obama bags Peace Prize as his lawyers 'gut' Nuremberg

You should know my friends, this isn't funny. Torture
warrants a death sentence according to the Standing
Law of America. Ushered by Reagan. Let US have peace
rule by hunting these demons for public convictions
on the charges of high treason against God, Reagan,
and Humanity. Bush closed 911 Police Investigations.

Bushite Nazi Grunter "I don't care."

Americans: They'd rather die, than raise their phones
to allow freedom's demand for justice to speak.

Bushite Nazi Grunts Torture a 12 year old detainee


We Need Leadership, and We Need It Now

/ / More than 20 percent of the nation’s water
treatment systems have violated key provisions
of the Safe Drinking Water Act \ \

This is extremely serious. WE are creatures of
water. Support my rise to popular complaints, and
we'll get this fixed without hesitation by speaking
truth as power. Justice will rule as freedom won.

Be a Man

Our Humanity must defend ourselves, so get to it
you cheated losingers. Waiting for some bogus
'Messiah' to save the day with pixie dust and
faeries, isn't going to do on our owns. Demand
Justice for 911, and nearer all our problems
could be solved. Bush stopped Police Investigations
from occuring, and threatened FBI officers with
arrest if they spoke publicly on the outstanding
LIFE AND DEATH issues. NO LIE. Be a man.

Obama: "The first thing I will do as President is get our
troops home. Take that to the bank."

Obama cheats US of Justice still, and the Peenackers
responsible for 911 are still cashing in on dead Americans.
Remember, American, the Taliban is funded now by the
American tax payers.. and Blackwater goons like torturing
our left undefended kids for more stolen gains.. do you
care to even raise your phone to that demon enemy of
Creation, monster George Noory who refuses open dialogue
to allow Justice to rule for a better future? Can't be
bothered to raise awareness by forwarding these concerns
as your own? Your call American.

Children tortured before parents, raped, all covered up

This is why the American man takes pleasure in billing
the grunts responsible - thieving grunts that obey criminal
orders "justified" by the evilest man that has ever existed
as FALSE ACCUSER, Antichrist George Walker Bush, as ungodly
traitors of Liberty in this new Twenty First Century.

"US military continues to carry on torture and illegal
detention [OF INNOCENT PEOPLES] in Afghanistan at a
dungeon known to inmates as "the black prison."

Every Bushite death is a mercy on our souls so
says the Son to God as Man of Men.

Americans Torture to Intentionally Extract False Confessions


/ /the Bush Administration used torture to
intentionally extract false confessions
linking Al Qaeda (and 9/11) to Iraq, to give
Bush a false "casus belli" to invade Iraq. \ \

Highly Criminal.


/ / But tell US Marc, how is it better to bomb Iraq people to rid
ourselves of WMD, than it is currently to go anywhere unfettered? How
is it possible to improve a scenario that is as open as possible
already? How will American soldiers eating bullets improve the search
and disarm technique? \ \


I know it is weird. Alex Jones for example, suffers with
similar hypocritical self delusions, 'Police grunters who
openly commit criminal assaults all think they're gods',
and is the master of the "straw man" with near constantly
working to divide ourselves from Justice, 'all the 'left'
who appose the goose steppers all think this stupid thing,
while the 'right', the real right, Alex's Right, adroitly,
think that' and frankly, IS a dumb bigot. It's all his way
only, and no one elses but the puppet fools who believe in
dictionaries. He claims to be the father
of the 911 truth movement, yet, refuses to acknowledge Bush
closing police investigations as CRITICAL!, that is if WE
are ever going to truly plan to arrest the bad guys. Then
he prattles on about how great the treasonous pro child
killing Zionist George Noory monster is, as a defense to not
be expected naturally to ask all others to challenge the
demon for refused open communications on achieving real
Justice, a position Alex cowardly has refused himself for
all others.


Son to God and Man of Men Defends Innocent People

Any Peenacker "soldier" who wars Humanity to rape
women, pimp toddlers, and sell heroin to life imprison
American teens deserves to die today. I, as Christ,
Son to God and Man of Men, would beg all true Americans
to bill these bushite McCainiac Zombies BEFORE they get
to Afghanistan, or Iraq where they universally attack
our dying species, as sadistic ungodly lawless
enemies of Creation. Again, to any real literate
real man, we know the Bushite McCainiac grunter does
NOT war our worlds for freedom. They refuse to hunt
the Zionist Neocon Peenackers. Instead, as godless nazi
traitors, they torture, rape, maim, and murder. Again,
none of the "suspects" for 911 were from Afghanistan,
and NONE, I say as the SON TO GOD, NONE were alleged
to be al-qeada. Not a single one. Why? Because that was
Condi and the Peenacker's "top secret" strategy. HATE
GOD do you dumfuk Bushite McCainiac Zombie as ENEMIES
to everyone? Refuse still to forward this as a concern
for innocent Human lives with your personal contempt
for Justice as fair play?


Lawless Bushite Grunts Warring to Execute 126 Innocent Iraqi Women

Americans, hunt the bushite traitors for a rightful death.
Honorable American soldiers do not obey criminal orders
to escape the Peenackers for 911 as ENEMIES of the LORD
and Life.

/ / Republican Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
authorized the rape of children \ \

Bushite Law will let husbands starve child wives

'Husbands Win Right to Rape or Starve Child Wives'

Die Bushite Die Bushite Die Bushite Die Bushite

RepugliCONS call for Investigations not into their buds at..

Blackwater pimps out young girls
[how many child rapists were Conservatives? 99.9%?]

Imagine, Americans are still paying the
salaries to these child rapists who want
to train for new recruits in America.

Senior Military Sources Confirm Rape and Sodomy At Abu Ghraib

Obama, Lieberman and Graham Openly Protecting
Child Raping Bushite Grunting Torturers - who cares?

Inventor of Credit Default Swaps is an architect of Cap and Trade

/ / These derivatives were a bad idea the first
time around, but now Bloomberg reports that the
carbon trading scheme will be largely centered
around derivatives: \ \



/ / From that moment on the coast is clear to let a team of demolition
experts from the Israeli army led by Peer Segalovitz into the WTC
buildings. \ \

Again, where are the NWOers demanding America
be defended by inforcing our standing laws against

New Israeli War Doctrine Targets Civilians


Is this America? A place where 'Men' live?

Alex Jones spoke nothing but praise for that demon enemy of
America George Noory last night, when they refused all to
talk honestly of G. W. Bush's guilt for the 911 treason,
Obama and the bankster's extortions, Cornyn's pro rape
America stance, and so on. Is that what freedom is to
"defend"? And again, whore caller after whore caller,
stating what an incredible person Noory is for not
empowering the people with the simple facts to defend
ourselves from seriously treasonous criminal intent to
further enslave the forsaken dying nation.

'Sen. Cornyn Defends Insurance Cartel to further Rob America'

"Sen. Cornyn votes to let rapists escape"

Enemy John Cornyn's letter on his being pro rape, pro torture

""Rape victims prefer to be left alone. They do not want to air their
'dirty laundry' especially in front of a jury in public."


'US forces killed 15 ordinary people including women and children
during an overnight operation in the Armal village'

Bill a bushite for Life why don't you? When a bushite
dies, all of Humanity is rewarded by the ending.

Celebrating Evil with PBS's Monica Crowley

Our PBS's Monica Crowley "the bush administration spent months, and
months, and months trying to avert war."

On March 7th, 2003, the UN reported WE had complete 100
percent access to go where ever we pleased through out Iraq,
without delay, including Saddam's more than complete
co-operation, including the offer of televising the demon
antichrist false accusers across the entire nation, but the
ungodly enemy liar of All Free Peoples refused. Demon Bush
simply LIED that Saddam wouldn't let our UN inspectors in.
Saddam was never found in violation of UN resolution 1441.
Saddam did everything that was asked of him, plus more. so
bombing the country indiscriminately only LOWERED the ability
to set out what the bushite traitors say is the reason for
murdering and thieving there. Anyway, we know now the bushmob
KNEW FOR SURE Saddam was no threat, so lied Americans away
from 911's Ahmad, by doctoring the NIE (National Intelligence
Estimate), to die cowardly for the media praised neocon
betrayers. The ungodly enemies of all Humanity. The demon
liars who refuse to acknowledge 911 was financed by General
Ahmad, and we have video of iron flowing like water from the
towers. Who, as TRAITORS, refuse our humanity the Rights to
hunt down who did US wrong on 911 by Public trial, then
hangings. Who instead publicly promote with Palin the wanting
to deny the falsely imprisoned, rights to speak legally
against the bushite's 'global' tyranny.

Again, CBC, CNN, and FOX REFUSE to simply correct these demon
witches who LIE with impunity to murder our families.


Crystal Clear

Hey! this Post really seems to have taken flight eh?
We can work it out when we speak eventually as these
issues truly being addressed for crystal clear clarity.
CNN and FOX should be covering our interests on arresting
those responsible for mass murder on 911. Bush closed
police investigations, we want our story. We want Justice
as a free people speaking. The Neocon Peenackered Bushmob
Cabal, are in need of a Public Trial broadcasted
Internationally for Life. I'll nominate ourselves
to be the side kick, and together as we in a greater
living world, will demand evidence to form our innocent
or guilty verdicts. For there, is where, a Peoples
truly becoming Liberated from Tyranny, beconning a new
stage, or new dawn, of some new greater, than just
indiscriminately bombing millions for nothing but a
falsely claimed war of lies by 'error', as committed by
the typical bushite dumfuk enemy; Escaping the 911
culprits who done did America wrong in New York City.
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condi, Gouliannie and Myers for
starters.. Listen, if we can talk through these first
simple steps learnt of in early Civilization, as wisely
designed, we will once again, as reasons argued for, find
our Laws can be actually good things that defeat criminals.
Rewarding. Defending ourselves even. Such as is, no
evidence, person innocent. being falsely accused we are
there. some have been tortured, who's the tyrant war
mongering enemy this time? George Walker Bush, the false
accuser, the liar, is guilty of Obstructing the FBI from
defending America. As we would Will for reasons won already.
Freedom is Justice. Lawlessness is Evil. Corporate America
has been dumbfounded to seek easy solutions in this
"crisis" of wills.

so... Laws against criminals can be good things.

Condi's prior plan to invade Afghanistan, dated two days
before 911, is premised on not gathering any evidence
against the falsely accused, to secure invasion plans as
benefiting pension thievers Enron. All the while escaping
the Neocon Peenackers, leaves her right near the center of
remaining silent still on the escape of the guilty parties
of 911's shame. Shouldn't she be arrested for trial on
such war crime actions of attacking a nation she knew,
had absolutely nothing to do with the "top secret" crime
plan of no questions! no questions! made before hand by
herself and General Ahmad? Or for dropping seven million
land mines on Lebanon to murder innocent children for decades
as warring terror? See? The smarter than average American
People here, might give answers freely because they can be
truly knowledgeable, but then where would our corporate
professionals be, respecting People on actual merit? Who
ever voted for Condi, Rumsfeld, Cheney, or Bush!? Who ever
voted for CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS the, 'best in broadcasting',
when truly they care to leaves us further undefended without
Justice willing? Thanks for nothing right? So forward this
post to a friend or stranger, for the effort to enlighten
our prospects grows greater. Our lives have meaning. We're
worth something. Freedom to do the right thing, means
listening for the desperate pleas of mercy. Of Justice,
of fair play.

mysterious man from mountain,
"Laws against criminals can be good things"

'Congress has shielded any person giving swine flu shots
from lawsuits if people get hurt.'

Yeah but not for the crime of criminal negligence, assault,
or manslaughter.


Colorado Deputies Subject [10 year old] Child to Electro-Shock Torture

Colorado Deputy Mark Myers need to be formally tried
for Life imprisonment under the War Crimes Act.

Again, a sadistic bushite who thought/thinks he had/has an
excuse to harm an innocent American ten year old boy.

"cornered himself between a camper trailer, pontoon boat and a fence"

Then, he as likely a fifty pound child, couldn't swing
to knock the bushite's head clean off then could he? But
Reagan can from the grave.

'1 in 3 Female Soldiers are Raped or Sexually Assaulted'

Bushite Nazi Grunter "I don't care."

Forward this post to whom you believe should be
concerned I beg everyone.


"Senate Votes to Keep Medicare Cuts"

This is evil, as America's lost care for defending life.
This Repuglicon Demonrat "reform" brings a death knell
of destruction to America's health. They'd rather die,
than raise their phones to allow freedom's demand for
justice to speak. This is what happens when a "People"
can't care enough to even forward this, let alone quietly
murmer for American women being freely raped by Repuglicon
backed to escape, bushite nazi grunters they call lying

Bushite Nazi Grunting Rapist "I don't care."

Repuglicons Put Campaign Bribes Above American Victims Of Gang Rape

Look! People of Earth, America is an Nation Represented
by Ungodly Demon enemies who war for the escape of gang
rapists, Neocons, and torturers. We should care. A bushite
don't care but for the money he receives to be a cowardly
enemy of the Republic. As like, 911 victims were offered
thousands of dollars, if they would simply agree not to
demand the capture of those truly responsible for their
'loved ones' mass murdered. Gues what??? As 'richer'
Americans, they likely wouldn't have cared regardless.

Israel Hits Elementary School on Purpose to Murder Kids


See? The American crowd of Zionist Repuglicon enemies,
who know as a fact, Bush and the Peenackers did 911,
but fascistically lie to demonically support the further
tyrannical indiscriminate murder of innocent children
like Your own to glorify in their mutual hatred for
Freedom, God, or great People like me, do it because
they KNOW, they are despised universally. so support
hiding themselves in the darkness of advancing
ungodly censorship to escape the traitor Neocon.
Americans lie about me, because if they simply allowed
US to speak freely they, would look as dumb and evil
as they truly is. This is more about American
conservative 'know-it-all' pirates, than supporting
the defense of innocent American lives, or the values
of Justice to truly defend our freedoms. They are enemies
of everyone, which is of themselves. Bushite will kill
bushite for a stolen nickel, and, they know it too.
No honor among thieves. So, this idea where, everyone
else under the sun, aka the billions and billions
and billions of not right wing goose stepping Ideologue
cartoons, but the massively diverse, impossible to group
"Liberals", find themselves trying to change the
patently ignorantly evil to only respect the lives
of others, generally never comes. They don't care. This
Life for them isn't about integrity, honor, respect, or love.
As so, when the Zionist/Nazis thankfully finally
reach their well deserved graves, we are all less burdened by
their blind evil hatred of Humanity and pitiless self
loathing. When the bushite grunting Soldier dies,
well.. that is truly glory unto God. For you know more
innocent lives have been saved from tyranny when the
lawless Grunt is gone good and buried under. But we ALL
know that already. Die bushite die.

Bushite "I don't care."

UN: Israel broke six-month truce in Gaza


Again, understand, Israeli NAZIS murdered 239
Police Officers who were just trying to defend
our families. The NAZIS also specifically targeted
innocent women and children for mass murder as
CHILDREN - then stated it was pro-zionist Hamas'
fault. Please, allow the godly men and women of
Humanity to speak freely in America, as open
speech dedicated to a freedom currently dying
as enslaved at the hands of the neoconner
corporate whores.


"senior Goldman people have loaded up on firearms
and are now equipped to defend themselves if there
is a populist uprising against the bank."

Ha. It's OUR police officers they should be
worried about enforcing OUR standing laws for
extortion, and Bank robbery. Unless that is who
they think they will over power, with all our
Governments, and the eternal timeless LORD of
Creation. Just what are the odds? Crazy bums..


"quarter of all U.S. home mortgages are under water"

Let us not forget that millions of homes were already
stolen, and sold off through the frauds of the sub-prime
scams. Refinancing with a lie that payments would go down,
where instead, they would triple, or as the banksters
would lend out AMERICAN TAX CASH to 'other people' with no
identity, expecting to receive not a dollar in payments
(on a loan the 'magic' bankster didn't cover) to FORECLOSE
and scoop up mansions and/or tool sheds in San Fran for
$700,000.00 for little more than the paper work to sign
over the deeds back to themselves. Understand: our species
is dying. All because YOU refuse to support Justice for our
days. Corporate America seems to hate us because we could
be wiser and save ourselves allot of debt..


/ / Erik Prince, may have murdered or
facilitated the murder of individuals who
were cooperating with federal authorities
investigating the company. \ \

Blackwater contractors accused of murder,
kidnapping, child prostitution in Courts

/ / The Blackwater guards also shot the boy’s
mother in the back as she bent over trying to
shield her 3-month-old daughter \ \

When a bushite dies, all the universe with God cries
a sigh of relief. They are ungodly enemies of Humanity
who war our worlds for the escape of the Peenacker
Neocons. TRAITORS.

Remember: none of the 911 suspects were Afghans. NONE.

Remember: the FBI TODAY still admits no evidence linking Laden to 911.

Remember: Bush and Cheney immediately closed 911 investigations.

Remember: Nazi grunts are warring to rape Afghan women
or starve them, pushing dope, torture, and thefts, so
all to escape the Neocon Peenackers for the crimes of
no questions!, no questions! Like why is Iron flowing
like water from the towers??

Who Wants Tyranny?

Who wants the tyranny of censorship to escape Bush
and the Neocons for the provable crimes of 911 in New York
City where thousands of Americans were murdered. MURDERED.
Bush closed investigations. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU CAN'T
FIGURE HERE? Demand open communications above the NWOer
shills who bark against REAL Patriots, "Bush is a puppet"
Whatever, he still needs to be arrested without bail for
high treason. Obstruction.

Media Ignores Real Controversy Behind Torture Photos; They Show Prison
Guards Raping Children


The Ground Truth


Satanically evil as enemies to Christ, leaves any real man
angered beyond words.

Enemy Soldiers Permit Massacre of Thousands of Innocent Humans Being


KBR Gang Rape Survivor Says 11 More Women Like
Her; Justice Department Is a No-Show

Understand men, these, now more than thirty women,
are only a small fraction of the total, as, we are
talking of Bushite McCainiacs that rape torture and
murder as ungodly war crime enemies of Life. Escaping
the Peenacker forces for 911 with Hannity and Limbaugh
in tow.

'Idiot General Says Dead U.S. Troops Best Reason To Keep War'

If the sacrifice of soldiers lives is going to mean anything,
it going to mean how long it took, Americans to care for
themselves as really worth something. When, or if that day
should come, it will be the day where Iraqis victims are seen,
as just you or me. Today, there is nothing more i wish, than
to hear bushite nazi savage thieves for the neocon die
rightly, before the innocent they target for murder. All in
an attempt to 'escape' those truly responsible for the crimes
of 911 a bushite whore practices, as an enemy to Christ and

More American Women Raped by Still Free to Go Bushite Grunters

/ / Yesterday, the Justice Department reversed
course and agreed to answer Senate questions on
why it has not prosecuted any of these cases. \ \

And we are still waiting. Unexceptable.

90 Percent of U.S. Infant Formula May Be Contaminated with Melamine;
FDA Abruptly Declares Chemical Safe for Babies



US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are traitorous, un-American, and

The Iraq war has no cause. No reason to bomb the country,
when we had complete access to go where ever the evil
Bushite liars wished. Instead, to sacrifice America lawlessly
further, the peenackers would steal even more innocent lives
'escaping' themselves from the high treasons of 911 by
CONNING Congress by doctoring the NIE on Iraq,
with Bush simply stating, 'Saddam wouldn't let the
inspectors in.'

From years after the fact still demanding Justice now:

Huh? "at last been disarmed..." ? How does he figure?
The equation hasn't changed. Example: The same
unaccounted anthrax, (that was disintegrated into ash),
still is not able to be measured as completely accounted
for, (never could be), but this bushwhoring war crime
apologist, tells US, it was only though the lawless
murder of our good friends and family for countless
generations, that he now attests without reason, or
evidence, to find Iraq in "fact" disarmed of it's still
nowhere to be found, weapons of mass destruction. (An
irrational reason he pronounced previous in corporately
broadcasted public support of instigating heinous war
crimes against our humanity under the leadership skills
of the evil lying Mr. Bush Jr..)


Free Speech at Work for Dramatic Effects

free speech at work.. but Ted Pike ain't all that
bad a guy some days... see? we can work it out.
But I have to calls it as i sees fit. And know for
the Bibles tell me so. Spooky? Hardly.. Real world
is God. The real suffering world, and our failures
to communicate more effectively for Justice. The
Universe is really a phenomenal location to make
this moving still. We have Arrived at the End of
Time. Hi! Now what are we going to do? "We" as
including all sentient beings of any race, religion,
or creed. We as in the interested in defending
ourselves, need no interests to divide ourselves
in anyway but for against war criminals. Judging
characters for not criminal infringement, but because
of labeled bias through mystical ringtone selections,
or as masturbaters dreaming themselves as dressed in
frilly pink panties calling us all queers as the
true lesbos, we debase this international call for
our rights to be respected above the intolerant
bigots who don't have it all together if you know
what I mean. Freedom. Where your free to do whatever
you want, unless your freedoms deny another that same
sworn privilege of true self respect. is what we
should be realistically aiming for here. Evidence
to form a conclusion on someone's guilt or innocence.
Hammurabi. Magna Charta. Bill of Rights. Justice.
We rule.

G. Bush Jr. "After the chaos and carnage of September
11th, it is not enough to serve our enemies with legal papers."

FBI Investigations were halted immediately after 911 occured.

George Walker Bush is 666

"You know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to
the war on terror." --interview with CBS News' Katie Couric, Sept. 6,

There is another site somewhere that breaks it
down more concisely, but you get the point.


These bushite demon fuks would murder any Americans
for more stolen American cash - do you care American gun
owner for someone other than yourself forsaken here I ask?
For your continuing silence is contemptible on this issue of
the Peenacker's escape for mass murder on 911.

US Outsourced Terror To Bin Ladin & Taliban

Attorney General Holder:
What Happened to KSM’s Children? Release All of Paragraph 95

Cofer Black, child torturer, is the identity known as "CIA",

Goldman Sachs’s Tax Rate Drops to 1%

/ / tax rate dropped to 1 percent from 34.1 percent \ \

Not only have they done nothing to earn
the money they have taken by illegally hijacking
the market, but they don't want to pay any taxes
either. This is Your sacrificial religion
dying American, sound like, Holy God's work?

Extortion is against the Law in America. Let's
start there.. back on Sept. 18th 2008. Either we
pay them without question, or come Monday morning,
they would run the country into the ground. JP
Morgan had more than a trillion dollars in
capital, through out the entire so labeled


Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Shocking Vaccine Cover Up

Autism & Vaccines: U.S. Court of Claims

The PROVEN fact here is that, without DOUBT,
Mercury causes brain damage one hundred percent
of the time.


Bird and Fortune - Subprime Crisis

Keiser Report

/ / It was "Liberty and the Free Market" Ron
Paulism-ideology that thwarted Brooksley Born and
the CFTC from regulating Credit Default Swaps in 1999. \ \

the banker does NOT cover our loans

/ / Alex Jones on Coast to Coast tonight to speak Bush the mass
murderer, is just a 'puppet' for lying that Saddam wouldn't let
the inspectors in WITHOUT CORRECTION \ \

9/11 - strange facts

Alex Jones on Coast To Coast
"I'm light-years ahead of the general Public in knowledge"

/ / Yet, doesn't know near a thing about Education,
Health Care, Social Security, Banking, or evidence
to form our guilty or innocent verdicts on which
war to fight for. And.. can't figure Bush guilty for
treason? Apparently yes, that dumb. \ \

"Ron Paul Warns of Violence from Pending Dollar Crisis"

But not that Justice will be demanded by Americans?

The PNAC documents show the intent to start wars
with no reason but to lawlessly thieve from US all

"Texas Gov. Rick Perry: “There Were Three Shooters”"

HOLY CRACKERJACK! - he states it as factually confirmed. hohum..

Justice in The Gun State of Texas

Texas Prepares to Execute Man for Driving a Car Near Scene of Murder

When Rick Perry kills a man for alleging to have not been
a willful party to the causes of a murder, Rick Perry is
guilty of said offense. And in Texas, with the
'law of parties', leaves their whole "corrective system"
under arrest for conspiracy to commit capital murder
one. That's the Law.

A nation made willful for criminals escaping, the traitor
Neocon Peenackers of 911 fame, is a nation in need of some
basic help on understanding some super simple basic things...
oh like, evidence to convince ourselves of something happening
or whatever...

House Republican whip - couple of hundred million bucks


/ / the firm for which the spouse of the
House Republican whip works has scarfed
up a couple of hundred million bucks in
the banking bailout. \ \


Afghanistan torture inquiry

/ / This government's position on it is all too clear: We
didn't know. We didn't care. We didn't bother looking in to
it. And we don't want anyone to look into the records of 2006
now. \ \


They HAVE ADMITTED to targeting the school girls for murder
with lies they were caught doing. THEY DON'T GIVE YOU EVIDENCE.
And when we get the facts, it's near always exactly the same
thing: they steal our Homes, they STEAL our lives. God calls
the Zionist Jew Enemy of the Synagogue to Satan!!


Matt Taibbi: Obama's Big Sellout to Wall Street

Perfect. The banks are being rewarded for destroying
the economy. Taking money on not giving loans. Taking
money on not giving loans. Taking money on not giving

Judge blasts bad bank, erases 525G debt

"I think the judge felt it was almost a personal
vendetta." Dealing with the bank, he said, was
"like dealing with organized crime."

IT IS. The Banksters DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT
cover our loans. Trillioniares. TRILLIONIARES

We're paying back banksters for money they never
lent US.. still too complicated?

One of the big reasons for GLASS-STEAGALL, was to
prevent the Bankster from giving out bad loans to
themselves as a way to turn a profit and or get a brand
new free home!, or Mansion!, or Estate!. Similarly like
it was for the billioniares from out of the Savings
and Loans 'Crisis'. And you know what? they escape
the very same way every time since, by simply saying
thus; we "lost" the money. Sorry folks. You can't see
a damn thing here.. Move along with, your empty Banker
Building as Religious purpose for existence., please give
further in these trying blinded times however.. Yes?
..25 years went into that Pension you say? well, maybe
you'll learn better for next time. er.. I mean I. I'll
learn.. WE'LL learn. they'llthey'llthey'llthey'll..
Jeeze, what am i saying?


Godless Demon Nazi Evil Israeli admit, ADMIT to breaking
the truce on November 4th to indiscriminately murder
innocent People as targeted for more stolen gains.

An Evil Minion of Satan

/ / According to Ynet, “Dershowitz demanded that Judge Goldstone
provide explanations of the sources that led him to his final
conclusion in the report, which asserted that Israel's policy in
Operation Cast Lead was to kill as many Palestinian civilians as
possible”. Dershowitz, must find time to watch this video.

http://www.redress.cc/stooges/gatzmon20091125#video \ \


'Eitam’s [NAZI] soldiers testified he had ordered and
participated in the Givati beatings.'

An Evil Minion of Satan Dershowitz is, as that evil twisted
nazi fuk doesn't want the facts to be fair. All he wills,
is the murder of helpless innocent Christians as a godless
enemy of all Life as we know it. He lies, cheats, and
steals from the just will of Humanity by covering for
willful mass murders and unholy thefts. Mass murders
committed as such by the Nazis being same. Ghetto,
concentration death camps, denial of food and water,
thousands of innocent people including young children
held captive as kidnapped, tortured, medicine stolen,
schools destroyed and hospitals, murdering Police Officers,
November 4th, and so on.. Ergo, Dershowitz in synonomous
with real Nazi. Ask anyone but a liar and/or cheat, racist
or disfunctioning illiterate. Dershowitz, The Zionist, The
Nazi, is an enemy of real Jews everywhere. Dershowitz is
just the perfect guy Hitler would have loved heading up
propaganda for criminal intentions. However, every war
criminal loses in time to.. The Metal.


[SATANIC ENEMY] Israeli warplanes attack Gaza during Truse

Satanic Enemies of Humanity Kill 8 Yr Old Girl During Fake 'Ceasefire'

Nazi argues it's good to get killed Jews by
breaking truces with prison camp.

They shoot Peoples indiscriminately telling US
that's how evil they are to argue it's Your
fault though.

They HAVE ADMITTED to targeting the school
girls for murder with lies they were caught
doing. THEY DON'T GIVE YOU EVIDENCE. And when we
get the facts, it's near always exactly the same
thing: they steal our Homes, they STEAL our
lives. God calls the Zionist Jew Enemy of
the Synagogue to Satan!!

BlackWater High Treasons and the Bushite Grunter Don't Care

See, Cofer Black is refered to as "CIA" when talking
the trial of KSM by torturing his innocent children to
death (haven't been seen by anyone for years since, and
if they were, just how would that sound?), and then,
when talking about bombing school kids in Pakistan,
Cofer is no longer "CIA", but Blackwater funded by...
... if it's the "CIA" he is a mass murdering terrorist
traitor escaping our authority. The Obama Administration
with the REAL CIA banned killing/torturing innocent
children in June.

/ / The previously unreported [CIA/BLACKWATER] program,
the military intelligence source said, is distinct from
the CIA assassination program that the agency's director,
Leon Panetta, announced he had canceled in June 2009. \ \

All Blackwater Spokespeople, "we are not still killing little
kids at random, or innocent families at shopping centers
to make us look good, and the Taliban in Pakistan look bad."

BlackWater Goons Still Murdering for Fun and Profit

/ / Total Intelligence [BLACKWATER], is run out of an office
on the ninth floor of a building in the Ballston area
of Arlington, Virginia. Total Intelligence is/was run
by two former top CIA officials, Cofer Black and Robert
Richer \ \

Remember [CIA] Cofer Black and [CIA} Robert Richer, are the
two 911 perps who enjoy torturing innocent young children to
death in front of the Parents to escape Bush and the Peenackers
for mass murder in New York City on 911. Do the gun owners of
Arlington Virginia care for anyone else other than their pirated
selves to remain silent regarding the escape of such fugitives of
Justice? now knowingly at their front door steps salivating?
We shall see, we shall see. We are talking South African death
squads included if anyone here is even paying attention - lawless
enemies of God and Man walking our free to be streets, funded
ILLEGALLY ILLEGALLY ILLEGALLY by the the Bushmobsters.. er.. I
mean the "CIA", going against ALL Congress and the elected
President, as they were forbidden to do so by threat of arrest
as war criminals back in June. Murdering men women and children
at shopping centers they do to give themselves a good name.
And as the DEA factually alleged on CNN a little while ago,
(before replacing the DEA cop who was running things then)
pushing heroin into America. For life term prison sentences
issued against the American People as felony possession.
Do you care? Life term prison sentences for American teens?

"CIA hired Blackwater to transfer Gitmo prisoners"

Prisoners that were randomly kidnapped. Die bushite die.

U.S. Starves Children in Somali War

/ / the U.S. now unleashes the food weapon on starving people. \ \

Demand the arrest, trial, and execution of every Republican
directly responsible for this.

**PROOF**The Anti-Christ is not a person; it's THIS CULT !!!

Bush "There’s no need to discuss evidence of innocence or guilt."

Alex Jones, "Liberals don't like Bush."for mass murdering
Humanity as never elected demon enemy of God he means?

Evil Deceived Perino: "We Did Not Have A Terrorist Attack On Our
Country During President Bush's Term" - next thing she'll say,
is stop it with the police investigtions already, who cares
what the evidence is, we are blindly at war with the People
out there right now.. Don't them in to speak!! Right Hannity?
Rush, you ungodly pro child killing enemy of Life, you won't
let the people speak out for Justice right? We have to give
our ungodly existence to escape the Peenackers of 911. Praise

Ungodly Demon Enemies Attack God and
Humanity to Escape the 911 Peenackers


Deputy Shown Beating American Child

Deputy Paul Schene who pled not guilty, told
investigators that once he was assaulted by the
15 year old girl, by her kicking her shoe off that
lightly grazed his shin accidentally, (after
demanding she kick her shoes off) he entered the
cell to attempt beating her to death all to
“prevent another assault,” It would have been the
second SUSPECT 'officially' murdered by himself in
the city of Seattle if she hadn't survived to face
his assault charges for her shoe. (Charges that were
dropped to prevent a Revolution) Today, due to the
frightened People refusing to rise against his pro
Republican stance on Health care, Torture, and the
lawless wars against Creation to escape the enemy
Peenackers of 911 fame, he has actually pled not
guilty to the courageous State Prosecutor demanding
Justice on this matter. And so, the city is expected
to waste untold thousands and thousands of tax dollars
on such a clear cut case of his admitted guilt. Once
convicted, the Judge may sentence him not to 10 years
for the assault, but to 150 hours of community service,
to further ill serve Humanity in some likelihood.
(Seattle was the city where officers actually used a
poisonous gas against mostly teen Protestors that
causes deadly cancer.) How could any cop in Seattle
except this demon claiming he's not guilty for an
offense he freely confesses to? Cops are suppose to
be the good guys defending ourselves from criminals.
Not 'lawless' Bushite McCainiacs back from Iraq
looking for more women and children to rape or murder.
He was fired just on Nov 9th, near a year after this
attack, likely for yet another assault, rape or murder,
that must have been even more clear cut that none is
mentioning. Now, the city of Seattle has decided not
to try him for assaulting the young American girl until
early January, or, any time soon because.... "a man
suspected of killing Seattle police Officer Christopher
Brenton was possibly acting out in anger over Schene's
alleged actions." Make any sense to you? Shouldn't he
therefore be tried even sooner? JUSTICE IS WHAT WE WILL.
I want to know how Seattle's Police Chief let Mr.
Schene stay a cop for so long. Just what are they
running over there?

'Lance Cpl. Jasen D. Bruce said he thought a Greek
Orthodox Priest was a "terrorist"'

Understand: Mr. Paul Schene claims Publicly he has
done nothing wrong. Like Bushite Marine Jasen Bruce
who beat a Greek Orthodox Priest with a tire iron
because Bruce claims the Priest stated, "Allahu Akbar,",
or, spoke in English to Bruce about having gay sex
with himself out of nowhere. blahblah A Greek Orthodox
Priest who speaks no English, is not a Muslim, and is
5'6". But to the Bushite demon enemy, the naked liar,
who cares what the facts are - it's a 'lawless' bushite
savage, and Your life is worth stealing as left undefended
escaping the 911 Peenackers. Marine Jasen Bruce has
actually pled not guilty to a criminal offense he freely
admits to. Now, American tax payers are expected to dole
out maybe millions to convict the, walking American
streets bailed-out Zombie, who'll what? spend a week or
two in prison, maybe? The Haditha child killers didn't
even go to prison at all for willfully killing children,
who like Pantano, admit to shooting innocent, unarmed
young men in the back for nothing but his sadistic
pleasures believing Satan protects himself from all
the still doubting dolts. Doubt no more, doubt no more.


Mom told the cop to taser her 10 year old

/ / "If this pig would so willingly taser a tiny child,
he would not hesitate to kill you." \ \

Why won't YOU speak as a Human?

/ / Hamas: All Gaza militant groups agree to halt rocket attacks

So what does Israel do one hour after the HAMAS announcement?


This is exactly what Israel did a year ago.
HAMAS has stopped all rocket attacks into
Israel for the duration of the 6 month
cease fire. Then on November 4th, Israel
attacked Gaza without provocation, launching
Operation CAST LEAD. \ \

Gaza 2009 - Operation Cast Lead

Again, they are Satanic here because
they THREAT to tell you, yeah, Zionists
are casting the leads for the real mass
murder scenes - Justice denied Humanity
in the STOLEN NAME OF JEW. God doesn't
exist to defend yourselves from war
criminals for Satan. (read the Holy Bible
for more info on why the Repuglicon
Demonrats with Bush and Cheney, the Bushite
McCainiacs, The Zombies, are the direct
targets of every real man breathing..)


Does the Vaccine Matter?

/ / For a vaccine to reduce mortality by 50 percent and up
to 90 percent in some studies means it has to prevent
deaths not just from influenza, but also from falls, fires,
heart disease, strokes, and car accidents. That’s not a
vaccine, that’s a miracle. \ \

Bushite grunters don't care for defending Life,
and will tell us so openly, but do YOU?


/ / Earlier this year a study of over 400 infants born to
HIV+ mothers in Miami-Dade, Florida, USA concluded that rapid
progression to 'full-blown' Aids was "three times more likely
to occur in infants born to [AZT] treated mothers -compared
with findings in untreated mothers" \ \


Veterans: Lip Service, Bankers: Billions & America: Foreclosures -
Here's The Fix

/ / an unregulated bonus-seeking mechanism
for bankers, now underwritten by taxpayers with
$23.7 trillion worth of national wealth.

Bankers lent pretend money to home buyers to
award themselves actual money in bonuses

What did these people do to deserve the handout? \ \

Pirate our wills by national corporate censorship over
the voices of the wise as just. Bush closed 911
Police investigations. Designed since the dawn of
time to nab the true evil doers.

WHO memos 1972 explains how to turn vaccines into a means of killing

/ / if an individual has had five consecutive flu shots between 1970
and 1980 (the years studied) his/her chances of getting Alzheimer's
Disease is ten times higher \ \



Treason warranting trial for death.



Americans believe Palestinians are the illegal settlers

A confusion OK with ungodly US Zionist media liars
whom steal freedom from all for ill gotten money.


Why do Bushite still live breathing our air in your world?


/ / In other words, we detained, and handed over for severe torture, a
lot of innocent people. \ \

Hunt the bushite to defend the innocent they target for murder.


From Genesis to Genocide in Palestine : The Golem Is Not Jewish!

/ / My first reaction when I heard these things by the
way was complete disbelief. \ \


/ / Late last week, a federal court ruled that
there was no link between childhood vaccines
and Autism. But the legal conclusion is not
enough to erase many parents' concerns and
the debate continues. \ \ Mercury causes
brain damage as a neural-toxic heavy metal.


Obama Promise To End The War, 2007 - "You Can Take That To The Bank"

Video: Hidden Truth - U.S. Soldiers as Enemies of LIFE

Bushite don't care man, they just don't care.


hmm.. maybe..someone is lying to us!!!!

Taliban wouldn't kill their own children to make it look good

/ / Blackwater has denied having any contracts in Pakistan. \ \
to lie? but why? to hide?

For, we have these names..

/ / The "Blackwater" supervisory team in Peshawar includes the
following Americans: James Bill William, Copper, Steven Cash, Roderick
Christopher and Alisha Cambel. They have hired several Pakistani
government officials and retired army personnel at remunerations as
high as $ 2,000 per day. \ \

/ / "Blackwater" are paying as high as $ 1000 per
published news story to [PAKISTAN] journalists. \ \

Maybe the evil CIA is being set up by evil Blackwater?
Or, visaversa? Who are those characters really is an
answer most wanting.. Speculating, just speculating..

Go the Justice route I would advise to all parties.


Gang Raping American Women for Corporate Hero Status

The Drugging And Gang Rape Of American Women where the
Bushite gets to walk still free in Johnny's America?

US Chamber of Commerce lobbying to block rape victims’ lawsuits

720 brutally murdered as 'gay cleansing' by Lawless Bushite Grunts

Americans, hunt the bushite traitors for a rightful death.
Honorable American soldiers do not obey criminal orders
to escape the Peenackers for 911 as ENEMIES of the LORD
and Life.

Is Goldman Sachs Doing "God's Work"?

The Banksters do not cover our loans. Of which we
pay them endlessly for in sacrifice. As, forsaken.
Does that sound fair? To a dead or dying Zombie,
sure, but how about YOU?


US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are traitorous, un-American, and


"Emergency! Congress Debates Burying the Goldstone Report!"

THIS IS TREASON. I ask, if the Bushite McCainiac can't argue
a single fact incorrect of the deliberate mass murder of
innocent Christians, being as godless lawless Zionists,
shouldn't they be publicly trialed for death, as the glory
of defending the righteousness of True American freedom?

Armed for Murder Bushite Grunting Policer "I don't care"

Scahill: Obama may be afraid of Blackwater

/ / You know who guards members of Congress? Blackwater. They have
half a billion dollars in contracts in Afghanistan right now. CIA,
State Department, Defense Department. Why is President Obama keeping
these guys on the payroll? \ \

Why are Americans allowing this in silence for Justice? THE
BUSHITES, responsible for escaping the Peenackers for the
crimes of 911. The pimps of child prostitutes. The vermins
that randomly shoot down Peoples for fun in what they describe as
"turkey shoots". The demon fuks that randomly torture innocent
people to death. The terrorists that blow up girls schools, while
claiming that, 'no no no, that's a crime the Taliban would do to
their own kids, instead of gunning down an antichrist enemy of
Allah.' The Taliban, who fought to the death to defend woman's
rights, and had a girl's school program instituted for Afghanistan.


Deputies Hold Boy Who Fled Flu Shot

/ / It took the strength of two sheriff's deputies
to keep a middle schooler still enough to receive a shot
of the swine flu, or H1N1, vaccine at a recent clinic. \ \

Someone needs to be arrested for ungodly evil crimes
against America here, and serve major prison time. Start
with getting these bushite monsters for criminal negligence,
and assault.

health department Administrator Howard Gamble "For the most
part they go very easy. As far as the shots, every once in
awhile you have to hold down one or two"

Let's try this "man" for a rightful death how about? He
can not plead ignorance on this incredibly well documented


Dr Horowitz Rips Dr Oz Apart on ABC's H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Fraud



AshkeNazi threatens Gaza with another “little holocaust”

America can't negotiate with a demonic thief who states, he
will continue to thieve innocent God loving Peoples
homes at the end of a NAZI gun paid for by Amerikans.
A war criminal who targets millions of innocent souls
with cluster bombs. Targets innocent children in schools
with bombs TARGETS, and so on..

Press TV - Israeli rabbi backs killing innocent children


/ / A Jewish rabbi has issued a book giving Jews
permission to murder [INNOCENT] non-Jews, including babies

“It is permissible to kill the Righteous among non-Jews
even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation.” \ \



They don't cover our loans.

DEAN:I think putting $60 billion a year into the
health insurance industry is insane. I really do.

Repuglicons think we're socializing here for better
health, and they don't like it. Can't compute for
a better world with facts, as refuse to humble
themselves as near complete dysfunctioning
illiterate malcontents, who's care for Justice
is painfully absent. Bushite and the McCainiac
have no real defense in political discourse, or in the
use of a calculator. They offer no counter solution,
because, as pro war mongers, they're not in it to help
anyone, but to receive bribes from murderous cons.

Demon Liars who Support Target Killings of Innocent Children

Trial for death sentences to every last demon enemy
TRAITOR listed. Understand: the Gaza slaughter of innocent
Children at the UN school is fully documented by
Israeli NAZIS funded by America. These monsters will
murder innocent children for money.

Words from the Satanic Enemy of God Spoken Sunday!

/ / NETANYAHU: These are people [IRANIANS] who are
sending thousands and thousands of missiles to their
terrorist proxies Hezbollah and Hamas with the
specific instruction to bomb civilians in Israel.
[No evidence required by American Corporate News
Cons] \ \ Yet, it is NAZI Israeli that dropped
more than 7 million land-mines on 170 towns and
villages in Lebanon to target specifically JEWS
who lived in the region, it is Israeli NAZI who
targeted for murder, American GIs on the USS

they steal innocent peoples homes routinely as

it was Netanyahu who confessed with cross-dresser
Gooliannie, in London, that they knew all about the
mass murders of 7/7 before they happened, and told
no one but Gooliannie and feinds, as they were caught
directly at the mass murder scene arm in arm 'draggin'.

Satanic enemies of Life G-D describes themselves
as.. Enemies of every Jew still breathing.. they...


America's Chief Economist:
A Public Call to Regulate the Crimes of the Derivative

/ / His testimony was cut short after five minutes by
Congresswoman Melissa Bean, and the committee has since
refused to post online his full testimony along with the
statements of the other panelists \ \


Remember: all a private Bank does is take our money for loans
they don't cover, while bribing Repuglicon and Demonrats alike
to have us pay-out even more religiously


Vaccine Fraud: Dr. Leonard Horowitz

The [PEER REVIEWED] Science Fact that Brought Canada to it's Senses

"people vaccinated against seasonal flu are twice as
likely to catch swine flu."

LOOK! "Americans" have refused to use these facts to
defend their dumb selves.


Video: US House rejects Goldstone report

Rep Ros Lehtinen and Rep Berman Take on God with DEMON TREASON


"Whereas the mandate of the `fact-finding mission? makes no
mention of the relentless rocket and mortar attacks, "

Demand Public Trial on these two Nazi heads for death. These were
the most serious of war crime offenses ever recorded. Now, it's
true, Hammas is a Zionist funded entity, regardless, the arranged
cease-fire was broken by self admitting Nazi child killer Godless

Israeli Government Contradicts its Own Self-Defense Argument

A fact is a fact, and those innocent Christian children targeted
officially as mass murder victims, are dead now by America's
stolen will. Forsaken by the evil ungodly demon contempt of
Rep Ros Lehtinen and Rep Berman. ..Can't no one tell if they
are Repuglicons or Demonrats? from who's state that "elected"
them? Never heard of them either stumping for the murder of
innocent Christians? Children? They hide as demon enemies of a
civilizing society, to advocate more mass murder against God and
Humanity. Public trial for death as traitors the truth demands.
And we demand it to-day.

"it is not evidence that Hamas forced civilians to remain
in their homes in order to act as human shields."

See? The objective of Demonic Zionist enemies of God
and Man were to murder innocent Peoples hiding in
their homes. A. Cooper on CNN covered that Nazi Israeli
were traveling about ten miles an hour in the air, killing
everyone, everywhere with war crime weaponry for hours,
hiding in our meager homes, without so much as a sling-shot
to down what almost looked to be a blimp in the blurred
back ground shot traveling without fear, fifty feet up.
No shit. Youtube pulled the video if that isn't enough
for you. Pulled like of Israelis who claimed the Nazi
State was purposefully murdering Jews to make it all look
good for prime-time, for; the technology exists to shoot
down tin can rockets that travel 22 miles, to leave a 12
inch scratch in the pavement. Though, the tin can rockets
do/did kill Jews - likely those who religiously appose
tyranny if we looked I'm sure. But who cares for the right
of innocent Children victims? Again, that Israeli Nazi admit
to targeting for mass murder. ADMIT. America is a nation of
cowardly evil liars dying from Zionist contempt. God awful.
They STEAL innocent God Loving Peoples Homes there don't you

They kidnap, torture, and murder the innocent, openly,
as the ungodly war criminal terrorist enemies of everybody.
While, a bushite says he don't care, and Americans are
shown only TV proud to die that way for lawless tyranny..


Evidence - Key Documents


Murdering American People that Courts Would Find Innocent


/ / In a report posted on the Wired website, Noah Shachtman
mentions a CIA plan to hunt down and kill “jihadists, drug
dealers, pirates and other enemies of the state.” \ \
Murdering 'bad guy' pirates of Sovereignty, who push dope
while dressed up as Arabs shooting police officers, caught
in a car filled with explosives.

Bushite Grunts like Killing Good Cops who Defend our Families


- why do bushite do it? To cowardly die enriching the
tyrannies of ungodly enslavement. Warmongers. Mongers of
thought delusions that sell the taking of lame excuses
to profit the war criminal.

CIA sent people to be ‘raped with broken bottles’

When you bill the Bushite for Life, God loves you.. who

"CIA Sent Prisoners Abroad to Be Boiled Alive and 'Raped with Broken
(1000+ flights OUT OF America - do you care?)

Humanity Under Attack by the Zionist Enemy of Life


Not only that but the BBC argued that to show
innocent Human Beings suffering, in CRITICAL
life threatening need of desperate food and
water that Israeli nazi stole, (because they are
unlawful murderous thieves), would have them look
like they were partial to serving Humanity's
interest in compassion for US humans. Over the
Israeli terror Nazi tactics of indiscriminate
slaughter for more Amerikan welfare.



/ / now they add that $900 loan to "deposits" -
because it is seen as money in the bank. \ \

Sort of.

Derivatives have no basis in rules/law to define,
thereby, as near as we can tell, they are
bets, where the bookie banksters, always get
their cut. (The 'Mob' would give you a better
odd however) And additionally, with Investment
Banksters, they trade with themselves, maybe
zillions in derivatives bundles, to pay commissions
with Police man Pension funds that go, as Ron
Paul would claim, "LOST" as perfect examples.
Bear Stearns went bankrupt with 77 trillion in
derivatives. All the pension monies stolen, and
Americans were left with worthless pieces of
paper said to be written down as 77 trillion.
A derivative doesn't need investments of capital
to claim it fictional value. At least that is
how I count it, with my limited knowledge on how
these buggers are now all magically trillioniares.
A trillion is a thousand billion, and a thousand
million is a billion. TRILLIONS 'earned' by one
person in the space of one or three years, as
FRONTLINE reported, who didn't truly buy or sell
anything worth our interest. Yet, ACTUALLY has
trillions of our pension dollars, living in a fifty
thousand square foot, Italian Marbled Mansion.

Check out webofdebt.com/media for the
low down on everything I got confused, or missed entirely.

The banksters do not cover our loans.

Ron Paul 'all is bad' is truly un-American escaping the
lawless Neocon Peenackers for treason see?

Armed for Murder Grunter driving his free Hummer paid
for by the American bushited suckers, "I don't care"


Hail Mary: Long Shot to Get Kucinich Single-Payer Amendment Back In


Congressman Grayson Wingnut Of The Week!

'Beware of the People playing the victim'

Again, Americans tell no tales? How about grade school maths?

Stories Of Those Who Died Because They Didn't Have Health Insurance

Despite the demon cons of Ron Paul, we have these real
American victims, claimed by Ron el al., to have never
really existed. Do you care? What's that..? huuhmm?



/ / Members of Congress and their families are blessed
with their very own gold-plated, taxpayer-financed,
Washington-run health care system. \ \


Israeli Army T-Shirts Mock Gaza Killings

Who as "America" supports in silence, paying
these demon enemies for the war crimes of targeting
for murder, innocent Christian toddlers and
pregnant mothers?

Torture Was Used to Try to Link Saddam with 9/11

Death is what these crimes warrant under standing American law.


'Armed [by dying American taxed workers] settlers beat 89-year-old



Senior Merck Scientist Admits Cancer & AIDS Came From Vaccines


The Federal Reserve Can Not Account For $9 Trillion

/ / Apparently nobody at the Federal Reserve has any
clue where the trillions of dollars that have come from
the Fed's expanded balance sheet have gone. \ \

Those Who Hate "Liberals" Really Hate a Free America

/ / [The Founding Fathers] All were liberals, both classic
and modern. \ \


Did Richard Goldstone hide more sinister crimes in Gaza?

- Part 1: White Phosphorus and Flechettes

- Part 2 – DIME and Uranium Weapons

Forgive me People. I assumed such documented war
crimes were naturally present in the UN report - for
who could con such actions that were widely video taped,
even played on CNN with A. Cooper, didn't even happen
as the Zionist's deep hatred for Justice, as truth
triumphing for God's love of Humanity?


/ / Bush administration official says: "Saddam never
had WMDs, and we never said he did." \ \


Ron Paul "With the economy in shambles, people
are looking for answers - not just because of lost
savings on Wall Street, but because of lost houses
on Main Street."

NOT LOST. Stolen. Well documented crimes Ron.
Never heard speak of such things in Washington?

Ron Paul is 'escaping' the DOCUMENTED
CRIMINALS here - Don't believe? fine.

Example: The Bushmob DOCTORED the NIE on Iraq
warranting death for conning Congress, and what
pray tell does Ron Paul have to say about the
subject of Law against such high crimes of
treason? Doesn't really believe in Constitutional
values does he to defend our Interests?, as like
the Alex Jones'er thought controlled NWOers, who
trumpet in unison, Bush is just a puppet, Bush
is just a puppet! as Puppets? For closing 911 Police
investigations, while false accusing Afghanistan
for Enron? To then claim, all those that disagree
are Dem terrorists? Didn't ever hear Alex Jones
say such things battling as a true Patriot for
Universal Justice?

The Free To be walking the streets of NYC,
Bushite McCainiac "Heroes" of American Virtue
(soon to be "Policing" by ignoring Posse Comitatus)


DHS: Expect your computer to be seized without suspicion

/ / ICE acting under border search authority may seize
electronic devices, with or without individualized suspicion \ \

"individualized" - What? Huh? Who? Magic?

Err, no they can't, for that would be the
crime of theft. -

"A secret court is seizing the assets of thousands
of elderly [YOUR GRANDMUM] and mentally impaired people"

Armed for Murder Bushite Grunter "I don't care"

Fox News Alert: Captured U.S. Soldiers Should Be Killed, Because They

Remember: Omar the Just speaks FLUENT English,
and bushite kill bushite for a stolen nickel.

President Carter: Many Children Were Tortured Under Bush


/ /Israel will conduct their "own investigation"
with which to counter the Goldstone Report. \ \

Realize: it IS Israeli Nazis who do tell of breaking the
truce, to target for murder 239+ innocent Police Officers
(but not Zionist funded Hamas), and Christian children
indiscriminately with ungodly war criminal weaponry.
Getting murdered good Jews in that process. THAT IS
So.. to "counter" what?


Pentagon opposed measure to help rape victims

[Bushite McCainiac Zombie] Defense Department Oppose Anti-Rape


/ / They have known about this cure for cancer since at least 1984. \

/ / the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of
oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar. \ \

Yeah but, does an illiterate Bushite grunter, while Bonusing in
the thieving and murdering of ourselves, (all for the escape of the
demonic Peenackers), care enough to listen to reason? Don't wait until
the GI goon from a third world military dictatorship has a gun to your
head while he rapes your wife and children, to then pull the trigger
on you as the letter of Nazi dogs lying about causes worth fighting
and dying US for.

Doctor Admits Vaccine Is More Deadly Than Swine Flu

25,000 times the legal limit for mercury.

"Government to get special swine flu vaccine"

These be demons to believe the Government will speak
for no justice, for, it is only YOU who will be made to
suffer and die for their profits.


These cons to escape the Neocon are treasonously criminal.

"German Chancellor, Ministers Get Special Vaccine Without Soft Kill

But why wouldn't they demand as much for our good German

Cell Phone Radiation: What You Need to Know

/ / Under Dr. Carlo’s direction, scientists found that cell phone
radiation caused DNA damage, impaired DNA repair, and interfered
with cardiac pacemakers.\ \

Bushite Grunts like Killing Good Cops who Defend our Families


- why do bushite do it? To cowardly die enriching the
tyrannies of ungodly enslavement. Warmongers. Mongers of
thought delusions that sell the taking of lame excuses
to profit the war criminal.


"Israel expects the Palestinians to first
recognise Israel as a Jewish state before
talking about two states for two peoples,"

We refuse to believe a real Jewish state, is a
state that is inherently, a godless nation
of war criminals without an ounce of Love
for Justice as G-D's true will for Humanity.


Obama "... nothing will be gained by spending
our time and energy laying blame for the past."

No Justice whatsoever?

What about American women raped by KBR? Oh yeah,
right. Women’s Rights are of no concern of bushite
nazi grunts who instead, have murdered more than
700 innocent people with the predator drone
strikes as exampled, with a total of 17 "Al-Qeada"
kills. According to YOUTUBE "Al-Qeada" = men who
look like they might have been carrying a gun.

That is why these monsters of mass murder and banker
mayhem refuse our open calls for Justice as willing.
A smart man or women might make some sense of this
dire predicament to remind ourselves of why Justice
wins for the betterments of all.


John Pilger - Obama and Empire


Charlie Sheen's Video Message to President Obama


NOT So Cool Facts About Israel




'The private insurance companies commissioned a statement
to America: 'if America supports an effective public option,
to increase Health coverage with the same amounts of money
we instead take from everyone blindly as billionaires, we will
near double your insurance premiums to CAUSE needless American
deaths immediately'. Extortion, a Crime, seems very popular in these
days of John's return to explain Justice winning a better
future eh? Freedom for you, is freedom for me, be good too
you dying fools. Don't let them play US for silenced victims.

Punishing the Health Insurance Cartel for Extortion and Fraud

/ / What the cartel didn't mention, however, was the obvious:
if health care reform doesn't pass, they'll raise premiums anyway \ \

Resistance Statement: Open Letter of Afghanistan to Shanghai Summit

King Johnny's "Nazi Israel"
(note: History has changed since then)

"Netanyahu vows never to let Israelis be tried for war crimes"

So he WANTS a godless nation run by war criminals
who torture and murder innocent others for stolen
money? Vile demon enemy of God and Humanity the
Zionist OPENLY is. Don't take my words for it,
or of God in the Old Testament, Just honestly hear
it. Satanic Israeli ADMIT to breaking the truce
with Gaza, to have die, innocent Jews for
stolen money. They warned Hamas when they would strike
near their homes, while murdering, ADMITTINGLY, at
least, 239 Police Officers.

9 scientists prove traces of explosives in dust from World Trade


bright light on where our TARP bailout money is going

/ / we ended up getting -- for every $100 invested -- stocks and
warrants worth $66. \ \

This is called a CRIMINAL fraud, but freakishly,
a Libertarian will have nothing of it.

/ / Restoring pH levels to normal alkaline levels of 7.0 or
greater, is of tremendous importance for the cancer patient.
Lemons are one of the most alkaline forming foods on the face
of the planet \ \

Memo confirms Bush and Blair knew claims Iraq had WMDs were lies

/ / Blair announced that the test of government
was its ability to ignore the popular will. \ \

Test of liars who impose Tyranny more like.

60 Minutes: CIA Official Reveals Bush, Cheney, Rice Were Told Iraq Had

This documents the biggest war crimes of
History - and American Tea Bagging 'Patriots'
have little to say of publicly defending
Freedoms they believe not of their own?

"Obama nominated for Peace Prize less then two weeks
after Inauguration !?"

Alex Jones "Obama is so much worst than Bush was"

So, don't arrest him for treason that murdered Americans?

Alex Jones "Liberals 'think' [blahblahblah]"

DEAN:I think putting $60 billion a year into the
health insurance industry is insane. I really do.


Support our rise to popular acclaim to defend
ourselves from the criminally insane.

Blackwater boss and guards 'killing Iraqis for fun'


'Where is the Defund Blackwater Act?'
'Spineless' Congress stands up to activists, not criminal corps.

Judge Confirms That An Innocent Man Was Tortured To Make False

Near unbelievable evil to do these crimes, believing WE
will allow the bushite enemy to escape our authorities.

50 Top U.S. War Criminals


Veterans say Bushite have been covering up widespread civilian
killings in Iraq

Remember: under Sattler, bushite nazi grunts murdered
more than 300,000 innocent persons in Fallujah.

Demand the arrest of the war criminals for mass
murder - sound good to everyone? We thought so.

WHO claims "swine flu" spreading at "unbelievable,
almost unheard of speed" without any data

Make Me Holy Again

We need Justice to rule our Freedom to speak.
Justice grants a Freedom to achieve. Like we
needed on 911 that was absent. Our fault,
let's fix this. Issue by issue is the plan,
not blind ideologged party affiliations,
and so; priorities need setting. In war, war
is the priority. Why? Because your kids are
risking their deaths for something apparently,
they tell us without mentioning much. Like,
OUR DEMANDS: evidence to form a conclusion on
another's guilt or innocence for instance.
Bushite must be arrested for kidnapping and
torture, as trying cowardly to foolishly
escape the FALSE ACCUSING traitor Peenacker
Neocons we all know about, the Zionists, for
mass murder in God's Country. A space where
free speech will be again, common place.
Rooted in the indivisible rights we share
equitably. Why do we arrest bad guys whom have
told us they are good? Because that this is
what they are to US innocent folks: Torturers,
kidnappers, and mass murdering CIA and Air
Force bombers of cities.

Don't Deny These Two Facts.

In October 2008 the Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine
reported that vaccinating children against the ‘flu “had no
[preventive] impact” at all.

Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine

Video: Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda - The Victims Who Took The Shots
Back In 1976

Patriot Soldier Speaks Out Against Child Rape by Bushite

Dr Len Horowitz: Send This Letter To The FBI

Again, we need to arrest all "Doctors" and "Nurses"
involved, granted no bail on the charge of criminal

The PR Firms Behind Anti-Healthcare Movement


'I hate victim families for asking questions'
- Unquestioningly, the Commie Zombie's Hero Glenn Beck

Obama the Socialist has extended the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba
[hurting those that vote for a better world democratically]

"American" Court Rejects Suit Against CACI Over Torturing
Innocent People to Death - Contractor Granted Bushite Immunity


/ / Demon Liar Bush “We gave him Saddam Hussein a chance to
allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn’t let them in. And,
therefore, after a reasonable request, we decided to remove
him from power.” \ \

Blix nor Elbaradei, nor Kofi, suggested, implied, or stated,
that Iraq had failed to comply with the newest U.N.
resolution: 1441.

Looks Like Some New York Zionist Needs A Kidney


Alcohol ban after BUSHITE MCCAINIAC staff were
'too hungover' to explain airstrike that killed
many many innocent God Loved Civilians

They knowingly mass murdered our Humanity!
Two Amerikan Bushite from the Air Force, So drunk,
they will not even be asked for an apology to God
and Man. ? KILL THE LAWLESS ENEMY. So Life has said
here and now, DIE BUSHITE DIE.

"President Hamid Karzai said the tankers were immobilized
in a riverbed and asked why the international forces didn’t
try to reclaim the tankers with ground troops"

Glenn Beck: "I hate 9/11 victims families for asking questions"

The Nation has been hijacked by the enemy.


WHO Admits to Releasing Pandemic Virus into Population via 'Mock-Up'

This is insane.


/ / Wash. Post parroted White House claim that Iraq war was
authorized by U.N. Security Council \ \

Paid for by American Republican and Democrats alike.



Obama and the School of the Americas

I'd send the entire Patriot militaries in to
arrest for public trials gaining on rightly
executing this treasonous grouping of
tyrannical savages.

Million TIMES More

/ / According to one study, this was the cause
of the Gulf War syndrome in 25% of 697.000 US
personnel at home and abroad \ \

Depleted Uranium is MEASURED radio-active. Bad. It
contains lethal heavy metals, and when combusting,
oxidizes. It's a science thing, so "Conservatives"
are out-of-the-loop.


Remember: Israeli NAZI admit to breaking
their word regarding a truce, to get killed
Jews who appose STEALING innocent Peoples


"Rebuilding America's Defenses"

"advanced forms of biological warfare that can
target specific genotypes may transform biological
warfare from the realm of terror to a politically
useful tool"

Profit from mass murdering Humanity as the most
sinister of Satanic war criminals in History.

Remember: Hamas is funded by the IDF.

Pro-Zionist Hamas "Blame the Jews, blame the Jews"


Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity, by Robert F. Kennedy, jr.

U.S.: Afghan militants using white phosphorus

Is the bushite torturing rapist, the nazi fascist
enemy, suggesting that to criminally act with such lawless
murders, should warrant death by American firing squads?


Afghanistan After Democracy


Neoconer's cure is to grind up pieces of sick
dead animals and inject it into us.


Ray McGovern: "It's there in black and white - The
intelligence and facts are being fixed around the policy"

Scalia says there’s nothing unconstitutional about executing the

High treason.

War Criminals Not Executed by the Public Option of
a Fair Trial in a Nation Truly Apposed to Tyranny


'Child Abuse: Using children to TEST flu vaccine'

Just My Opinion

Yeah, that's right, it is 'just my opinion' that
YOU let yourself go this way willingly, lying to
yourself as a slave to allow the Innocent of
Humanity suffer YOUR contempt of silence like
Ron Paul does. Ron Paul supports escaping war
criminals like Bush and Cheney, AIPAC, and
earmarkers worth 16 billion dollars stolen
to a private place never to be found again, in
just one single example of repeating highway
robbery that he has formally called for more of.
Millions were donated to Ron Paul winning for
The People, of which he pocketed the cash for
himself and his extreme right wing, cash for free,
pro-pirate banker family, while giving in to a
rigged election for the Republican Party, of
which HE PERSONALLY SABOTAGED. I even remember a
time when he expressed a concern where he stated
something like, 'well, we don't want to steal any
delegates'. SEE? Show some self respect, Ron Paul
certainly hasn't while conning he candidly knows
something, but he's not telling US right now.

Rightists Are Cowards, Pedophiles And Homosexuals Who Prey On Our

/ / the John Warner Defense Authorization Act
of 2007, which allows the president to declare
an emergency “even if he is the only person to
perceive one”. \ \

Well, that is just stupid, and un-American. For,
what if the person of questioning, was guilty of
high treason?

Major 9/11 Truth Breakthrough!!! KBDI Denver Airs 9/11 Press for Truth

Excellent my friends, excellent.


ENEMY Dismisses Demand to Halt Indiscriminate Bombing



Leading Journalists Expose Major Cover-ups in Media


Look, you can't pre-determine what
strain of the flu is going to murder
millions next, okay?


Torturing Children: America's Failure

/ / [pro Bush/McCain/Palin/Neocon/Zionist] U.S. personnel
subjected [INNOCENT 12 YEAR OLD] Mohammed to beatings, \ \

Bushites are evil to all as the Enemy escaping
the peenacker neocons for treason on 911.

Cop vs Cop

That's the way, uhuh uhuh.

Homeless people die after bird flu vaccine trial

Documented Crimes Against Humanity - THE CDC KNOWS THIS
Mercury = speech delays, attention-deficit disorder, ect.


/ / a link between thimerosal and speech delays, attention-deficit
disorder, hyperactivity and autism. \ \

Washington Post: Swine Flu Vaccine Will Contain Mercury

USA: Federal Court Injunction in US-District New Jersey
(filed July 31,2009)

"Punishable by 20 years in prison if anyone
alters this court document."




A Special Message about Ron Paul and Martin Luther King

Jeeze man, this story is far more twisted
than I had a reconnin' on.


Convicted 'AIPAC' Spy Accuses FBI of Anti-Semitism


Thom Hartmann: The myths and truths about Canadian Healthcare



/ / U.S. health officials said on Friday, but
they said the virus was so widespread they were
ceasing the official count. \ \


/ / A military investigation into one of the most
notorious incidents of the Iraq conflict, in which
British soldiers allegedly murdered and mutilated
unarmed Iraqis, \ \



Don't miss this!


Chemotherapy and Radiation Do Not Work

/ / found that the life expectancy
of those who didn't use conventional treatments [for
cancer] was about four times longer. \ \

List of Iraqi Academics Assassinated in Iraq during the US-led

Remember: All government workers of Iraq were initially
targeted by Bremer. Cheney's buddy. Bremer made it that
all Iraqi laws were defunct, and with bushites unjustly
thieverying, every person found under the label of "Bathist"
was going to suffer there for persecution by the lawlessly
demonic ungodly enemy forces of the evil Antichrist, Our Mr.
Bush Jr.. "Bathists" in Iraq equaled every man woman or child
that worked in any respect for serving the Public's interest.
Bushite grunters "OFFICIALLY" targeted "Bathist" street
sweepers, "Bathist" garbage men, along with the "Bathist"
PhDs, "Bathist" Doctors, and "Bathist" Police officers.
Example: Israeli NAZIS admit to targeting those Christian
school kids for mass murder, they admit, to targeting,
innocent christian children for mass murder. To targeting
for murder, more than 239 police officers in Gaza guilty
of nothing, but trying to defend our communities from
bushite rapists. Police Officers murdered for a "war"
that Israeli NAZIS broke their word to by ending the
truce to start the indiscriminate carnage off for
more Stolen cash profit. Profits paid out by the
dying to be suckered again, the made unawares,
American Public.

Remember also, Bremer 'walked away' with 19 billion
dollars for his part. Hollywood should be up in arms!!

More on Traitor Peenacker Cheney and Co.

“More likely, it was a plan to spy on some suspicious
American citizens or organizations, without telling the FBI.”

People that couldn't actually be arrested for something
because these were innocent Americans


9/11 Justice

Laden is innocent of setting the Thermate in the towers,
and George Noory the cheat, our enemy, the censor, is a
demon lying traitor

“But financial meltdowns don’t offer villains, for
the simple reason that no one person or even one
group is powerful enough to take down a whole
system.” of the lawless LIAR bushmob mentalities
of criminality conning for their 'escape' from
our Humanity is they saying?

Top Cop Elizabeth
Warren has already AUDITED THE FED.



/ / knowing
his own DOJ believed these surveillance activities
were criminal, Bush ordered them to continue anyway \ \


US Strategic Intelligence General Says 911 is a Fraud!

New Document: It Was Cheney at the Wheel of Plame Media Strategy


Richard Gage on KMPH Fox 26 in Fresno, CA


FOXNEWS: U.S. Hired Deadly Mosque Bombers

[BUSHITE] U.S. supplied Afghan insurgents for ‘Al Qaeda’ in Iraq

CNN: CIA involved in Neda's shooting?

"My question is, how is it that this Miss Neda is shot from behind,
got shot in front of several cameras, and is shot in an area where no
significant demonstration was behind held?" and from more than a
kilometer away!

Rep. Alan Grayson "I am shocked to find out that
nobody at the Federal Reserve is keeping track of

Johnny America by Telephone


What SpikeTV is Celebrating as American "Men"

Thieves and rapists walk freely among their
ranks without mankind present to support
the arrest of who actually did US wrong.


Bill to Ban Release of Bush-Era Torture Photos Passes Senate

/ / unanimous consent the Graham-Lieberman bill, which seeks to make
it illegal to make public any images of US prisoner abuse and torture
from the Bush era. \ \

Zionists Graham-Lieberman will be formally charged for execution
under American Law for war crimes against US, The Innocent.


Man Says Cops Don’t Own Him, is Tased, then Escapes

Fire David Letterman Protest: War on (Palin) Jokes @ BreakRoomLive.com

Zionists Destroy Our Homes as Satanic

24,000 Architects at SF AIA Convention Come Face to Face With 9/11

Obama Tortures Our Wills to Believe Him


Who's freedom are the lawless bushite winning to
sacrifice ourselves further as the innocent for?

KBR/Haliburton [AMERICAN] Worker Raped, Locked in Shipping Container

Lavena Johnson Was Raped and Murdered: Then the [BUSHITE ENEMY] Army
Covered It Up

Cheney's Chief Assassin Is Now Obama's Commander in Afghanistan

/ / The bizarre thing about making this a "he said/she said"
issue is that we already know for a fact that the CIA lied to
Pelosi about the torture. \ \


U.S. Used White Phosphorous in Afghanistan

Afghan girl's burns show horror of chemical strike

Gates Balks at Demand to End Indiscriminate Afghan Airstrikes



Oprah Winfrey exposes Satanic Jewish practices

"Military to Run State Schools"

This is un-acceptable.

the zionist bushite enemy forces

/ / After it was revealed by the Plaid Cymru MP Adam Price
that British trained policemen had tortured prisoners to death
with drills, we discovered, through the New York Times (!!),
that American intelligence officers had been working alongside
them at the Jamiyat police station \ \



"The Devil" Peres to America: No choice but to compare Iran to Nazis

/ / Does Iran have an ethnic minority forced to starve
in a giant open air modern day "Warsaw Ghetto",
like Israel does? \ \



/ / The grisly [BUSHITE RAPIST] crime was
initially blamed on insurgents -- "This is
what happens when you harbor terrorists," \ \

Enemies of every female, and do American "men"
have the manhood to defend their own
Women from bushite rapists by simply lifting
their phones to demand open dialog for Justice?
They refuse as lifeless nazi scums.!

We is Me and Keemosabbi


It Will Be No Defense To Say, I Was Just Following Orders Says Bush

Deadly 1957 Strain of Flu Is Found in Lab-Test Kits

These demons know full well they are directly


9/11 “Mastermind” Falsely Confessed to Crimes He Didn’t Commit



bright light on where our TARP bailout money is going

Media damning Americans. This is a CRIMINAL fraud,
A THEFT OF BILLIONS. They fraudulently (MEANS
ILLEGAL] misrepresented the American Public,
aka 'God' to steal our money. "Officially",
"Democratically" left undefended for further
plunders. Nothing on YouTube, CrooksandLiars,
a Prison Planet?, you decide. Your Humanity
too dumb to care for supporting Johnny for NEW!
Coast to Coast radio host? Don't appreciate
the brilliantly wise as Just do you really?


Just We Rule

Niels Harrit, on nano-thermite in the WTC dust

On TV: Nano-thermite Behind Collapse of WTC Buildings on 9/11, Not


Stop Spending Our Future - The Crisis



It Is Here! The Banned SNL Skit Cannot Hide From Louie

Hey, no prob. Obama needs only say, "it was
all perfectly legal". And pro-war crime magic TV
smilers say oh happy days. Like demon enemy
George Noory.

Christ the Jew = Elite Globalist

The "9/11 Missing Links" trap..

/ / The "Jews" started the 9/11 Truth
Movement....(?) Oh, that's rich! \ \

Look, blaming "Jews" would include innocent
persons, oh like.. Christ. A Zionist though,
states openly the will to TARGET for robbery,
or first degree mass murder, innocent
children, as corporately acceptable being
Satanic enemies of God and man. Remember:
Israeli ACTUALLY targeted Jews in northern
Lebanon with 7,000,000 land-mines. And Condi..
is near the biggest, documented war criminal
of history, and she's a .. .well.. a war
criminal who pre-planned 911 with her "TOP
SECRET" plan to invade Afghanistan for Enron.
If she was "Jewish" or otherwise, she'd still
be found a war criminal who pre-planned.. blablah


Geithner's Toxic Debt Plan So Good,
Citi and BofA Can't Wait to Get Started

/ / We're paying enormous amounts to free them
from their toxic assets, and they buy more? \ \

Raise your hands: who's in for continuing this
way without themselves present as accounted for?

Did you know: this latest bailout of AIG, is
the FIFTH given from the public as still not
accounted for either? Once, their idiots, twice,
your the idiot, three, We, the Idiot. Five times?
is to be somewhere past what was once factored
as purely theoretical.

(fOo|x)*5 - the irrational expression on how dumb
the public can succumb, before dreaming something
even dumber, is beyond the possible.

Holy man.


Nader: Seven Steps the Obama Admin is NOT Taking to Fix the Banking
Crash, Why Not?



Notice 12 versions - which one is right God
asks the religious in slanged broken English?


U.S. partner, not Hamas, firing rockets into Israel


Your buying "TOXIC ASSETS" wake the kucf up.

Barack Obama Pimps the Bailouts on Jay Leno | 2 of 3 | 3-19-2009

'It was all perfectly legal."

No it wasn't. and besides, the private bankers
don't cover our loans. We need to work for
open communications Coast to Coast to remedy
a workable solution through factually based

Ben Stein on Larry King, said something
near this in reference to bailing out
these trillion dollar frauds: 'it's called
extortion, and somebody out there needs
to insist on understanding that that means,
it's hugely illegal, but Congress has
forgotten you have some dying rights here,
but, they can still call in our forces for
Justice, if America wills it.'

Guess what? We might might be the only
peoples on Earth to realize the
significance of Mr. Stein's factually
based stance on this issue of yours.


/ / Indeed, emails show that the rating service
employees knew they were acting fraudulently \ \

Did we forget that fraud is not only costly, but
illegal as well?

A.I.G. Sues U.S. for Return of $306 Million in Tax
Payments, Some Involving Tax Deals in Offshore Havens
- Uses Taxpayer Money to Pursue the Lawsuit



Cheney: Don't blame Bush team for economic woes

NWOer Jones: Don't blame Bush the decider

/ / Obama: US Can Detain Americans Indefinitely
Without Charge \ \

Err.. no we can't, for that would be criminal.

/ / Goldman Sachs, which paid out a company record
$11B in pay and bonuses after grabbing $10B
from taxpayers. \ \



Iraq dossier emails ‘devastating’

They knew they were CONNING us for murder.


"450 MILLION in AIG Bonuses to be paid,
not the reported 150 million"


Canadian Activists and Lawyers United for Justice:

Canada must bar or prosecute Bush for torture,
and mass murder. For he is a war criminal who
lied that Saddam wouldn't let our inspectors in.
And, with Cheney, closed 911 FBI investigations
before we were finished nabbing the actual
suspects for mass murder - that's a no-no where
we're from. See? I'm a strict Constitutionalist.

Canada must bar or prosecute Bush for torture

/ / The law says foreign nationals who have committed
war crimes or crimes against humanity, including
torture, are “inadmissible” to Canada. \ \

We are being spoon-fed stupid again...

/ / Moreover, defying President Obama's ruling
putting a halt on all Gitmo military commissions,
the judge on the case not only accepted this filing,
but also released it to the public. \ \

Cofer Black admits to torturing KSM for years,
to get him to confess to near 50 terror events
spanning 20 plus years, TERRORIST CRIMES, that
Cofer has highlighted for US as still incomplete.

Obama Doesn't Have The Right - Just Like Bush Didn't Either


FBI Believed that Bombs Used on 9/11

/ / Indeed, the FBI told a reporter for
USA Today that FBI agents believed there
were bombs in the Twin Towers. \ \

Awesome. Where is CNN and CBC here?

THINK: they took the bailout
money for THEMSELVES!

SuperNews! - A Night with Ann Coulter

Ann actually sounds
near identical to Alex's excuses for attacking
Liberals, Socialists, gays, do gooders, anybody
he'll demonize to divide our voices for Justice
against the guilty parties of 911.

Mossad linked to 9/11 attacks: Report

Justice we will.




'9/11 Conspiracy Theories Ridiculous' - Al Qaeda

Banks Use Your Bailout Funds As "MOB" Tax Havens

This is unreal to see America victimized to
die this way.


'Israeli Military Attacks the Civilian Police Force'

REVEALED: 'There was no Cabinet debate in run-up to war,'

Couldn't even be bothered with
pretending when the cameras were off?

Reminder: Peter Power did the 7/7 bombings


911 WTC7 CBS Breakthrough

9/11: Impossible Speed & Impact -- Busted! Updated


Fans Get Even With Riot Police


Israeli Bombs inflict more pain on Gaza hospital


Stephen Harper copies John Howard WORD FOR WORD


Eyewitness to Shanksville Crash - It Was Not a 757

Fake 9/11 Call From Flight 93 Exposed!


So, the ISI was warned by the White House clandestinely, in
June 2001, 'some do gooder cops are on the prowl defending our
interests, looking for REAL terrorists who jeopardize
Freedom's cause, so, you'd better watch out for America's will
power, US might get US, and boy, then we'd be in for one big
hell of a surprise!,. eh?. Are you still with me? Hello?
Is someone else on this line? ... Yyyou'll never catch me.'

Marc "Johnny America" Grossman "Any country that doesn't go
along with US will be paying a very heavy price."

CNN Admits 9-11 Inside Job

Patriot of Great Britain arrested for sending
"7/7 Ripple Effect" to judge and jury members

All of Great Britain joins US in demanding
the "Judge" to face trial for death sentence.
Peter Power "did" the 7/7 bombings. Ask
Netanyahoo, he knows.


Report Of “People Planting Bombs” on 9/11

Private Banking Made Simple

9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings!

VIEWS: 10,100,000

Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11

LETTERS NOW RELEASED PROVE-Bush Intervened-To Suppress Torture

This is called ungodly nazi war crimes against
innocent Human beings.

Obama Gets Tough to Shield Bush Torturers

Who does Obama think we are as 'United' together
on pro lawless torture against innocent 'others'?


Israelis forced mother to choose which of her children would die


Ceasefires, Israeli-Style

openly admit to thieving innocent peoples homes, to them
be sent at gun point, to live in a concentration prison
death camp.

Americans Are Welcome In Israel

Jesus Christ in Islam


Yoo: Bush okayed torture to outwit defense lawyers

This is why it warrants the Death sentence.

Olbermann | Bush Years: 8 in 8 Minutes

Bush and Cheney are traitors to the cause of
American Liberty. To leave them free, is to leave
America un-guarded from further transgression.


Unseen Gaza High Quality: Part 1 of 6

The Torture Ban that Doesn't Ban Torture

/ / Obama's Executive Order bans some -- not all -- US
officials from torturing but it does not ban any
of them, himself included, from sponsoring torture
overseas. \ \

Is America a nation of Law to Live freedom?

Jack Blood interviews Richard Andrew Grove, an AIG insider and


"We believe there were dozens of IRGC
personnel in the Gaza Strip during the
war," an Israeli source said. "Some were
killed; others went into hiding, and
others escaped."

See? the demon enemy of God speaks no
evidence as a TRAITOR to every Jew.

Gaza: 'I watched an Israeli soldier shoot dead my two little girls'

Getting away with murder as 'God's Chosen' chosen
for death by war crimes trial more like.

They are murdering Cops

2-Bombings target house of Abu Ubaida El Jarah,
Police Director in Sheikh Ridwan area.

3-Airstrike targeting Al Zaytoun police station.

Nazi Israeli are murdering Police Officers,
and the families that live in the areas near
them as once defended from criminals.

It's like saying, every Cop in America deserves
a death sentence by thousand pound radio-active
waste based uranium/plutonium war shells because
Bush stole the election

“In spite of rising the blue flag of UNRWA on
our schools, the Israeli army has been targeting
those schools by missiles and tanks shells.”

U.N. special rapporteur on torture calls on U.S. to prosecute Bush and

Binding U.S. law requires prosecutions for those who authorize torture


A Zionist Nazi Being

See? A zionist Nazi argues it's good to get killed
Jews by breaking truces with a prison death camp,
cause look at all the free American Welfare money
we can steal through kicking-back AIPAC members in

Nazi Israel Broke Ceasefire as Satanic:
The Bush Administration and The New York Times v. Amnesty

'Secretary General outraged at shelling of UN building in Gaza'

"I conveyed my strong protest"

Not good enough. Public War crime charges warranting
Death by Jewish firing squad, is what is demanded of
our Humanity. Death to the zionists liar war criminal
enemies of Humanity, instead of US, who they target
for mass murder.

They are jewish criminals, not criminals because they are Jewish.

Neocon Enemies of the Jew do not Care for Truth

ElBaradei says Iran’s nuclear program is legal: report

But Neocon enemies of the Jew do not care for Truth.
They lie as enemies to God, on hopes to murder Jews
like they did in Lebanon with millions of land mines.
What kind of "Human" would commit such crimes against
Life? Cheating Liars for Satan Johnny tells YOU.


Stressing that Israel was "the first to stand
up against pure evil." [See? A zionist Nazi argues
it's good to get killed Jews by breaking truces
with a prison death camp, cause look at all the
free American Welfare money we can steal through
kicking-back AIPAC members in Congress.]

"I demand that the use of images and headlines
that misrepresent current events to the detriment
of the State of Israel be stopped immediately,"
the petition went on. [and the 'judge' judges
anything detrimental misrepresents the constant
LYING nature of the Nazi Zionist thieving pirates
of the Jewish Faith?]

This is detrimental to Zionist war criminals
because it exposes their TRUE EVIL NATURE..

Again, the two Laws of Johnny:

1. No evidence, person innocent.

2. Torture? fuk you and die then

"Rice says it is 'hard' for Israel to spare civilians in Gaza"

We KNOW they are ONLY targeting innocent People,
the ungodly zionist Satanic enemies say so..

"Israel Rejected Hamas Cease-Fire Offer in December"

Livni has declared her country "is not going to show restraint"

"Her" country?

It's like she's admitting here, that they DO NOT
target the IDF's Hamas, but only our innocent lives
as a threat to LIFE and GOD. Remember: the Zionist
LIARS broke the truce.

' In Civil-Contempt Cases, Jail Time Can
Stretch On for Years for Americans, without Ever
seeing a day in Court. '

Where are the arrests?, then firing squads for
the Judges who 'judged' such criminality against
freedom for US, the Peoples in America?



Rise up for Justice American Christian, or
die innocent victim the Son of God does say.


UN: Israel Admits Claims About Attacked School Baseless

US military re-supplying Israel with ammunition through Greece

/ / UN Call for investigation into shelling of
Civilian shelter \ \


Israel Phones 'Terrorists' Before they Bomb Homes

UN: "Israel knew they were bombing a school"


The Appropriate Response To Islamic Terror

/ / an Orthodox Jewish Russian immigrant \ \

Doing what's right and just, or evil as dumb is
Your riddle. Get back to US on that.

Rise Up for innocent Life, or don't and see
where it'll get you in the end.

FBI E-Mail Says Bush Authorized Abuse of Iraqi Detainees

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