You and Who's Army? - Obama Warns America Not To Challenge His 9/11 Story - You and Who's Army?
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who is where as what is I now then friend
2010-12-26 02:13:06 UTC
Obama Warns America Not To Challenge His 9/11 Story

The real face of Obama. It's like
he's trying to pull a Harper here.
How can he murder students in Afghanistan
who ask for evidence to from our conclusions?



GORDON DUFF speaks for his "alternative
media" that holds no interest in truly
defending ourselves? We are the
alternative altervative then, welcome
one and all. (Or then to say, the third
try is the charm, whatever floats
your boat.) But what about the Innocent
Jews that were targeted as war crime
first degree mass murder victims though
bro? Crimes paid for by the dying American
suckers thought to not rely ourselves
on following probable cause for why
our rights are illegally denied.


Notice my friends, no mention of Nazi
Israeli killing Jews in Lebanon. NO
MENTION. What kind of evil Rightard
would ignore that, while attempting
to claim ALL info giving by any serving
Grunt soldier trying to be honorable
is a fraud? all?!! to Micheal at WRH?,
and everyone at GCN? and Republic Radio
also?, I ask all our Humanity? Who's
conning who here? The Rightards and the
Rightards? who refuse too, to acknowledge
the Iraq war crime has no legitimate
cause?, and that torture warrants death?
No mention of the thirty Republican gang
rapists of American women?!!!??!!?!!??!!
And no mention of NAKED TRAITORS!!!!!!
Bush and Cheney for stopping the arrests
of those who carried out mass murder on
9/11. Refusing as godless cowards to
defend the "good" old red white and blue,
to sacrifice more un-represented cheated
dying American suckers for Satanic Zionism,
escaping the for real bad guys by denying
this truth for all to witness. Evil is DUMB.

Be a man and forward this
to everyone.

No evidence against the accused is US
being truly abused. Kill a Bushite to
save their next innocent victims, the
Son of Man States as a fact without

Johnny's GoodGodMan

US Army: Atheists Unfit To Serve
Yeah but, Bushite grunts take orders to
bomb innocent Peoples randomly by Israeli
Nazi Command, and as such, all Religions
recognize them to be Satanic, or war
criminal evil, CLEARLY. We all would
agree with the Atheist, rightly Kill
a Bushite today, and save innocent
Peoples lives, Right?

AJ "You should fear big government"

"Big" is relative. Alex Jones is Evil
escaping little Bush and Cheney, to
steal your Social Security with Super
EVIL ungodly traitor Rand Paul. FACT.
And whether a TV poll of Tea Bag
Rightards who claim to be
"Constitutionalists" says
otherwise, matters none.

Jesse Ventura "Why are we letting them get away with this?"

Alex Jones Didn't Predict 9/11 Bill Cooper Did

I wrote that Bush and Cheney were going to fly
a plane into the towers If I remember right,
then - anyway,
Alex DID foretell something was going to happen,
and guess what? He claimed America should blame
Bush at the White House!!!! But they always cut
out that part, when bragging on his inside
knowledge, no one else of the Public had.
Ask Yourself: WHY? Was Bush planned to die?
Trivia: Who has AJ had on his show selling the
guest was a truther, when he was actually one
of the central actors in the mass murder
attack without question? hint mega mega.

Alex Jones puts Moronic Caller in his place!

Did you know: while AJ was buying his [second?]
$700,000 home, Burmas was bussing it? AJ did finally
buy him a car towards the time Burmas left the
air, for something like 500 dollars. Now, Burmas
does have serious Rightard problems, as he is a
disciple of AJ, but he is BY FAR more open to
advance the audience with respect, than AJ is
today to cover his lies. Example: AJ tells I am
cointellpro as the reason I must not be allowed
to express freely why following probable cause
for Public warrants is how Liberty is ACTUALLY
defended. I speculate it is because there is so
very little money in doing that for himself,
and also for the Rightards of his "Police" state.

I like Jesse Ventura's philosophy, where it
was something like, 'I stay honest with life,
and then therefore, I don't have to keep track
of all the lies, and as a consequence, I'm a
better man for it. easy going' AJ's Ego can't
do that, because he's an Absolutionist [The Pope
Dope Complex], who lashes out blindly against all
for the fear of what he doesn't understand
about True Liberty. While I respect life enough
to say like awesome genius Kieser has in the
past to Alex, 'I don't know anything about that'
if I don't, but am always open to learn better
at everything. I am like a child when sitting
with my Father in contemplation. Why? Cause
he's so beyond knowledgeable! If you knew of
Life, you'd know. I've learned things from
birds, from flies, from a strewn blanket
many many times, and dreams.. oh man

"Propaganda from Wikileaks"


/ / Around a third of young British Muslims
favour killing in the name of Islam, according to
a survey revealed by the WikiLeaks' publication
of U.S. diplomatic cables. \ \ The Rightards
are losing their minds as evil good for nothings
eh? See, it's a shock!! Yeah, isn't that
incredible that the demons who con teen soldiers
to their needless deaths to plunder God and
Humanity further like Bush and Cheney, would
naked deceive only themselves with such hatred
for all Justice, being so non-distinct on
who they will as the innocent to mass murder
next, left for demonization - for as naturally,
Allah's will is Just always - "Jihad" it is
called. But Bushite behind closed doors state
they are dishonest with ourselves not counted
fairly. Where no one can see but You I suppose,
among evil Rightards a plenty like an Alex Jones?
Again, who is trying to con US here? Wiki or the
American Rightard, showing up to do what anyone
else can do on their own too? An American
Rightard wants to attack innocent poor others,
like America's elderly, or those that sympathize
with the Taliban's position of demanding evidence
to form a conclusion, so, what does that tell
you? Even if Wiki was headed by G.W., still
wouldn't change the info of war crimes treason at
hand, Treasons to kill more innocent Americans
off for further stolen gain. War crimes a
Rightard blindly dismisses altogether bigoting
like the KKK does, as 'nothing new', or, 'all a
fraud'. HEY! American sucker!, not everyone can
steal homes and walk with just a, 'golly shucks
I'm just a evil Republican dumfuk' forever,
lending out money at con pounded interest they
don't cover. Yet. See Peoples of Earth, In
America, it's just their neighbor’s family being
gang raped or pimped out for torture by KBR and
Blackwater, or losing their home to Bankster
grand thefts. So American: who should care
about ourselves better by demanding Justice
for 9/11? You. But that's just me.

9/11 bill was cut from ten years to five, along
with thirty percent chopped by Repuglicons. A
desperately needed bill that was completely paid
for by closing up defraud loop holes in 'the law'
where military dictatorships don't have to play
fair with the American suckers. Who cares there
I know, who cares there.

Julian Assange Interview MSNBC Ratigan Show Dec 22nd 2010

Thank God for this man. I can't wait to see that
demon witch Sarah Palin rot in a prison cell for
her high crimes of treason.

Because Bush and Cheney closed official 911
Police investigations, we will go nowhere until,
we arrest the demons for obstruction, to get back
to following probable cause to arrest the actual
bad guys.

Ungodly Evil Israeli Zionists call for
Murder of Innocent God Loving Jewish Women

Being Jewish is a religion of Love for
God.. Compare pictures...

Domscheit-Berg Denies Rumor of Israeli Deal

Facts still stand: Lebanon assisted Israeli
Nazis on finding where the Jews lived in Lebanon
as first strike target war crime victims. Then,
for those who know, they continued on to KILL
AMERICANS, and Canadians in Lebanon too. Do you
fucking care American Rightard enemy? Of course
not. A Rightard wills to attack the poor and
elderly of America today like Alex Jones, instead
of forwarding Johnny's "Nazi_israel.mp3" because
apparently as Humanity witnesses, "Americans"
will not rise in the defense of their dying
selves or their innocent elders if it means the
TV Rightard will face a Public demanding of free
communications for all concerned with the
documented FACTS here. Rightards are evil bigot
crooks who refuse US to speak facts, for then
they look as they truly are. Bush and Cheney
officially closed 9/11 police investigations, and
a Rightard just don't care.. do you?

American Nazi Zionist Sadomasochist
"Gays" Can Openly Slaughter Afghans



cable from the US embassy in Bogota
confirms that Washington was told
the Colombian army’s murder of
civilians was "widespread," yet
still Bushite approved 'America's
aid' to mass murder more helpless
innocent individuals to push
more of their dope into American
teen veins for more life term
prison sentences as more slave
labour as more big money, for,
who cares?

Bushite 'I don't care to forward
this post to save the life of
innocent Americans. Where's the
money in that?'


Bushite forces around Kandahar
are blowing up or bulldozing
houses, assassinating sympathizers
and using mass reprisals against
the civilian population.

1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

Believe in God? kill a
Bushite enemy of Life then.
They do not deserve to live.
They know they are traitors
to God as enemies of the
Republic, of which we stand.
They take an Oath, with God,
they have no true belief in.
However, God is, AND has
a for real son that'll
rip a bushite limb from
limb in the cage broadcast
worldwide, if you support
our rise for Justice as
fair play. Contracts will
be signed, and Bushite will
die. Those Bush bitches
who claim to be warriors
who rape our women, or
torture our families will
be my first public demands
for reprisal. I crush.

Megadeth - Crush 'Em

"Look at John go."

Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction

"Warring for the Heavens"

Why Real Christians Kill The Bushite Enemy

/ / NATO warplanes bombed a group of small
children between the ages of 6-12, killing six of
them and wounding one other. \ \

You kill the Bushite for Christ, you kill the
Bushite for God. You kill the Bushite for
Afghanistan, you kill the Bushite for America.
We all know, the Bushite will hide as a Tea
Bagger, as a fan of Glenn Beck, a "Conservative",
a "Libertarian", or as TRAITOR "Republican", for
there is where Justice is not demanded by evil
Satanic Antichrist forces of tyranny to defend
the innocent lives of US war crime victims. They
blame an entitlement society of fairness, or
welfare mothers, they blame the elderly and poor,
they blame [unbound as not Ideologued] Liberals,
Socialists, blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Muslims, the
Globalists, anyone else but the actual for sure
criminals guilty for extorting trillions, the for
sure war criminals Bush and Cheney as mass
murderers on 911. They are sadomasochists who
enjoy to hurt poor others, cause, it makes them
feel like whoring their souls for Bush’s final
escape isn’t all that bad as the ungodly. For
you yes, but not for them as thieves, gang
rapists, and mass murderers of children, escaping
their rightful death sentences at the hand of
Man. GOD, I HATE Bushite.

"We have shot an amazing number of people, but to
my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a
threat," said Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal

"[General McChrystal says that] for every innocent
person you kill, you create 10 new enemies."

Bushite Heroin Pushers Murdering Civilians for pleasure as Satanic


/ / Morlock and another soldier, Andrew Holmes,
were on guard at the edge of a poppy field \ \

Let all men of every faith, join together to
demand these bushite nazi grunts be put to a
rightful death sentence immediately. Including
the military "Judges" that will find them free to
go in our world as no-law-school-for-him Mattis
has in the past, regarding gang rapists of
American women, or the Haditha child killers, and
of course his own terror assault against women
and children at a wedding party all for the hate
he has for a liberated Humanity. EVIL America
"grants" Bushites a right to judge all American
lives in lawless contempt. I hate these ungodly
Zionist war crime Nazi TV liars who claim because
they have criminally pirated my American uniform
with pro-torture traitor George Walker Bush and
FOXNEWS, they 'successfully' sell we can't at all
distinguish themselves worthy a bullet from Uncle
Sam. Any Uncle. Their own fathers should do all
US real men a favor, and take them out rightly as
they so truly deserve UNDER AMERICAN WAR CRIMES
LAW as the sworn ungodly enemies to all Peoples
in Christ. Warring our INNOCENT Humanity for
never elected 911 traitors Bush and Cheney, all
to escape God's Wrath for their hatred of the
good ol' red, white, and blue as all we will to
stand for as true. The Messiah has spoken: Die
Bushite Die.

Video: Israel Bans the Basics of Life for Everyone

baby steps for the parrots

"If your going to blame al-qeada for
flying a plane into a building, you
better fly a plane into a building.
It's beyond retarded."

Hey! Who's this cat? Pretty cool man.
But yet... those 'in charge' did steal
the 86 vids to only confuse US, and
as they did, give out their Bushite war
plan to make it look like a Plane hit
the Pentagon, but in actually, was just
another Grunter's 9/11 drill. Confused?
You don't have to be, evil is the deceived
disguised. Done for no other reason,
but to escape for open discussion, the
evil doers, Bush and Cheney for closing
criminal investigations to form public
warrants for the arrest of the actual
mass murderers of Americans. It's a simple
no brainer that all NWOers refuse to
mention, except for the one time in
LooseChange's 'Final Cut' as fairly
willing to address. True, blind deciple
of AJ Burmas is a definitive Rightard.
Burmas sells that Chaves is a bad man
dictator (not mentioned elected 30+ times,
Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uzbekistan, ISRAEL
ect.) for not giving BP 'NO ROYALTY' access
to all of our oil, like he and Alex
champions for dying America, as
blinding enemies of the State, US,
trying to fairly defend ourselves.
[Ex. AJ's ungodly attack on the elderly
of Social Security, and Media Matters
dissertations on how Americans are ACTUALLY
thought controlled] That's for free, that
WE pay them a very heavy penny for! No
taxes either, why should they? TV Americans
refuse to support a demand for open
communication with the facts, and AJ and
the NWOer bigots want to blame anyone
innocent without a criminal complaint but
to say, "globalist" or "liberal" like a
member of the KKK would or typical Zionist
Nazi, but near never those directly
criminally complicit - Example: Israeli
for stealing our homes routinely,
Banksters for not covering our loans,
30 Republicans for gang raping American
women, and Bush and Cheney too, as
Officially, not supporting a just cause
for the Public's interest.


Bush and Cheney closed 9/11 Police
investigations.. imagine that. Not
on Alex Jones of course, but never
the less true, and teen soldiers
are still, never the less, conned
to die escaping those who done did
do America wrong as cowards.
Raping, torturing, thieving, and
bombing US Peoples indiscriminately
while chanting, 'whore yeh, whore
yeh' for the final escape of the
'lawless' demon Antichrist enemy
of Creation. Grandson to Hitler's
banker Bush is, but who could think
America wouldn't even find that
at all interesting? Or, when they
tried to over through America twice
HERO so and so. "The Enterprise"
is what they called themselves
then. Same traitors.. why? Because
Americans have been thus far, too
cowardly to defend the good ol'
red white and blue. Can't even
bother to raise a phone against
the demon enemy happy George Noory
for his willful naked contempt for
all soldier's lives. He told
Alex to his face, that he willed
to go ballistic against any soldier
who refused a criminal order, and
Alex didn't complain, no.. he whored.
As he has done on every last interview
with Noory that I've heard - which
is nearly, if not, all.

1933 - Zionists sign a deal with Hitler - The Transfer Agreement

Look soldier, your warring to die
your brother for the escape of those
who truly committed 9/11. Don't do

"Left bows down to false WikiLeaks prophet"

Rightards are evil to all Peoples.
No demands to defend anyone, but
to escape those who rape, pillage,
and steal. It's not left to support
Justice, but Rightly Human who wills
freedom. Rightards are the enemies
of every last free man woman and child
on our planet, and they know it.
As is why, Alex Jones forbids the
truth be told about Social Security,
while advancing the attack against
America's elderly. WHO PAID ALREADY.
IT'S A TRUST FUND - u evil enemy fuks.

Top 10 “Anti-Semitic” Slurs of 2010

As the most prolific writer of
Humanity, they make no mention of
myself because THEY KNOW, I am the
Jew's Jew, who truly opposes
criminality everywhere. As God
would will, if we had a voice
to measure.. guess what? We do!

9/11 Joe Lieberman – WTC 7 Did Not Occur
I Do Not Support A Criminal Investigation

Evil is the Deceived Disguised

See? That's why the Israeli Zionist Nazi is
called Satanic by GOD, and all those who
are truly religious in the Christian,
Jewish, and Muslim brotherhoods.

The Bushite claim as our enemy that the
truth hurts their cause of robbing Humanity.

Britain 'will act on torture intelligence' Magna who?

Death sentences all around. These unlawful
Politicians are claiming a right to torture
innocent victims to escape those who do US truly
wrong. Death for torture is the war crimes law
excepted by all free nations. There are no
excuses than are not defeated by free
communications. Every man woman and child of
Earth will need to hunt every last pro-torturer
for easy war crimes death sentences. KSM has
nothing to do with 9/11. (Or as, the 'Public
Option' means you don't give away our innocent
lives for nothing, but to a talentless American
Rightard who refuses the facts to witness.) Alex
Jones sucks man, he really truly does, as is why
he can not allow open free debate for America on
near anything he claims in obscenity to own the
truth about without natural doubt to consider,
as all those who disagree on anything he has ever
said since early childhood are cointellpro he
claims sadomastically as pure Pope Evil. To err
is godlike Human. He is bad news going on how we
all so much hate all ourselves blindly he claimed
again last week as an insult to everyone personally
I took it. Just who the hell does he take You for
silenced on Justice eh? Rightards are near all the
same, siding as hypno mugger victims for liars,
cheats, or thieves, who can't compete honestly in
fair polite debate, as otherwise WE would win back
our stolen lives. Justice is Freedom, and Like
anyOne would, I HATE 'lawless' Bushite nazi
zionist scum responsible for escaping those
truly guilty of 9/11 and 7/7 as starters.

All legislation is a form
of Socialism, and This State
is God, what of it goofus?

Study Verifies That There Is No Value In Any Flu Vaccine

Study: Fox News Viewers Are The Most Misinformed

Evil Enemies of the Republic as a Matter of Fact.

Revealed: Chamber lobbied against 9/11 health
bill to save foreign members on their taxes


Bushite Nazi grunt tries to kill innocents at a
school board meeting, and a real man guns the
Nazi vermin down to defend it's next victim. All
American Patriots must do the same to those
proudly serving for the Bushite Air Force,
otherwise they will as they do, continue
indiscriminately dropping radio-active toxic
waste bombs on defenseless innocent women and
children for centuries under the command of Nazi
Zionist, pleasing for the demon Antichrist and
Cheney's further escape for 9/11, getting dumfuk
American teen soldier's dead as the consequence
of their cowardly war crimes behavior. See the
'lawless' Bushite grunter, and you kill it for
Christ, you kill it for America, you kill it for
Yourself. This is called Life.

Why would the Rightard criticize Wikki, but not
demand a death sentence against the Nazi grunts
who gunned down the journalist for reporting
facts, and the two little kids? Kids the Nazi
murders for claiming, it was the parent's fault
for bringing the children into this world? It is
a joy and a blessing for all when the godless
unlawful Bushite Nazi grunter dies rightly,
instead of the innocent, such as Yourself, who
the American Rightard Zionist takes no position
to defend. Bush and Cheney closed 9/11 Police
investigations. Know your enemy who refuses this
truth be told friend. Wakey wakey.

a real Jew concerned.

To Serve the Banksters

House finance chairman declares again Americans
exist to ‘serve the banks,’ [this is like
Canada's Harper - who Publicly wills to kill
our innocent kids and push dope to escape Bush
amd Cheney for furthering real terror. And,
he'll tell you that openly on magic 'no opinion
for Humans' true corporate TV too, with hideous
creatures wailing, hidden in the darkness,
drinking our bloods. Johnny Gawd would say to
illustrate the nature of Evil in our Worlds,
'conning who?' Evil is the deceived disguised -
while Cops, (like teen soldiers play pretending
their TV men,) for the most part are good guys
who will to defend our families as their own
Being victimized]

Money laundering scandal rocks Vatican Bank
(€20 million, was destined for JP Morgan)

Chair of US House Foreign Affairs Committee: I am a Zionist
(and Americans are now those terrible innocent Palestinians)

Banksters Selling Foreclosed Homes Without Obtaining Title

bankster bonuses despite taking billions in bailout

John McCain Urges Tea Party To 'Grab Your Pitchforks'
MORE THAN $8 billion dollars in earmarks - THEFTS

Gates: Public Opinion Can’t Stop Afghan War

NATO fighter jets launched bombs and missiles
850 separate missions in Afghanistan this November

That's why every man woman and child who can
legally carry, will rightly kill every last
Bushite Nazi Grunter in the Air Force who walks
our streets with pleasure as our true love for
God and Humanity expressed freely. All these
missions commanded by Nazi Israeli were against
innocent helpless individuals on the brink of
forced starvation, guilty of nothing, for no
allegation is ever properly made, for if it were,
they'd be aiming at Bush and Cheney with AIPAC
and Blackwater. Instead, as Satanic enemy
traitors, almost all aiming is at unarmed
innocent children and school teachers. Or
Journalists for reporting facts, for torturers.
A Bushite can't stand America to be a free to be
we society, where Justice prevails for all
concerned speaking honestly. They know they
can't compete when the truth is told, for they
are dishonorable Zionist savages robbing God of
our love for Life. So, kill the Bushite for
Christ, as killing it for yourself as a People
person who truly cares about where we are going
here. Bushite grunts don't care for anything but
what they can steal from all others, ergo, why
they couldn't care less that the 911 perps are
still escaping, with the Rich and Famous
vacationing Republicans and the Demonrats as
robbing US all of House and Home. No more.
Merry Christmas!

Bushite Nazi Grunts are Dying for Child Rapists


/ / So our troops are fighting and dying for child
rapists in a warped fundamentalist theocracy. \ \

The Taliban would take child rapists, and have
them publically tried, then executed upon
successful prosecution. Bushite nazi grunts war
to gang rape American women and children with
their 'buds' at KBR and Blackwater.
[Note: in Peace time capital punishment is wrong,
and argued easily as so when freedom is Stated]

Afghan president says airstrike killed civilians

/ / "There aren't even any Taliban in this
area," Taqwa said. "They were all working on
Mr. Khorasani's campaign." \ \Taliban=Student

This is another why I beg all real men to kill a
Bushite for America. These bushite enemies will
gang rape your American wife, and claim that FOX
still sells they are heroic for doing so without
question. Zionist Lawlessness is the enemy of
every last free man among US, and a Bushite LIAR
wars against a Just cause winning our Liberties,
as the dying loves of our INNOCENT families.

Saving Our Lives from Further Plunder

The strange thing is, why must I be the only real
player on this scene capable of such game? Do
you know, in better times, being of God is really
quite miraculous to all who love life as such?
We could bring such great wonders if only we were
respected for who we truly are. Instead, we have
Republican pro gang rapists who will to kill more
American teens to escape Bush and Cheney, telling
on magic American TV of how Christmas to
Christians, is where concern of another innocent
victim is secondary to getting America further
robbed by our inactions made poorer by
Congressmen. The Banksters are making off with
trillions man, TRILLIONS! No wonder these very
same Republicans get off on killing innocent
Christian children for Satan, hand in hand with
the Demonrats through AIPAC - for on an open
playing field where open debate with the
knowledgeable is openly relished, we all would
win, and they would lose as the ungodly war
criminal traitors they've proven to ourselves to
be, time and time again, fair and squared. We'd
save our lives from further plunder I'm saying.

SCAM OF SCAMS : everything is true


Jobs are gone, homes are stolen, Pensions are
all "lost", while the magical Banksters give
themselves a BONUS! of 144 BILLION dollars this
quarter, while claiming in almost all cases, they
don't owe America for taxes either. They bribed
the Congress fair and square. Never earned a
penny, but that is God to America. Why don't you
become a man instead of a Bush bitch coward, and
forward this post to everyone so we can make our
stands for Liberty? No? All because your a
dying American Rightard bigot who measures the
rights of others in contempt? Think 50,000
football fans all giving near five hundred
dollars at the gate this quarter to the Bankster
for stealing our rights to capitalize for the
win. Where no matter how well your team plays,
everyone leaves a loser. And.. frowat?

FOXNEWS O'Reilly: Baby Jesus Would Not Want
Us to Worry Our Pretty Heads About the Poor

The viedo clearly shows grunts killing two little
kids, and then boasting, it was the parent's
fault for bringing life into this world. Say no
more. Of which the Nazi grunts murdered in cold
blood also. Every last American soul that
refuses the right call to insist in public
execution of these now responsible for carrying
on to torture INNOCENT Americans Will destroy
Liberty escaping Bush and Cheney. Death to the
Bushite, death to the war criminal enemies of God
and Man. Torture is a war crime deserving of
death says President Reagan, and so do I. See
the bushite, you kill it as a true American
Patriot Soldier defending the Republic of which
we stand. United for Justice as All.

HUFFPOST SUPER USER "Call me whatever you want,
but I have NO SYMPATHY for PFC Manning. As a
soldier, he knew his actions were illegal under
the UCMJ." He hasn't been found anything, and
this cover-up on murdering Journalists for
reporting facts, limited hang, smells like crap.
But see how truly evil the corporate "Liberal"
establishment is to play pretend they is
something other than ugly and mean to the
honorable and clean? Bastards Limbaugh, Hannity,
and O'Really are evil good for nothing war crooks
deserving of Public trial for their naked
treasons of getting American GI teens dead for
continuing the tyranny of lawlessness, sure, but
who again, what of it? Rightards pretending to be
"Liberals" are still Rightards no matter which
way you look.

Kill a bushite for Christ.


Because Bush and Cheney closed official 911
Police investigations, we will go nowhere until,
we arrest the demons for obstruction, to get back
to following probable cause to arrest the actual
bad guys. Starting with Ahmad for funding the
op, and then going to the Taliban claiming, no
evidence will be brought against the accused.
So, the FBI as acknowledged; they have no
evidence linking bin Laden to 911 to form an
actual warrant. PD51, W199i and so on, were/ARE
threats against real cops talking about this, or
moving forward with formal arrests of those
responsible for mass murdering Americans.
Bushite Nazi Grunter who wants 'limited
government' to escape himself from gang rape,
torture and murder of AMERICAN WOMEN states,
"I don't care."

Ministry Lies Lies Lies

Depeche Mode - John The Revelator (HD)

God is Awesome

[ungodly evil] "Jewish" group outraged by newspaper cartoon

/ / The view sold as complaint is absolutely
stupid to conjure as definitively inked in
our names, toy trunked away. Who do these
guys take us for unfairly, eh? All I saw
was slippery roads ahead for freedom is
calling. Yet, maybe books could be wrote
further, Heaven knows. Who's asking? \ \

Man, this was good and funny. At
least a laugh with a true Jew like
me eh? Ahhhhh... the water is fine.
Or should be.. back to work driven.

We need to survive as a just cause.

Top Marine: Soldiers could lose lives if ‘don’t ask’ repealed

Too busy sucking cock?
What a traitor who gets grunts killed to escape
Bush and Cheney, who seriously needs to be
publicly tried for his war crimes against God to
escape those who done did do US wrong like that,
still. Kill a Bushite for America Christ says.

TSA refuses to release reports
about X-ray machine safety

- and if the info was sent to Wiki, would that
just make it all a fraud of cointellpro without
facts to measure as a blind Rightard would sell
cowardly? Just what the facts are; Americans
blabbering about as, dipshitter know it alls,
watching vicariously the Rich and Famous count
their ill gotten gains, while for sure drowning
in their own misgivings.

Treason warranting maybe death
Bushite Grunter "I don't care."

True you Fool


/ / OH THE HORROR.... To those who say I lied
about what Tenent FREELY confesses
(60Minutes-Tenet-2.wmv) LISTEN in horror at what
America is truly led blindly into hell with
STILL.. \ \ crooksandliars pulled the recording!
In it Tenant tells of the bushmob knowing in July
2001 bin Laden was going to get blamed for a
strike big in America from a cave in Afghanistan!
Then later, (not mentioned) in AUGUST! Powell
went over there himself personally, and gave the
Taliban 47 million dollars as a bonus. Swear to
God true. NOT HIDDEN. Look it up. I mean it
made almost all the major dailies. See? This is
what Alex fears, that wise men, actual wise men,
like myself, can put this stuff together in
seconds by freely communicating for open
challenge on error, of what would take others
committed to dying through censorship for blind
fear, never in a lifetime spared. Who cares

Johnny Law for Coast to Coast radio host!

American "Golly gee, if I had only simply
raised my phone for Justice, I'd be in a
better place right now.. better late than
never... hello friend."

Treasonous to the old red white and blue.

Remember: these are the demon fucks who bomb
cities with radio-active toxic waste for no cause
but for to see US all suffer and die for their
hatred of God and Humanity. If you know someone
serving proudly in the Air Force, kill it to
defend ourselves - for it surely deserves to die
before anyone else it targets indiscriminately
for Satanic Zionism, like the teen grunts sent in
to quell hostilities that wasn't present until!
we were bombed for NO REASON, like Fallujah,
Samara, Baghdad, and so on. Remember too: they
are ruled blindly at command by Nazi Israeli
Zionists to rob all Peoples, escaping Bush and
Cheney. For according to 'no opinion' TV
Canada's Harper, all Human Rights are
anti-semitic, when it comes to escaping those who
truly do US wrong he meant it in all honesty as
an evil doer escaping nowhere.

Justice Scalia Will Teach Constitution 101
to Bachmann's Tea Party Caucus

The most hated vile traitor to ever don a judge's
cap, will be put in to sell his 'war criminals
escape to plunder America' version, that neglects
to mention anything about going after bad guys
with the facts, or defending the innocent through
Rights properly governed, along with the
separation of powers thing a ma jiggy. This is
going to be an extremely disturbing performance
almost for sure man, where the Tea Bagger
"Constitionalists" will dumfuk out to their own
downfalls as everyone. Why? Because Evil is
Truly Dumb man. Even the Devil, as bad an ass as
he is, and he is, doesn't cheat you in a game
fair and square, he knows which side his bread is

To All Men

"Anytime someone in your line gets hit by an
IED...you kill every motherfucker in the street,"

Instead, do what is right, kill the
'lawless' Bushite enemy for Christ.

CIA Doing Drug Experiments on Veterans

Bushite Grunt "I don't care for anyone.
Where's your un-defended wife and daughter?"



'According to a website that interviewed Assange to
say exactly that, but, that only Johnny could read'

This is cowardice, and nothing new with how
Assange has managed this whole production from
it’s inception. Why? Because it has been
confirmed that Lebanon assisted Israel in picking
out the Jewish communities as first strike
targets. SEE!! NO MENTION... Why do we see
this all over the Rightard American disinfo
parlayers? Because they are fundamentally
cowards, who as refusing to humble themselves to
those greatly wiser with words such as myself,
will to hurt the established innocent to escape
the bad guys they take it up the ass for as
antigay faggots, picking on innocent poor people,
or innocent old people, US in need of health
care, or as Wiki, a soapbox open for all soldiers
to be men instead of mass murdering ourselves
indiscriminately. Bush and Cheney closed 911
police investigations. Assange could be the
Antichrist Pope, it wouldn't change the facts
that have been brought forward as documented.
Like Bushite enemy of EVERYONE Geoffrey Miller,
giving guidelines on how to treat innocent
Peoples randomly kidnapped. But a Rightard
hypnotized victim states to hypnotize YOU TOO
going, 'it's all nothing new', or, shamefully
Mike at WRH ‘it’s all a fraud’, or 'Assange is
someone a real Patriot like me shouldn't defend
because he could be with the genius evil minders
who control our every whim just like Alex Jones
sells' [evil is dumb], or as many Rightard's
stress, 'it's important for Americans not to
defend ANY innocent persons, why take the risk?'
Example: It's a long drawn out blab of three
nonsensically blind mice chewing on each other's
tails, cause theys figured, it's just someone
else innocent getting chewed on left for dead as
dying. But, if you have a few free moments after
doing more important things, listen clearly to
Mike and Mike and Mike say just as much on last
Friday’s 'Unleashed'. Who gives a fuck about YOU
innocent American victim right?


Bush should go free cause he has more rights than
America.. Right? No Justice gives you tyranny
guaranteed. Why not go after the Republican
gang rapists instead? Is it because they are on
the Rightard's team? Like Alex Jones sells?

/ / The important question is who controls and
oversees the selection, distribution and editing
of released documents to the broader public? \ \
Michel should have known..

THE NEW YORK TIMES for one. And SEE? If you
charge Assange, well, that means the New York
Times is as just as 'guilty' for the judgment on
who is ultimately responsible for South Ossetia,
Israeli war crimes, and American war crimes of
killing children, school teachers, or journalists
for reporting facts, and these Rightards just
refuse to say so as a man such as myself.
Whoring for escape of ungodly evil into this
world as documented. Though, Michel Chossudovsky
is really an awesome individual in near every
other context, and I certainly wouldn't kick him
out of his important meeting on what we all need
to do here to get back our stolen freedoms as
fairly measured.

"If We Lose our Internet Freedoms Because of Wikileaks"

Why wouldn't you blame a Republican who wills to
rape American women? Bush and Cheney for 911?
Ron and Rand Paul for championing the position to
not defend the innocent Christians
indiscriminately slaughtered by the Satanic? A
Nazi grunt who murders journalists openly,
begging men women and children of America to hunt
it down for public execution as war criminal
enemy of all free Peoples? No mention
whatsoever? Nothing at all? Who's freedoms are
lost when we blame a soapbox, instead of the
torturers responsible for 911 found at the end of
the crime scene leads where theys pushing
heroin openly just now? A soapbox, instead of
TRILLIONIARE extortionists? A soapbox, instead
of FOXNEWS "HEROES" raping kids? No mention at
all? Who's freedom are you talking about to
blame anyone as all things but escaping Zionist
LIAR war criminals of Satan?

U.S. war veterans being killed with high-dose psychiatric drugs

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is ordering all
members of U.S. Military to buy and eat
as much [poisonous] seafood as possible.
(THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
US Military Stocked with Toxic Gulf Seafood
Bushite Grunter "I don't care for anyone.
Where's your un-defended wife or daughter?"

$52bn of American aid and Afghans are dying of starvation

Kill the Bushite for Christ. Kill it for
God. Kill it for America. It deserves to
die warring our innocent Humanity for the
escape of Bush and Cheney.

Special Comment: Blackmail, Bullies


Bigger tax breaks for the trillioniare thieves!,
as hedge fund brokers of savings funds having not
"earned" anything of the trillions "lost" into
their personal private accounts as it was, or the
Banksters who have stolen millions of American
homes through extortion, than under BUSH. Bigger
tax breaks for THIEVES than under Bush, Obama is
saying he needed to negotiate with as a terrorist
hostage situation... A Deal? I don't know how
much more Americans can take before finally
raising their phones against happy George Noory,
Beck, and traitor war criminal stooge Limbaugh,
to demand our voices be heard fairly for remedy.
Justice is Victory.

Study: CEOs Who Fired Most Workers Earned Highest Pay

/ / More indications WikiLeaks is the 9-11
of the blogs; a fake event staged to justify
protecting dictatorship from exposure. \ \

The information is already out, Bush and Cheney
closed 911 Police investigations. And besides,
why wouldn't any under such rational, support
such a disclosure? 'no no, tyranny is better.'?
The problem here is nobody is actually looking at
what info has been released, for, we are having a
communications glitch with this failing everyone
system of manufactured consent by Rightard
denials. Leadership is what we need., and where
can we find ourselves fairly to know just what
that might require as a Just cause benefiting
everyone? Not with the American bigots, who
measure a person's worth unfairly, controlling
our free speech ranges to deny following probable
cause. So, then, your to use your phone to seek
Justice for Freedom defended from Bush and Cheney
on 9/11. Actually defended. Or is the role of a
real Patriot too manly, so you hide it all by
calling yourself a 'fraud'? - Here's where we
came in.


/ / Washington will no longer seek an Israeli
settlement freeze \ \

'Go on, steal as you were going to no matter
what any innocent Human victim might have had
to say - steal from Christians and Muslims,
and Jews too you ungodly evil torturing
war crime thieves of Satan - wink - Palin


Breakthrough Discovery On The Causes Of Autism

/ / Imagine being told by your doctor that your
child has autism, that there is no known cause, \ \

Mercury in the vaccines you evil corporate Nazi
demon fucks. Anything to attack innocent American
children for their continuing TV whoring as
ungodly pillaging.

YES!!! - Then let's press for the
rightful arrests of Republicans
who rape American women claiming
to be lawless. Death by Public
trial we will fight to demand upon
easy convictions without contention,
but for by the enemy Rightard who
will refuse the FACTS from being

On the Tea Bagger Enemy Chopping Block:
Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Incoming GOP Financial Services [Tea Bagger]
Chairman: America's Role Is ‘To Serve The Banks’

Alex Jones to Rand Paul "Your victory is our victory."

No it's not Rightards. Rand Paul is there
to escape those who stole the cash, then
blame the old and poor to receive his sadist
brunt. Nevermind the Banksters, Republican
rapists, and AIPAC war criminals, as the TSA
goons not following probable cause to defend
our taken as given rights. What about Bush
and Cheney fucks? These two evil bastards just
don't care enough for US victims to complain,
but for your kind donations to have their
furthering successes at your continuing
downfalls silenced chump. They war American
Patriots with their claimed ignorance as
censorship to refuse ourselves a just cause
to defend. Iraq. They will to hurt innocent
Americans, because they both freely admit
to have the corrupted minds of bigots,
when talking on the Bill of Rights, Economics,
Health care, banking, traffic lights, and so
on. Rightards. Evil doer rightards who refuse
Americans, all Americans Liberty. Justice
is Freedom, but a Rightard wants to blame
everyone as the bad big government, not the
little Bush bitch demon leaches, who falsely
as war criminals believe they will escape
hiding ourselves as honorable on this.
We want these AIPAC terrorists arrested for
accessories to mass murder of our innocent
selves, along with Bush and Cheney for
Obstruction on 9/11.

Alex Jones "Mexico hates America"

Johnny Mex "Mexico loves America" [as the Cacti too!]

9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve

Revealed: Commie Rand Paul reverses on core
campaign pledge before even taking office


/ / RAND: ..Leadership isn’t photo-ops with
oversized fake cardboard checks. That kind of
thinking is bankrupting our nation. Senator
DeMint understands that and has taken action to
stop it.” \ \ "Photo-ops"? A con to hide the
billions STOLEN in 'darkness' he pretends he
knows nothing of as treasonous. All on board
he tells all Zionist AIPAC members, he is in
office top secretly to rape and pillage like
they are as Satanic also. Christ? is a fool.

Tea Baggers, what do you think about this
betrayal on who you are? Wait! don't tell us,
you don't really care for the facts right? Like
of the evil Israeli Nazis, who dropped seven
million land mines on Lebanon. The Satanic
ungodly pirate WAR CRIMINALS of Israel, are as
such according to OUR BIBLE, as obviously not
Jews, but the true Satanic evil enemies of God
and Humanity. They broke the truce with Gaza,
and proceeded to burn innocent children alive as
targeted. Minister Harper foolishly suggested
that he too, will pirate all of Canada on magic
TV to not speak out for such calls for Justice
against these intolerable Zionist savages, to
continue pushing for tyranny to escape Bush and
Cheney for 9/11. And we care what here about
Harper NAKEDLY conning Canadian kids to die in
Afghanistan to escape real terrorists while
pushing child rape and heroin?

Demon Whore Enemy Palin Endorses Medicare Rationing

Eyewitness Missile hit Pentagon,
[bushmobbed] Government Confiscated 84 Camera Tapes

This shouldn't be a left wing right wing thing to
know, someone hasn't been entirely forthcoming,
all to escape guilty Bush and Cheney for 9/11.
Rightard AJ will be with enemy George Noory on
Wednesday to tell, all on how great George Noory
is for lying cheating and stealing from the
listener, to mass murder, torture, push dope and
so on, like he championed with willing lies for
attacking the innocent in Afghanistan, then
Iraq, now Iran, escaping the ungodly Neocon
Zionist Peenackers. And AJ the puppet Rightard,
the bigot, will speak nothing but praise for the
demon monster continuing just the same, while
they both call for cheating more as the made
weaker, injured, poor, or as truth tellers.
Encouraging Americans to pay more to, do nothing
billionaires from Texas our tax money without
understanding. [ex. Bush and Cheney halted 9/11
Police Investigations] Whoring themselves for
Bush as evil for fame and fortune in America's
dying shame. Labeling Bushite Nazi grunters
anything but worthy of death as war criminals who
openly commit war crimes against US innocent they
willfully do today as torturers, pushing heroin,
and advancing the rape of women and children, as
just in Afghanistan, as in America escaping the
REAL terrorists with the banksters who do not,
I repeat, do not cover our loans!!, that's another
thing as nearing the same.. A Bushite soldier was
asked about the 9/11 perps for sure escaping with
Bush and Cheney, and this is what it said, "I
don't care." Do Christ in God a favor and war the
'lawless' Nazi grunters to defend their next
innocent victims. Or don't and die for chumps,
for who needs who here?

Corporate Amerika refuses to correct ourselves.

Mr. Bush the War Criminal Antichrist
"we don't need any evidence"

The Peoples
"yeah, we do."

Americans refuse to humble themselves to wise men
or women speaking, because we make them out to be
what they truly are. Moronic imbeciles.

CIA admits faking bin Laden confession video

Thus, it means bin Laden had no complaints known
to make. Why does CNN and FOX think America not
news worthy to have America die innocent victims
suckered escaping those truly guilty of mass
murder instead I ask everyone?

Example: Forbidden NWOer knowledge,
Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441.

Remember: Ron Paul calls these war crimes of
millions indiscriminately mass murdered, all for
the TREASONOUS LIES of the grandson to Hitler's
banker, simply, "a Police Action"

The Public Option

Americans mass murder millions of defenseless
innocent human beings for war mongers Bush and
Cheney without TV complaint for their criminal
deceit. Can't even raise a phone to concern
themselves with any innocent American becoming
more gang rape CRIME victims for the glories of
the demon Antichrist minions of ungodly
lawlessness, who openly push heroin onto American
school children. Zionist pro-torture minions of
Satan that will eat them alive if they continue
to be silent for the interests of their innocent
neighbor. Demon George Norry claims with AJ that
he will go ballistic against any teen soldier
that refuses a criminal order, while they both
blame Globalists, not Bush for closing 911 Police
Investigations, or Truly conning Americans to die
without cause still in Iraq. NO CAUSE. Instead, I
suggest, happy George Noory be tried by every
last American still breathing, and once found
guilty, formally executed for his naked sedition.
Or would You rather die innocent victim yourself?,
all so words of Justice will not be heard for all
to know, just how incredible wisdom is as the
enlightened that is forbidden by every American
Rightard Bigot censor out there that refuses free
dialogue: No evidence against the accused is US
being truly abused. Kill a Bushite to save their
next innocent victims, the Son of Man States as a
fact without contention. An "American" soldier will
no longer get away as a treasonous war criminal who
holds it's oath to defend God and Country in contempt
with it's Nazi censorship. Like Zionists they of
course do not really believe in these glories of
God and Man, but Country neither? Paleeze.. people
making less than 20k will get a tax hike to die
victim by Tea Bagger Rite. All for Banksters who
never covered the loan. We did. Time for Change
we can believe in. Do yourself and God and favor
by forwarding this to all who should care for
our dying futures. I demand our voices heard
fairly for freedom. My Word as my Oath is to
God that is Greater than a American bigot can
articulate,or would care to read. We are being
badly ruled by Zionists who will to kill the
innocent ourselves before the truth is spoken
of their treasonous war crimes against the
America I claim. We demand our voices heard
fairly for freedom. Thanks in advance.

'Under "the Deal" people making less than 20k would see their taxes go
up'? HolyFff..


Ask Alex Jones what is the Crime of the Taliban
to ask for evidence to form any conclusion? Him
and the Pakistan General made no argument there,
nor neither on Bush's complicity as prime false
accuser - who then stopped police investigations
from occurring as following probable cause to nab
the actual bad guys. How is that possible that
AJ remains quiet here in a free to speak world of
liberty truly seeking? HOW!?! Rightards are
plain evil for who knows what all to not do so,
pretending we can't hear them being deviant. The
word “Extortion” for example, ask yourself,
honestly, why can not a Rightard say that
'trillions dollar stolen by threat of harm'
Justice word… why? Because it’s true? Now they
have no excuses to be lame attacking the lame for
furthering misfortune to escape the ‘no money
down’ Zionist ungodly Banksters. And believe it
Conservative Rightard bigots, this truth is a
good thing for all without argument.

For no reason did the bushite enemy attack the
innocent Peoples of Iraq, with bombs and torture
to but for the pleasure of escaping those who
will to do America wrong further. The Rightard.
Again I will open talks. I want the debate to
showcase our incredible skills from everywhere at
winning the claim we rightly deserve, self
respect. All because we champion true Freedom to
get Justice won. That way, the Rightard can't
destroy Social Security with their lies escaping
the real bad guys, or attack just about anyone
innocent but those guilty of treason with free
communications ruling for our benefits. Now, who
wants what? Where a coward can hide there too,
pretending it's a man to remain silent on Bush
and Obama’s final escape from universal
Liberation? Did you know; Nazi Israeli steal
innocent Christian homes routinely as a fact TV
America has few of no words of concern to know
of? Or, that BP removed the safety fluid which
caused the blow up toxicifying the entire Gulf
Coast on our watch?

Justice is Freedom.

Rand Paul Calls Medicaid 'Intergenerational Welfare'

Yeah like traffic lights he means. So vile. How
could anyone buy this but cheats who will no free
exchange with the facts? Buying in bulk is
cheaper. All the while, the Banksters make off
with trillions, and the TV'ed sons and daughters
die as traitors for the escape of Bush and Cheney
- and Rand cares what where? He, like all
Rightard blind BIGOTS doesn't. But for who as
innocent victims, he can hurt further with it's
bigot minded labels of lies as cheaters. Again
understand, Rightards calls US names not because
they can defend their lies with open

Glenn Beck's Goldline ‘grossly overcharges’ for gold coins

Up to 180 percent markup. And AJ sells gold
below wholesale he claims. Who cares right?

We have no real leadership. The Iraq war is not
as Ron Paul terms it as Nazi a "Police action",
but an info crime against American teens to die
warring for tyranny.. NEEDLESSLY IRRATIONALLY
DYING. Do something right and save someone's

/ / Boehner won't promise to end earmarks if
GOP takes House \ \ to continue stealing from the
American sucker earns the votes of a Republican?

Sent Out and Counting

"senior Goldman people have loaded up on firearms
and are now equipped to defend themselves if
there is a populist uprising against the bank."

Ha. It's OUR police officers they should be
worried about enforcing OUR standing laws for
extortion, and Bank robbery. Unless that is who
they think they will over power, with all our
Governments, and the eternal timeless LORD of
Creation. Just what are the odds? Crazy bums..


So WikiLeaks Is Evil For Releasing Documents
But DynCorp Gets A Pass For Pimping Children

Elias Murr, the defence minister has been
caught red-handed conspiring with the United
States of America to facilitate an Israeli
invasion in 2008. (Condi dropped 7 million
landmines on 140+ towns)

Wikileaks Reveals U.S. Tax Dollars Fund Child Sex Slavery in

Pro-Obama/Bush AJ/Rightards/Micheal Rivero[?]
"It's all a fraud" - whew! easyeasyeasy

'US House approves large increase aid to Zionists'

But they are proven Satanic war criminals
who mass murder INNOCENT Christians, Muslims
and Jews for money. Is this America to remain
silent on these continuing war crimes against
God and Humanity?

'Prince of Pork' Wins Top Seat on House
Appropriations [TEA BAGGED] Committee

The Montgomery Burns Party votes against
health aid for 9/11 rescue workers. Again.

Tea Baggers, what do you think about this
betrayal on who you are? Wait! don't tell us,
you don't really care for the facts right?
That's right, feed your own cubs to the
the demon whore of Satan, Sarah 'the retard'
Palin because the FOXTV ordered you to do so
without question. Did you know the 'pro-tea
baggers' are running their 'Death Panels'
now in AZ? Don't care to mention a concern
for real American lives sacrificed for
your stolen futures? AJ neither? Shame.

911 Lies

FBI : 9/11 Cell Phone Calls Fake

America is a nation of cowardly males, too afraid
to be men in our world demanding Justice for all
as truly ourselves.

Nazi Israeli Guns Down an Innocent Unknown

"Iyad As’ad Shelbaya, a known Hamas leader,"

But he is not. I never ever heard of him, nor
has the entire Internet since yesterday. And,
what was the charge he personally was guilty of,
that they needed to be so reciprocal against a
concentration death camp? Listen: When Satanic
Nazi Israel broke the truce with Humanity and
burned our children alive as targeted on purpose,
while murdering at least (their numbers) 239 of
our Police Officers trying to defend the
community, they would contact member's of Hamas
at their homes to let them know when they would
be striking, so they could leave to a safe place
avoiding the conflict. Remember: Hamas is
funded by Nazi Israel OPENLY, to cause division
among the illiterate hordes, while executing
innocent Palestinians for something only a
Zionist could conclude falsely as warranting. A
liar, a murderer. The trouble we have with these
Zionist demons, is your TV Rightard mind will
refuse to except this as Gospel. Even if I give
you the press reports of resigned Officers
confessing to just as much, or show their Nazi
prisons filled with honest Israelis, imprisoned
for simply refusing to commit a criminal offense
against an innocent other. It is an ungodly
"law" in Israel to agree to steal a Christ like
Home and their possessions, or go to jail, do not
pass go. God calls it Satanic, I call it
Satanic, Moses does not approve with Abraham, but
you, little you, swimming in doubt, go where on
TV there? In this turmoil of challenging eternal
confusion, your expected to forget to care for
those Christian children targeted on purpose by
ungodly Nazi Israeli, ON PURPOSE, who as SATANIC,
started the conflict by breaking the Truce with
an action they titled "Cast Lead", casting the
direct first degree mass murder leads, against
children they willfully gathered, and then set on
fire. Can you hear us now? Or! those 239
Police Officers that uruknet has photos of, if
you can bare to look at this great sorrow brought
against ourselves by escaping super evil Zionist
war criminals hidden by the scope of the magic
'all seeing' TV box of corporate degenerates
selling our, bartered in their name glorious
wonders. To know: This is the "hidden" Satanic
works of AIPAC, and their diabolical control over
the American soul terrorizing through national
syndication, the willful silence against these
un-addressed continuing war crimes in our dying
names as the less thans. Christ says no more.
No more. Support our rise to popular acclaim in
my name of John Simpleton I do say. The truth
must will over the lies of the bad guys who hide
in the darkness to pretend they are our friends
on equal terms. While they rob US blind a Life
and Home. U.S.S. Liberty. Please support
Justice for our says, and make your rightful
claim, in this frame. (hint: this is big.)

Hey! People! Don't Be Evil.

God calls it Satanic, I call it Satanic, Moses
does not approve as yogh!’s brother Abraham, but
you, little you swimming in doubt, go where on TV
there? Let's Defend America by demanding Justice
for 9/11. Those who would say otherwise in TV
censorship, to escape the heinous culprits of the
mass murders, should be thought to act, very
un-American in a free to speak world of
Liberation from Tyranny.

"Not Guilty. The Israeli Captain who Emptied
his Rifle into a Palestinian Schoolgirl"

Remember, it thought our girl was ten years old
before pulling the American paid for trigger.


"Benjamin Netanyahu rejects demands to continue settlement freeze"

That is a criminal offense of STEALING an
innocent Christian's home. Paid for 'willingly'
by Alex Jones not demanding legal action in our
own defenses. Why? Too wordy.

Hitler's Jewish Soldiers

DNA - Hitler was Jewish?!?!?!?

SEE? Zionist Nazis.

"Israel's new army chief led Gaza war"

The guy who encouraged Christian children to
gather into the city center, then burned them
alive for Satan, is now the boss of American
grunters on how to further murder more innocent
peoples for "Jews"?

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange cheats at video games!

"Details could not be confirmed"

Nothing on the entire web site demanding every
man woman and child in America, hunt to kill the
Bushite, who on video, guns down two little kids
and a respected journalist ON PURPOSE, while then
claiming it was the children's innocent parent's
fault, because they brought Life into this world.
Of which, of course the Nazi Bushite murdered
also. An American FOXNEWS "HERO" who wants free
welfare, and health care over all honorable
Americans, just like these enemies of Life and
God over at bashandslash, who allege something
they admit was not confirmed by anyone, but to
know, Bushite are falling faster than flies.
Again, to kill a Bushite, is to defend their next
innocent victims. They proudly kill puppies is
enough for me. Death to the Bushite, death to
the enemies of God and Man who war Humanity for
the escape of Bush and Cheney on 9/11.

/ / It is not by my will to deny open debate with
America, it is Alex, and his demon buddy George
Noory that denies out Humanity this right. And
when people try, like Peggy, or Black men on
Jewry, Alex lies cheats and steals our wills for
further thefts. \ \

Openly Evil: A Study in the Death of American Liberty

/ / Attorney General Eric Holder, who will not
prosecute for torture and murder, says he is
mounting a criminal investigation against Assange
because anyone who breaks American law "will be
held responsible." \ \

Lawless Republican gang rape of American Women is
highly illegal, and frankly, I'm sure we'd All
with Christ like to see those 30 Republican gang
rapists formally executed for that serious war
time treason. While torture of course, as
everyone knows, warrants death every time, under
standing American Law, despite all the lies a
FOXNEWS Rightard Junkie will deny. Kill a
Bushite to be a True American Patriot Hero.

Indecent Exposure:
WikiLeaks Hounded for Showing Power Its True Face

Good stuff. You know, the American Rightards are
sure showing their willingness to jump to crass
blind conclusions, on 'what it all means' eh?
Hundreds of thousands of pieces leading to a
million and one other things, including some very
serious war crimes - they claim in totality, is
"anti-American". A guest on with AJ, not only
suggested the info was all we knew already as an
extremely evil dummy, but then went on to state,
what "every Liberal thinks" about it all too!
[typical Rightard male bigots masturbating
together as they most often do, telling how much
greater than everybody else they are as faggoting
like the KKK does.] I could write I'm sure for
paragraphs here.. First thing I'd touch upon, is
that these cables and such, are not, are not!,
Assange's personal positions, despite near every
last Rightard on American Rightard radio claiming
as so extremely stupidly to sadistically 'excuse'
themselves from rightly demanding death against
the exposed war criminals who deliberately
murdered those two little children for one
example, or as, 'why isn't there anything' about
something they claim no evidence to claim
important, was refused? for world wide
publication ? (WikiLeaks is like a soap box that
others do stand upon in a much bigger universe)
And issues such as a Rightard favorite, 'global
warming', they find themselves lost on to
determine the extremely useful info they have so
far failed to capitalize with - like man.., this
Copenhagen thong, where those who have the mind
to understand this parlor trick; discovered,
paying HUGE taxes to private individuals to
'improve' our climate makes NO REAL SENSE - I
mean if that's what they want to do for ourselves
not being scientists or having any ideas at..
all.. given.. (like what are you going to do
with OUR TAX MONEY!!!) held contemptuously
without common courtesy TO ACTUALLY KNOW, and top
secretly knowing as such, the Obamanoids with the
Bushites (and Gore we presume) worked hand in
hand clandestinely to cheat all who had the
voices to communicate such realities. Obama
blackmailed Bolivia and some other country for
simply being more intelligent than the American
warfare class, now I forgot the other Nation..
jusasec.. Anyway., Japan last I heard has jumped
ship on their Kyoto. They don't want to be 'top
secretly' hustled by no-nation Zionist deceivers
for trillions in more ways than five as
highlighted... No, they actually want to care
for our seriously deteriorating environment
contaminated by the brain dead Bushite Nazi
Grunting Zombies, dropping thousands and
thousands of tons of radio-active toxic waste
indiscriminately, (all over AMERICA TOO!) in a
godless evil effort to kill off our entire Human
race apparently for the glories of the ungodly
demon Antichrist's final escape with Cheney for
9/11. Kill the warring for lawlessness Bushite
grunters for God and America instead my friends,
for they are as evil as they are dishonorably
dumber than rocks. Rightards are the worst. But
the sometimes good AJ, or even more better fan
base, locked in their absolutes, has so far
failed to understand, there is more than one way
to lead a statement of claim for prospered
conclusion, as it relates to a whole lot of
everything under this glorious sun. So, I
figured, I'd better lay at least a few words here
too. As always, Chris Floyd is on the pulse. As
you were People..

Raytheon Forbids Americans to Access WikiLeaks
Website But what about these facts at
republicansforrape.org ?

BBC: that the legal moves against Assange were a
"political stunt" and that Sweden's chief
prosecutor had dropped the case.

"The police here sent it back."

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate
warfare would better serve ourselves to halt for
our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

Now, what cop in any right mind could blindly
support such furthering escape of those who have
truly done US all wrong like this answer me that.

Rand Paul Gets Pissy With Eliot Spitzer
for Asking Him to Name Specific Budget Cuts

Look, we know already. Like Alex Jones, a
sadist, he WANTS to attack the homeless, those in
need of health care, the elderly. The Innocent.
Anything to escape the trillionaire hedge fund
brokers with the banksters who never covered the
loans, the thieves of Social Security, and those
who mass murder Americans for Satanic Zionism to
escape the demon Antichrist and Cheney for 9/11.

Biden: US Support for Israel Must Continue 'Forever'

Yeah but what if they break truces as mass
murderers that get innocent Jews murdered though
bro? as a natural consequence we're saying? The
more the better? Sounds like a Nazi sympathizer
to anyone who believes in Freedom. Biden WILL
murder American 19 year olds for money, if he
believes American men will allow him to escape
getting away with it, lost to the chaos of
thought control by the TV'ed Tea Baggers of the
FOXNEWS evil doers.. (Remember: first strike
targets in Lebanon were the Jewish communities)

SA Hospital Admits Israeli Organ Trafficking

Ground Zero Islamic center’s funding leads to CFR

Not a Muslim in the bunch.

Soldier Killed for refusing to Torture the Innocent

/ / she had been "reprimanded" for showing
"empathy" for the [innocent] prisoners
[randomly kidnapped] \ \

I would order all soldiers to arrest try and
execute these Nazi grunts for America, as
America. Nazi Bushite Grunts deserve to die to
defend their next innocent victims says Christ.
And we would know. Again torture warrants death
everytime according to President Reagan. Kill
the bushite as a Man in this God forsaken world.

WikiLeaks exposes US cover-up of Georgian attack on South Ossetia

American contractors are raping Afghan children - WikiLeaks

Secret Manipulation of Climate Talks - WikiLeaks

Sarah Palin is a demon whore of Satan - Johnny

Death to the Bushite ENEMIES who wars for the
escapes of Bush and Cheney, with those thirty
Republicans who OPENLY support the gang rapings
of American women, while championing the facts
from not being discovered by stopping free speak
from continuing. Fight back for Christ sake God
damn you.

Child RAPE Condoned by "Sexy" Rotten Rumsfeld

Kill a Bushite for Christ.

The Bushite claim as our enemy that the
truth hurts their cause of robbing Humanity.

Chomsky - Leaks Show 'Profound Hate Of Democracy'

The bushite are claiming the truth
hurts their cause of robbing US all.

US government is still giving private banksters
our money for free that the big banks are then
turning around and lending right money back to
the "US" government at 3%-4% interest rates. Ron
Paul and the Rightards, "We need an audit." Never
the crime of fraud in progress through his ENTIRE
Commie Elitist big money career. Like when he
talks about Gaza, and how we as Humanity should
never defend the innocent victimized for MASS
MURDER, or Americans as the seriously ill. This
website, CampaignforLiberty is rat poison. They
took millions scammed from Alex Jones listeners,
(Peggy), who thought the money would be used for
something 911'ish, and now as multi-millioniares,
refuse to fight for what is right for the little
guys. But beg and beg and beg and beg they do
for more money so to not get US involed, 'by the
law' they actually hide as... Why? Just
because. Nothing anywhere for a Campaign for
Justice? Rightards, rightards that will to rob
America blind further for the final escape of
Bush and Cheney with the Peenacker Neocons from
the Office of Special Plans. Nevermind torture,
gang rape, or the naked extortions against every
last working American bloke who pays and pay and
pays. For trillioniare hedge fund brokers not to
have to pay taxes on their CONTINUING CONS.

Obama Administration Worked With Republicans To
Kill WAR CRIME Bush Torture Conviction, WikiLeaks

Why can't Interpol be ordered to arrest Bush and
Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11 immediately?
(that's not we about inter polled as who again
then?) Like those 30 Republicans for gang raping
American women?

Assange 'Rape' Accuser Worked With CIA-Tied Group

Happy Daze

Bush team 'agreed plan for WAR the day before Sept. 11'

/ / Bushite deny the allegation
of all killings, but admitted that they
don’t investigate the vast majority of
the complaints, because they assume them
to be “Taliban propaganda.” \ \

Look, how can any conclusion be made without the
facts? but for by demon liars who war Humanity
by cheating for the final escape of Bush and
Cheney? The same remarks were made in Iraq,
where Nazi grunts randomly gun down defenseless
innocent familiies for fun on VIDEO, and Petraus
just states, 'al-Qaida did it' everytime, without
any gathering of facts whatsoever (as reported
PBS). Why? Because as bushite godless enemy
forces go; a Bushite lies to a Bushite because
it's dishonorable, and as every Bushite liar
minion of the demon Antichrist knows, they can't
survive in a free to speak arena as continuing
with their ungodly torturing, stealing, and mass
murderering as Nazi. Death to the bushite enemy
of Peoples everywhere, US, the Peoples that speak
in the defense of the innocent, while they as
FOXNEWS HEROES bomb cities with radio-active
toxic waste without causes (Samara, Fallujah,
Tikrit, Basra, Anytown, as so on.) Death to the
sworn enemies of All that is right and Just as
American. Example: torturing innocent people to
escape the actual bad guys is a war crime
according to Reagan. We Peoples were asleep.

Agent Successfully Penetrates al-Qaeda

/ / An agent successfully penetrated al-Qaeda.
[..] and was planning “large scale operations in
New York in the summer or fall of 2001.” He
provided this information to the US in August
2001. [Agence France Presse, 11/22/01,
International Herald Tribune, 5/21/02, London
Times, 6/12/02] \ \ (Tenant warned Bush in July -
60 Minutes - where when Bush promptly goes on
vacation - to warn who? - all the while. Condi
conniving her genius plot for overthrow.)

And Mr. Powell openly gives the suspects 47
million dollars on behalf of Johnny Taliban,
after the Admin. learning all this info from
those with prior inside knowledge? Bush!>

Efforts to Impeach George W. Bush

American Death Camp Orphanage Used For Nazi Big Pharma


It's not for testing. They have to MURDER
American children (for more than decades) in this
context because, "HIV" is not transmitted through
the umbilical, and if they didn't MURDER the
American loved family this way 'hidden',
Americans would likely get so upset they'd likely
raise a phone against happy George Noory or Glenn
Beck, or traitor Limbaugh to demand real Justice
to save themselves. To-day.. (long story that
I've told previously..)


ADL slams Jews as 'vulgar anti-Semites'

“I can call a president of the United States anything in the book, but
I can’t touch Israel, which has Jewish-only roads in the West Bank,”
Thomas said. “No Americans would tolerate that — white-only roads.”

“We are owned by the propagandists against the Arabs. There’s no
question about that. Congress, the White House and Hollywood, Wall
Street, are owned by the Zionists. No question in my opinion. They put
their money where their mouth is. ... We’re being pushed into a wrong
direction in every way.”

We Love You.

65 Million American Homes Stolen



Man, this is the horrible, but, thankfully, we
have great folks like Mike who can put this big
mess in such a clear perspective for all to
witness ourselves looted for 'lost' but not
completely forgotten about. As we have now found
ourselves unbound. Let's get to work by
demanding Justice as our right to complain for
remedy, whaddahyahsay everybody? We are Awesome
in Justice standing alone as anyone.


Olbermann's piece on the Repuglicon Tea Bagger's
multi-Billioniare 'small business' tax plan of
destruction for America by nakedly giving 'away'
with lying and cheating for further stealings was
the episode I believed really shook our bones to
the core., (and directly supports Mike's theory
for further qaundry). Remember: after this
MSNBC show, we seeked immediately at the
Corporate Command News Pros to State: that the
popular under-rated Olbermann should go because
he supported the concern for public health
services of the injured as disabled, without
first 'okaying' such conduct without the proper
permissions, 'rules are rules'. The Republicon
Demonrat 'lawless' sacrifice is very much a
willing to go blinded cult, failing to fairly
understand in our context. In otherwords,
American Duhmphucizm.


/ / the US government has videotape of underage
boys being sodomized \ \by escaping Blackwater

Children raped by Bushite Nazi grunts, Nazi
Grunts defended by Obama with the War Crime
TRAITORS in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals,
claiming it's a secret that Obama WITH the 30
Republicans, and 'escaping' Blackwater, refuse to
disclose to America, for fear every able bodied
man in America would actively hunt to kill every
last Bushite Nazi Grunt still breathing our air.
Cofer Black and Eric Prince. They rape Women,
they rape children, they torture innocent Peoples
to death while shooting Peoples at random for
entertainment in your name "It's a Turkey Shoot!"
and the Republicans who have watched these said
videos for entertainment (for why then?) refuse
all to push for formal executions of all grunts
who serve silently at the American torture child
rape facilities, at home (NYC) and abroad. Kill
a Bushite for Christ. Kill a Bushite for
America. A Bushite speaks nothing for the arrest
of those that truly did America wrong on 911,
while mass murdering now millions of innocent
souls to steal our worths. Please, as King, I
beg you on behalf of our suffering once truly
loved God as our dying worlds, to proudly in
God's Holy name, Kill the Bushite. Please kill
the Bushite who speaks nothing for the gang rapes
of American women. Rapists who are officially
defended by those 30 Republicans that deserve
public trial for death because of it.
Republicans and Demonrats care not for American
women being gang raped, for all cowardly evil
Americans need do is blame Liberals, or Muslims,
or Niggers, or Mexicans. or the Globalists, not
actual for real war criminals that will to kill
any of US for everything. Kill a Bushite for
Christ, kill a Bushite for Yourself. Done for
nothing but the respect of calling yourself, a

Americans are Godless

Can't be bothered to raise their phones for care
of the millions mass murdered, or tortured by the
Nazi Bushite grunts, nor, forward these words of
Liberty by Just causes. Rather You die innocent
victim, before themselves as Zionist 'lawless'
Evil doers for Satan.

How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA

Demon Whore ENEMY of GOD Palin 'don't let
wikkileaks leak her support clandestinely of the
indiscriminate mass murder of countless innocent
children for TV fame and fortune as Satanic.' As
such, she is incredible in ugly just now. Demon
whore of Satan, who wills to kill our cubs - buck
naked on TV un-apprehended for questioning of her
UNGODLY TREASON.. (just helpless innocent
children she openly wills to mass murder - that's

Liz Cheney "Kill Terrorists"

The bushite are claiming the truth
hurts their cause of robbing US all.

Network seeks immediate release of two cameramen

Further for Bush and Cheney's escape too don't
forget. While AJ and the Rightards will to blame
anyone else like a bigot or racist does, such as
FOXNEWS for their Naked propaganda to mass murder
innocent folks, such as Yourself, for more stolen


AIPAC Zionist to the INNOCENT Jew "You deserve to die."


Why do Zionists keep on insisting "Jewish"
People are crooks? like themselves?

FBI : 9/11 Cell Phone Calls Fake

America is a nation of cowardly males, too afraid
to be men in our world demanding Justice for all
as truly ourselves.

We Will Never Forget

/ / Actually what Palestine refuses to recognize
is Israel as a Jewish state having a right to steal
Palestinian land. \ \

Bingo. See the Zionist insist Jews are evil
crooks, and if you disagree they call you an
anti-Semite. Now Semites are not Caucasian, nor
are the real Jews from the Bible. But to the
truly SATANIC, the facts matter none to how many
innocent Christian children they can target for
mass murder, by TV tricking the dying American
suckers to pay giving more in blood sacrifice to
have it continue as demonic criminal AIPAC. Why?
(sorta..) Because TV Americans are trained to
hate the intellectual that makes them to be what
they truly are without their evil ungodly war
crime bigot bullshit. See? The glory of God, is
as such, that the honorably committed Atheist
would find themselves 100% in agreement also on
Justice for all ruling for everyone's benefit.
Not only on this, but near absolutely everything
else. Big G can seem like something of a jerk,
to not jump right in to rip Bushite limb from
limb, but there is even a greater gift called
Universal Liberty to KNOW, that you can't even
fathom just now, but God really is amazing to not
be doing much of anything but relying on
ourselves to make the right moves for Freedom in
our Time. The hope is that it will all pay off
in the big picture than no one can see, but, we
can believe. Make the right choice: Kill the
Bushite and save an innocent person's life.

Reasons to Kill a Bushite for America

A Bushite speaks nothing for the arrest of those
that truly did America wrong on 911. Kill the
Bushite for Christ to save an innocent's life.

/ / Alex Jones has over 33.000 subcriptions so he
makes around 2.5 million $ permonth. \ \ I guess
it's all to cover his gold and silver sales below
whoesale?.. certainly not used to legally
challenge the powers that steal..

Is this possible? That is a lot a money to
expend zero concern for Bush and Cheney escaping
with all those other Zionists Alex can't afford
US to know of in AIPAC either. (Never mind me
being short for bus fare..) Nazi Israel STEALS
innocent Christian homes as openly ungodly EVIL,
and where's AJ there?, as he is with Bush for
closing 911 police investigations?, and as Saddam
wasn't for violation of 1441 - WHERE'S AJ THERE?!
Rather die US all than look a fool with much to
respect? Example: Torture is a war crime
deserving of death everytime - as like
republicansforrape.org advancing the arrest of
American persons without trial for indefinite
incarcerations too is an illegal crime called
kidnapping, warrranting death for sedition by
Public trial where free speech rules our natural
spaces. ohh.. and the bailout of the documented
trillions dollar frauds of EXTORTION is a costly
crime against all Americans as well, and so on as
issues not top priority by the NWOers to consider
freely for anyone's defense of the innocent left
forsaken. No, AJ wants the extemely wealthy of
America [99.99% trilioniare hedge fund brokers]
to pay less taxes, while the poor get poorer with
the denials of public health coverage because,
'fewer taxes for Zionist criminal takes means an
increase in revenues for everyone!, fewer taxes
means more revenues, fewer means more, fewer
means more... easy poorer man being stupified'
Newspeak AJ, the Rightard he is being as warning
us all about thought controlled, sounds more like
himself divided than anyone else.. Example: Ron
and Rand Paul's blind hatred for all Police
authority, to escape Bush and Cheney with the
Banksters, Alex Jones actually
champions!!!!!!!!!!! but who cares to even raise
their phones in America for real Justice where
our rights are actually respected? Not many.
Most Americans would rather die innocent victim
than face Johnny in open free discussion with the
FACTS that stand uncontested. Rather lie that
multi-millioniare Ron Paul is a Patriotic
Constitutionalist escaping those guilty of high
treason by refusing America Justice against the
documented war criminal LIAR, George Walker Bush,
among all things else everywhere.

Silence of the Press:
US media turns blind eye to RT crew arrest

Bushite grunters warring for torture. Again,
American Law warrants death for torture. Kill a
Bushite for Christ and be called a true American
Patriot. Every rightful death sentence against a
Bushite Nazi grunter, can only hold respect for
the true warriors of Justice as Liberty.


/ / Lawyers for the Barack Obama administration
told a federal judge Monday that the U.S.
government has authority to kill U.S. citizens \ \

What is wrong with US? That is called MURDER.
Murder man, murder. If you except this in
silence, claiming it's only some other innocent
American the Rightards with the Obama Admin.
want to murder as mass murderers because
fraudulent charges wouldn't stick in a free to
speak Court of Law - as an "American" Zionist,
denying all Justice in Liberty, you ain't worth
shit. And frankly, WE all hope you die victims
before any other innocent person you would hold
in contempt to remain silent not demanding Just


"What God is this?"

Nearly 59 million Americans lack health
insurance, of which pay more than double what
Canadians do for universal. Why? So the
intolerant Rightard Alex Jones party of liars and
thieves can rob you further. As is why Alex
Jones wills to not let the facts be spoken.

1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

When a Bushite dies, real Angels sing in praise,
that another Nazi grunter is rightly dead and
buried, before harming another innocent child, or
gang raping another American Woman as proud
"Republican" godless enemies of everything.
Christ says forever of the Antichrist's minions,
"Die Bushite die." And rightly so, they are war
criminals who run death squads against all
Sunnis, against all Shiites, against Bathists,
against anyone who was in Baghdad when as
Occupiers, they would drop 38,000 pound bombs on
neighborhoods because they claimed, a terrorist
"suspect" might have be at that general location.
Murdering tens of thousands with a single strike
- strikes they made in the tens of thousands on
just the first day of the carnage. They bombed
cities like Samara for NO REASON but to mass
murder - no reason, just for kicks, that
naturally did get many surviving Iraqis finally
angry enough to kill the Bushites enemies
themselves. Killing Bushite rapists and
torturers, bombers and thieves for GOD is a
pleasure for all concerned. Remember: in WWII a
Grunt would be executed for "looting" under the
"Rules of Engagement" Why? Because we know
still, what a Nazi is. Allawi. The Third
Infantry headed by a Saudi, A SAUDI!, (Buford
Blount) have thieving expeditions didn't you
know? Where they kick down your door, and murder
members of your family, just to see what you have
to steal. Shawn Hannity, Propagandist traitor
for the escape of the Peenacker Neocons on 911,
calls them Heroes (like the Hadditha child
murderers), while real Christian Muslim Jews call
them worthy public trial for formal executions as
the sworn Antichrist enemies to everyone forever.
The Iraq war has no cause. Ergo, no excuse
anywhere, but as traitors warring to kill
America. MY America. 1441. Millions of Peoples
were indiscriminately mass murdered. They stole
all our money, American too. (ex. 20 billion a
year for air conditioners - do the math) They
tortured, raped, and mass murdered children
deliberately claiming no laws in this universe
can hold them accountable in league with Satan.
It's true, 'the Devil is in the details', but so
is God. Die bushite die.

Rightard Rand Paul, Extremely Evil Nazi Enemy

/ / Rand seems to be living up to his
billing. I hope he stays that way. \ \

Rand Paul, the ungodly evil son of a bitch,
claims more crap from his filthy foul mouth,
while Alex Jones claims him his Patriot all in
hopes to escape Bush and Cheney for 9/11 and
Iraq. Along with NATO stealing near every last
military expenditure to rape women and children
pushing heroin. Rand, Ron and Alex are
continuing their attack against the poor and
disabled in America. Did you hear Alex with his
Rightard friend the other day talk about how they
will steal America to destroy all social programs
to give further to the market? to escape the
Banksters from long prison sentences for treason?
It was near the most nakedly evil show AJ has
ever done. Alex Jones is a con willing to kill
the innocent of America as a sicko, mentally
deranged., who claims you censorship, are as all
as stupid as he states without questions. Alex
Jones is a true Commie Pinko. Bush and Cheney
closed 9/11 police investigations.

We demand open communications to speak the
facts. We all could be Heroes.

Commie AJ 'Republicans are Constitutionalists'

Banksters do not cover our loans. Iraq is a war
crime scene, while 911 is yet to be investigated
by the Law. Torture is illegal, like rape, and
extortion. The smarter Public option of Ron Paul
and fiends, but not for the common folk who pay
twice as more to get nothing as claimed is..
tricky. The Congress men are too stupid to serve
the American Public's interest there BUT they are
smart enough to do it for themselves privately.
Sounds exactly like Commie Pinkoism. Only the
Elites of the Elites, namely all of every last
Republican and Ron Paul, get what they put in as
the smarter players in all this, while You, yes
you, as the American sucker, you get left paying
for their denials of fair coverage. Commie
Pinkoism plain and simple. [Explained better two
pages down somewhere..]

Harper: Human rights are anti-Semitic


Willie Nelson Busted On Tour Bus

This is wrong for America? As King, I
would be speaking for reprieve; it's
Willie. How dare they.


/ / Rick Leventhal picks out WTC7 down the
street and says there's concern for collapse
because? it has "some glass broken out". Do
they still hang people for treason? \ \

Israeli forces brutally batter 7-year-old
Palestinian child and are called heroic
Zionists in Nazi Israel for doing so,
as sworn eternal enemies of God and
Man, they are as hideous as they
are pure evil in this light of

Israel has put 200,000 Innocents
before criminal military tribunals


Why can not we, the human species, hunt
down every last AIPAC war criminal for
these offenses? Then, once convicted in
a fair to speak Court of our peers, put
the ungodly Zionist demon enemies to
death for the love of God as People
everywhere? Why Not? They target innocent
Peoples for Satan by WAR, to steal our
homes, as our loves for life., All the
while, escaping Bush and Cheney for mass
murder on 9/11 for Satan too. God knows.

45 groups seeks criminal investigation
of "FBI" over peace activist raids

Let's demand the arrest of these bushite grunters
posing as our cops, who in all likelihood, are
the very same who provided the explosives that
blew up the wtc the first go around killing
Americans. Just think how truly treasonous these
bushite whores are in our Court room, telling
those who appose terror!, (the innocent
ourselves), are the secret terrorists they found
by not following probable cause in these shadows.
Why so dumb? Because these "cops" refuse
Americans all, to follow probable cause for
defensive indictments against actual bad guys who
torture and thieve and mass murder for stolen
profit. Naming themselves with Bush and Cheney
who are willing to attack the innocent further to
make their final break from this coming account.
Forward this post to everyone to save America.

Pentagon Tortures Untold American Soldiers

The Peter B. Collins Show
Joshua Kors on Tortured Vets
and Charley Carpenter on Gitmo

Pentagon Tortures American Soldiers to Steal the
Benefits - and Soldiers do Nothing because they
are soulless minions of the demon Antichrist who
have no real skills at speaking., And as such
Hateful thieves of Humanity, they will to not let
a just cause to defend ourselves, even as their
own lives are sacrificing criminally for ungodly
9/11 terrorisms continuing. Demand free
communications with the facts on Bush and
Cheney's guilt for 9/11 how about instead? No?
Americans refusing to forward these words are
hurting themselves. Again, torture warrants
death in a free to speak arena, but for when the
Bushite refuses freedom to prevail. Catch the
soldier who was tortured to near death by bushite
for money, tell of that that is what we're only
suppose to do to others.. (No joke, Sarah Palin
is a demon whore of Satan - and TV Americans just
don't seem to care for anyone truly.) Bushite are
as much cowardly as they are evil Nazis escaping
the Neocon Peenackers for mass murdering
Americans, as they continue against all innocent
Peoples forsaken in God's good name. Justice is
Freedom. All American Soldiers must demand the
public trials of everyone at Guantanamo as the
Bushmob going down for their war crimes as
traitors. Possible? Yes. Or..

Fort Hood soldiers refuse to speak while their
brothers are set up to die as the bad guys - as
those led unjustly for the final escape of Bush
and Cheney on 9/11.

Bush and Cheney's Escape

"'US Army sent 'hardcore' neo-Nazi troops to Iraq and Afghanistan'"

Not American. Yeah, I've been calling them
bushites, but whatever, not freedom fighters
that's for sure.

Why is this happening?

Banksters are walking away with defrauded
TRILLIONS. And the Rightard will to have
life die this way, denying free talk on the
facts surrounding their ungodly evilness.
Making the escape for the Antichrist
enemy of God, Mr. George Walker Bush who
Closed 911 police investigations as naked
traitor like themselves, enemies of the
Republic who refuse to allow a just cause
speak as America's will for Freedom.

No Security Pat-Downs for AIPAC - whew!
(there is no way I would submit as dying)

Pentagon blows up thousands of homes for Fun
(all the while STEALING billions from America)


/ / The 68-ton tanks are propelled by a jet
engine and equipped with a 120mm main gun that
can destroy a house more than a mile away \ \

Die Bushite die.

Jews Beaten By Zionists


Zionist to the Jew "You deserve to die."

Why do Zionists keep on insisting
"Jewish" People must all be crooks
to escape themselves as the worst
of Nazis? NAZIS!

Israel orders demolition of 88 homes in E. Jerusalem

Americans paid BILLIONS in taxes to destroy these
homes. So let US all cheer FOXNEWS and friends
for having no care of the costs to Family as
payers. They are rich as well to do, so who
should care for You? "Right!" says Zionist Palin
repeatedly, and she now has her very own popular
American TV show, gunning to kill our cubs. The
talentless evil whore of Satan is a celebration
of corporate America's sinister contempt for God
and all things beautiful.

Mike Pence Admits Bush Tax Cuts Didn't Work
http://gocl.me/aJZ2Un (AJ tinks it good too)

Trillioniare Hedge fund brokers do not want to
pay taxes, nor earn an honest wage. Something
like more than 144 Pensions have been "lost".
Who cares here to know this, and not forward
these fine words of Justice demanded by all
parties? Facts should matter to the dying as
dumfukked soldiers.

Bushite Nazi Grunter “There’s no doubt that there
were insurgents there, and there may well have
been an insurgent leader in the house, but that
doesn’t justify executing eight children who were
all enrolled in local schools,”

No doubt what? That the Term Taliban means
Student in Arabic? And that a leader of 10 year
old Taliban are called school teachers in the
western world? Again, it was bushite who figured
it had an 'excuse' to murder some innocent
children. Someone over there should look into
it, for these enemies of Life, are Satanic
enemies of Christ. They'll gang rape American
females, and Americans will "vote" for more of
it, without near anyone phoning George Noory, the
demon enemy, and complaining about his lack of
care, or respect for Americans falling further
victims with his laughter and chuckles. Bush and
Cheney closed 911 Police investigations. He
doesn't care to see any American die for his
continuing stolen riches, but, do You?

Every Bushite death is a mercy on our Souls.
They take military orders from Israeli Nazis,
training to war innocent Christians, Muslims, and
so on, openly, and with Nazi pride being.


/ / What Eric Cantor did on November 10th
was illegal. He broke the law. The Law he
boasted about violating is known as the
Logan Act \ \

This is brilliant, as the truth of God would
speak if we had a voice heard for liberation.
Simply, God wills a Just cause of all things for
a better world. Justice we must insist is our
birthright to claim ourselves civilized Man.

Children tortured before parents, raped, all covered up

Every Bushite death is a mercy on our souls so
says the Son to God as Man of Men.

U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker “A citizen may
not gain standing by claiming a right to have the
government follow the law,

But then, that would be a citizen in government
being a for sure criminal. Un-American. So, a
standing among whom? Criminal Judges who should
be in our prisons awaiting a death sentence for
high treason?

/ / He claims Its of the devil, Islam that is.
“when Jesus is the most quoted prophet in the
Quran” Immortal Technique. \ \

All Words are of God. These Tea Bagger Zombie
type "Christians" are in league with Satan.
Anything to demonize the innocent in God with
their lies, as cheating Humanity as Creation to
steal our Rights for the final escape of Mr.
Bush - as warring for closing all minds wherever
on concluding something with the facts left not
given with official Police Investigations, of
which all were halted with threat of FALSE
ARREST! W199i, PD51. and so on..

30 Republican Senators Sanction KBR Gang Rape

47 American Sexual Assault Victims of KBR and counting...

Republican/KBR “Gang-Rape” Cover-Up Rises to the Surface

Fox News Panel Calls for Getting Rid of Social Security
(how about we vote these war criminal THIEVES into prison?)

Eric Cantor violated the Logan Act. (and,
wife pocketed hundreds millions of bailout)

Alex Jones: The Real Pyramid of Power

While we get total Liberal nonsense from AJ.
Why? Because we can actually figure this out,
and the truth scares him in his comic book fairy
tales. It isn't an invisible mystery wrapped up
in an enigma, it's Bush the Antichrist claiming
"we", yes, "WE", don't need any evidence to form
a conclusion on someone's guilty or innocence.
Alex forbids this knowledge, among a great great
great deal more powerful ideas to deny US all
justice, like following probable cause to form a
warrant for arrests. While I, yes, I, feel no
reason to mislead anyone on the facts of these
public matters, and am open to debate any
Rightard that runs away to blame powerless poor
people, the elderly, Gays, and so on... Mr.
Bush is a war criminal who lied corporate
America, without fair challenge, into two wars
for more teen deaths suckered to escape the 9/11
Neocons nakedly. Example: Bush claimed on Oprah
that it was Saddam's fault for the Iraq war -
WRONG - Saddam did everything that he was asked
of by the Antichrist Bush. (again, forbidden for
free consideration on Alex Jones - who actually
wants with the Pauls to destroy S.S., and Health
Caring, to finally escape the Satanic Zionist bad
guys with the hedge fund brokers absconding with
more than a trillion dollars a piece in a CON
that is as much as standing, ILLEGAL - again
forbidden, by simply telling his cult I am
disinfo cointelpro as impossible to be so.
(Too friendly to anyone is another one thing he
said that 'proved' it.) YOU decide by making no
decision also I hope you know to remain silent
against these tyrannical crimes of misfortune and
death is as a loss to yourself too sitting on the
side lines saying nothing in contempt. Don't
tell us, me and the near half honorable Alex
Jones, that we didn't warn you to speak up now.
Jeeze, the AJ crowd ain't all bad when you
compare him to near anyone else from America...
We'll have to make best with what we have my

This is war. Repuglicons and Demonrats are
poisoning ourselves due our failures to

Truth about Israel's last war

again, as God
states, Satanically evil in it's affront to all
our Humanity.

Lieberman who advocates incarcerating Americans
indefinitely without trial tells internet
universe to 'relax' about 'kill switch'

Yeah, but he doesn't support the arrest of the
911 conspirators to judge, so what cause is he
serving to stop free speech from winning over the
murderous cheats?

What is consistent with AIPAC? They are demon
liars who cheat us the respect we have for
innocent life.

Republicans just can't stand freedom of speech.

No evidence against an accused is US
being truly abused.


NRO's 9/11 'mock' plane crash set for 9:32am, drill included a smoke

George W. Bush Confronted on 9/11

/ / Fuck Socialism, I Want? Liberty!!
Ron Paul 2012!!! \ \

Yeah but, Ron Paul is a "Socialist" Nazi pig. He
won the RNC for example, and gave the rigged
election to McCain without a fight, nay, with
even a word in support as furthering tyranny for
US censored. HINT: American elections are
routinely rigged, for the fact, that you CAN NOT
"verify" any of this Rightarded nonsense, for,
they refuse to grant paper ballots as the record
for how many voted for what? A rightard only
succeeds against our interests by censoring wiser
voices they can not, in fairness compete against,
when the facts are heard for all to witness.
Bush and Cheney closed 911 investigations for
example, Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441, and
the Banksters do not cover our loans. FORBIDDEN
by AJ and his NWOer Rightards who do tell what
every man woman and child think according to
their dictim of incredible foolishness in
"Invisible Empire". [LooseChange "Final Cut" is
the one not to miss!!] (Or, when again, AJ tells
what all Mexico thinks - as bad - really really
bad man.) Multi-millionaire Ron Paul will balk
in silence while American teens are sent to their
deaths for the escape of Bush and Cheney, the
documented traitors who closed official 9/11
Police investigations. Documented like iron
flowing like water Ron claims nothing of a
concern on when, doing his, smarter than the
'trillionaires are dumb ass' routine, on how we
are all as dumb as Alex Jones claims also, about
how foolish these (escaping) Federal bank
robbers are.. ESCAPING!!!!!! No, like Ron Paul,
further whore your soul for money. Money given
to him in donations by the millions that he
turned around and gave to his evil Rightard enemy
'friends' over at CampaignforLiberty.com. A
cackle of ungodly demonic thieves to steal from
every last one of US with their naked contempt
for the American flag - Contempt for this free
man's fight, as on all we stand, Liberty and
Justice for all. A rightard can't have that for
anyone.. makes'em look weak as they truly are
when all is said and done. Alex Jones would
rather see all suffer to die in America, than the
truth be told about your health care services as
another prime example. Simple math that he wills
to not let anyone have. Rather all die victim in
America, than have himself look like a blind
angry person at anyone with plenty to learn of
about living free and being great.

Revealed: Texas officials covered up
radioactive tap water for years

Texans! Demand arrests, and maybe death
sentences. These crimes against the Humans,
continuing, are seriously dangerous. Like too,
Bush and Cheney being 'allowed' to escape because
they have rights that exceed our own

The Bushite Rightards

The Nazi "US" Bushite military has leveled
hundreds of innocent Peoples homes as terror


Die bushite die bushite die bushite die.

Britain's top soldier: Can't beat al-Qaida

"We can't beat them because we can't find them!
Every time we think we have an Al Qaeda it turns
out to be some damned Israeli playing make
believe terrorist while wearing a towel he swiped
from Holiday Inn!"

Man arrested over blog list of pro-war MPs

Remember: Saddam did everything that was asked
of himself by the demon Antichrist plus more. As
is why the death of Bushites is a blessing for
all concerned. They war as Rightards for terror
to torture, to thieve, and mass murder the
established innocent, as escaping those who truly
done did do US wrong. Bush and Cheney.


This is to state, they KNOW it is a crime.
Obama on Leno "It was all perfectly legal."

US government offers Israel $3 billion weapons
deal in exchange for 3-month settlement freeze

Nazi Israeli takes the money, but states, will
continue to STEAL Christian homes, while sending
'them' to live in a concentration death camp.,
and the Tea Bagger states, attack innocent
American crime victims of S.S. to secure the
escape of those who truly do US wrong honest

War Criminals are shifty. But we are up for the
challenge. Justice for All means America wins.

Glenn Beck: "I didn't think I could hate victims
faster than the 9/11 victims"

American Patriot?

/ / The Marines are currently split into two
platoons, which are under the command of Israeli
\ \ Gunning for the nasty innocent Christian
families surviving in a concentration death camp
right? ..right? Of course Commie Pinko Nazis
always have to hide and pretend their real men
who can't hear what we're saying.

Sound American?

Glenn Beck: "I didn't think I could hate victims
faster than the 9/11 victims" for demanding real
justice like they have some right to speak here

Again, American Patriot?

Ted Nugent, Chuck Norris, and the like say so as
'reasons' to mass murder some innocent others as
profitable, what about You?



"U.S. citizens to be arrested and detained
indefinitely, all without Miranda rights or ever
being charged with a crime."

Treason is what that is called. High treason of
the most evil of Satanic natures. How McCain
walks free in our dying America, just trying! to
do this is in the public 'light' is beyond me..
Must be because he is on the NWOer's team, an
election rigging Republican Rightard aka Commie
Socialist Pinko. [see further down a page for

Picturing this; imagine there is no McCainiac
but a McCainiac, now what kind of world?


/ / I watch MSNBC and I was one of 300,000 plus
that petitioned for Keith. \ \ HEY! !!! A
whole bunch of things are not adding up here..
[I wouldn't doubt the FXSNWER is smaller than 1%
as the intolerant ungodly enemies of Liberty] \ \
Thus is why they had to bring him back.. Two
more days, and we would have had a hundred million
demanding our voices fairly counted. Example:

David Cross on Conservatives

The Ideologues are committed to censorship to
protect their foolishness from being discovered.
They'll watch silently while innocent Peoples
fall victim, before going, 'hey! does anybody
have a good mind for this freedom stuff that we
should be showing respect for? as learning from
like kids do?' They know it all already,
governing is bad. Thus is why every last lawless
dictatorship is a abolitionist crack pot, You
can't speak freely [censorship is tyranny] group,
as Ideologued, who even like Hitler, would call
themselves "Socialists", or "Fascists". While
taking INNOCENT Peoples from towns, lining them
up, and shooting them into a ditch. Just as
Americans treat Afghanistan. Huh? The Bushite
liar bemoans while waving his hands, 'no way no
way' - disallowing the stories of legalizing
child rape, or as innocent men women and children
kidnapped at random in Iraq as paid for by the
American Public. "Lawless" KBR Raping American
women with the TV pros as nothing to contribute?.
Or of the "freedom fighters" lining up INNOCENT
men and boys on a road tied to the ground, then
driving their GI jeeps over the innocent bodies
cheering for the Antichrist's escape as who did
truly 9/11. Pushing heroin right on to American
streets to earn felony convictions as the enemy.
Soldiers are being conned to die as the bad guys.
Or when in Iraq, grunts would trick children into
standing in front of an American tank, and then
the grunter would punch it, murdering the
something year old, while cheering in all
likehood. (Doc. "Why We Fight") Kill a Bushite,
Christ says always - they are not Justice
fighters as escaping for the mass murdering of
our innocent Humanity, as evil Nazi war
criminals. Better our nations should die in
lawless tyranny censored from the FACTS!?, than
allow a hugely wise idea of Justice actually
prevailing for the good guys, as the spoken fight
with words to do what is right in our names?, as
Holy we do proclaim? To speak freely for open
national debate to earn Justice by exposing how
truly weak an Ideologued is who refuses ourselves
to follow probable cause to nab the actual bad
guys. True FREEDOM. Bush and Cheney, the
charge, Obstruction. As a Bonus, an Ideologued
who then can't hide the war criminals will need
to simply break out of their candy box to witness
a greater universe: Congressmen collecting free
health care for themselves, while they blame the
poor as disadvantaged, injured or starving for
our continuing downfalls without fair coverage,
is counter productive. Still pending with the
fix they spoke of in the early 70's. Example:
"Americans" want to treat the grunts and
Congressmen special, they get universal health
care without a middle man, but you as an
American, you get cheated a fairer share to show
who cares. And a Tea Bagger gathered under the
who ever what ever is (anti) "Big" tent, there
would be heard, "damn right." But we've put near
no math into the study of our economics as
fluent. It's a numbers game, and as such,
actually can be reasoned effectively. Because we
appear being the TV blind as a doorknob on why
Freedom is worth defending - like playing US
dumber than dumb on that or something, that the
yet, unknown truth will never ever prevail over
their, fooling near no one, gibbering parade of
Freedom not willingers. Otherwise - Naturally,
we'd be knowing as a common understood fact; In
2010 while Bush was escaping for torture among
other things, we were paying the banksters near
half of our entire lives for no good reason but
our failures to effectively communicate.
Canadians still can't figure America's 'race is
this race is that' contusion, that we thought
growing up you guys got over somewhere in the
early 1800's.. This isn't all knowing from God
Speak, when it comes to figuring out who pays for
the negligence of fair coverage.

Our Priorities Are: 9/11, the lawless wars, and
the Banksters. Justice will be sought. We have
to start somewhere, and here is as good as any..

Torture Memos Admits Techniques Were Not Approved By DOJ

Judge Rules CIA Can Suppress Information About Torture Tapes and Memos

No he can't, unless he's telling US he's a
war criminal

/ / Should we release KSM because he was tortured? \ \

What is he guilty of demon fuk, and shouldn't we
try Rand for treason to suggest any other such

[UN-CONSTITUTIONAL - where's Ron Paul and the
"Constitutionalists" here?]

no, torture innocent peoples to Death with
private mercenary Cofer Black while pimping child
rape. Just keep it hidden from US, the Public
like they do regarding banking, vaccines, and the
notorious VLT. Ergo, Palin and her crew go, 'no
public option! no public option!' and the self
labeled Libertarians, the Conservatives, the
Republcans, with the Tea Bagger racists and
bigots, rapists and Satanists all chiming in
unison - no fair share. No to the Public having
a fair say in these matters of your survival.

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

So, the credit issued in loans is extended by
ourselves!, not the private bankster who does not
cover the loan, but yet They charge interest,
compounded Interest, demanding payment on Time,
or it's going to take our home then. . Never
taking risk itself through the so labored decades
perhaps on a loan the private bankster didn’t
cover never. It's for nothing but for our
sleepiness to know it as expensively wrong for
everyone being fooled here. But that aside to
this: We need to understand why bailing out
those committing ourselves Publicly to Toxic
'assets' to the tunes of tens of trillions taken,
needs to be understood for the collective good as
escaping massively epic fraud of the never seen
before kind. Trillions is a very very very big
price tag for getting what? Newman!> For we
together are being hustled as they were in Iraq
by the media masters of clever stupidity.
Criminal fraud leaves US as measured, ourselves
still losing due these growing costs. An NWO
Ideologue had suggested today, that the
government blindly, as our entirety, is bad
without question for officers, as something to
only appose, or, run to the hills to escape from
something. Instead, We need to restart criminal
investigations on the seriously treasonous crimes
of 9/11, along with these trillions dollar walk
away stings. Free talk with the facts in open
debate is all I am looking for here as leader of
the free world. Unlike what we are being as
served Master. I can explain everything. Count
You in! Justice is Victory. Now, back to the
stars of our show, the Peoples with the top
priority info on where we are today as could be
going, The Information Junkies. Keep up the good
work everyone. See? All it is for freedom to
express, is that we know, we are the People, we
are the Government. There is no on off switch
for Justice, but the Ideologued doesn't will that
kinda control as anyone, for, it is beyond...

US Supreme Court backs whites-only housing

Satanic Barak: Iran wants to deceive world

"members of the religious Zionist community."

They do not believe in any God, but for what they
can steal from all others made silent. They
broke the truce, then mass murdered innocent
Christian children with American made white
phosphorus weaponry, and Americans care what for
the facts?

'US media-numbed, bankers pocket $144 billion bonus

/ / Say'n it again, 148,000,000 jobless, hungry and soon frozen. The
bankers get $144,000,000,000 in? BONUSES! \ \

Noam Chomsky says US invasion of Afghanistan was
illegal since to date there is no evidence that
al-Qaeda has carried out the 9/11 attacks.

Cool eh? Welcome.

‘Damn right’ I personally ordered waterboarding: Bush

This warrants death under standing American War
Crimes Law ushered by Reagan. Kill all torturers
as a soldier to be true Patriot, instead of
raping women and children while pushing heroin
into American teens for life term prison
sentences as slave labour escaping Bush and
Cheney for 911 and so on. DO YOU CARE FOR THE


Democratic Party Calls for Grand Jury Investigation of 9-11

About time man, about time. Now, look out
for the cointelpro NWOers here, along with
the TV Bush whores who'll fight to not
because blah blah blah..

What is this Liberal who?

Alex Jones "Liberals don't like Bush." for
mass murdering Humanity as never elected demon
enemy of God he means?

The Elections are Rigged, and We All Know It

Yah yah, like someone truly American, could
actually freely vote for Republican without
shame as publicly ridiculed, I mean, come on..

Soldiers Kill for Thrills in Afghanistan

"Killing Afghanis Is Better Than Sex!"

Godly men and women kill the bushite rightly to
defend their next innocent victim who could be
anyone. "Death to the 'lawless' Nazi grunts" US
in Christ will champion until every last bushite
grunt is dead and buried for their wilful war
crimes against God as Creation to escape Bush and
Cheney for 9/11. Die bushite die bushite die.

America - The Hidden Treasure

Justice for God

Remember, the Peoples simply asked for evidence
to form a conclusion. And the American TV
Zionist, as ungodly criminal in the silented
majority, refuse to defend the innocent rights of
all others by not demanding freedom rule for our
benefits as Humanity. Defended for the innocent
crime victims of terror. Instead they preach as
devils for division to side quietly while war
criminals torture, rape, thieve, and mass murder
escaping Antichrist Bush and Cheney for
Obstruction on 911. For the banksters walking
with trillions. trillions man, trillions. Have
poisonous vaccines, and made so, Mexican Gulf oil
death products instead how about. Naaahhh.

Those who claim they war ourselves for
lawlessness should be top military targets.

Here's Where We Come In..

The FBI Stole Our Computers!
We Need Your Information Back!

/ / The Justice Department's inspector general,
slammed the FBI's post 9/11 "terrorism
investigations" \ \

Answers on pro-effective war plans here:

"Stand Together or Don't"

Don't be an American asshole. Forward
this to everyone. Thanks.

All is Glorious truly, but people can't see it
to be so being greater.

Rand Paul Sucks Too!

Ron Paul Warns of Social Unrest and Martial Law

"police" work isn't inherently bad. To believe
Ron Paul and the AJ Rightards is to believe no
one has ever been rightly put in prison for a
crime they were for sure guilty of.

Jeeze Ron, what about Justice winning? Never
heard such a concept expressed down there in
Washington? Crimes Ron, massive cons of fraud,
rape, mass murder through contempt for
constitutional freedom.

Tell the LORD why you as an American, believe a
Bushite Nazi grunt who volunteers to commit first
degree mass murder of innocent Iraqis to steal
all their nations resources for the Peenacker
Neocon Zionist robber barons, don't deserve to
rightly die for war mongering, but be allowed to
live to indiscriminately mass murder and torture
more as "American" for further stolen profits
pushing heroin now? Everyone in the American air
force responsible for dropping bombs need to be
arrested, tried, and executed along with the
public trials of the FOXNEWS poisonous liars for
their murderous ungodly Satanic crimes of
escaping Bush and Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11.
Die Bushite die.

"US says it may kill Americans abroad"

That would be murder, and no you may not.

Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441. War
criminals truly deserve to die by war crimes
Public trial. Why? It's NEEDLESS mass murder
Neocon Gaffney supports on magic TV without the
facts there to defend anyone. Dying. The Iraq
war has no cause. Soldiers are warring there to
bring about a situation that was present before
the conflict began. Near Impossible now with all
the toxic waste and losses to everyone of
innocent lives made to suffer and die for nothing
but the Bushite's contempt for Life. Contempt for
Justice. Contempt for our wise leaders of
civility, contempt for Freedom, contempt for
God. Once nearer a civilized Humanity we were
living for freedom, and now, all suffering with
God for more than a thousand years, due these
Zionist Nazi illiterate war crime savages,
pirating our fire power.

Again, Nazi grunts were sent to die by Sattler in
Nov 2004, to indiscriminately slaughter every
single innocent person in Fallujah amassing well
more than 250,000 people at that time recorded.
Innocent Peoples they had for months refused to
negotiate with to catch Zarqawi, or allow US, the
Peoples access to food or water - refusing all to
leave before dropping nine two thousand pound
bombs of radio-active toxic waste, then, sending
in the grunts to mop it all up. (40 dead marines
right off the hop, and since..? who cares
right?) A small few of women numbering in the
hundred it was reported the Nazi grunts allowed
to leave, that they would have otherwised, left
for raped then murdered with the likes of war
partner KBR. For, the small group of Women and
children they claimed were minus the ten year old
boys they Stated would target for MURDER shortly,
they did slaughter just up the road away from the
Zionist TV cameras with the argument, that we may
have been males between 10 and 55 wearing women's
clothing - that escaped 'public' scrutiny. So,
they sent attack helicopters on that road to mow
down every single last women and child that had
been searched earlier on for weapons, money,
jewelry, or food. Thus is why all of Creation
Rightly have Bushite Publicly Tried for every
last living second they steal in our good names,
as any real man of God and country would war for
rightly far and wide. Rightards don't want a free
to be society, they, like tell US every moment
without TV challenge, that their enemies are not
that demon liar George Norry for the propaganda
and threats against soldiers who would dare refuse
criminal orders, no, blame the 'Liberals' for
depleted uranium, or the 'Socialists' for the war
crimes, the nannies, the elderly, and Mexican
toddlers along with Peacenicks, while the war
criminals all, Bush and Obama especially included
along with AIPAC, walk free as not worth the time
to disclose as patently proven un-American Criminals.,
no no, just 'Puppets', so, don't you bother your time
to complain about their personal get-aways for high
treason along with trillions in bankster's fees
on loans they never even ever cover to BEGIN WITH
suckers. No. Blame anyone and everything like
the American rightard BIGOT NWOer Intolerants do,
before the actual criminals guilty of mass murder
or naked extortion. See how the Anti-Gay Faggot
Republicans are found as the worst of men. Why?
They claim they could fall "Gay" at the drop of
mens trousers.

Petraeus: Afghan War Could Take Another Decade

Why not save our soldier's lives, by fighting
for a just cause?

No One Can Doubt?

/ / Obama: Yet no one can doubt President Bush’s
support for our troops, or his love of country
and commitment to our security \ \ Mr. Bush, the
Antichrist, closed 911 police investigations,
meaning the perpetrators are still escaping.
Dying Bushite "I don't care."

9/11 Firefighters Reveal Huge Explosions Before Towers Collapsed


/ / The International Center for 9/11 Studies
obtained evidence, in addition to the firefighter
tapes, that suggests NIST edited several videos
of the collapse of Building 7 in order to hide
evidence of a controlled implosion. \ \

Bushite Nazi Grunt Enemies Pushing Heroin

INTO AMERICANS. Teens. Life term prison
sentences to those who get addicted as third
strike felonies, but not death to the grunts
displayed in this video, that FOXNEWS Tea Bagger
parasites will claim are Patriots. Like
themselves. Patriot's to what? Satan? You got
it. Liar evil enemies of Life in the Universe to
not champion Justice for American murder victims
on 9/11, and so on. Claiming "FUNDAMENTALISTS"
are not "FUNDAMENTALISTS" who disagree with
selling heroin to drown Americans down the river?
(Again a Shrine to the Taliban right on Ground
Zero, right on it, will be the victory of Christ
in Justice. ) Do you care to still refuse to
forward this to someone else, that would care
just as much about our dying futures here as
Yourself. Or no.. you'd rather see freedom lose
wouldn't you. TV American males suck the Devil's
greasy Cock as the Anti-Gay faggots, while the
Women can near only Dream what a real man is who
truly defends The Family. with honor as
virtuous. America near no where make those any
more with their refusal to forward these words of
brotherhood for Life. They hate We. Become a
Man for a change losers. Time for the arrest of
Bush and Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11 to
continue ourselves on following probable cause to
get the rest of these ungodly war criminals
responsible for mass murdering Americans. ...Or
get back to what you weren't doing 'American
Citizen' you'll be frantically telling the
lawless Bushite "Cop" when it arrests you without
cause just to see what you have in your wallet..
Why not TV American? "No Justice for them so you
can have it all as yourself" Right? (I swear,
that is very near a verbatim quote from
Palin/Huckabee 2012? - and not far from AJ on AZ
either) [..] Decide

Generation.RX.2008.DVDRip - "Will we surrender,
or will we fight these medical dictates?, will we
embrace the truth, or succumb to the lies?"


"Intelligence Chief"


/ / Obama’s pick for intelligence chief thought
Bush was right about WMDs in Iraq \ \

How is this not sabotage? A mind that for
criminal gains, or being dumb to the facts of
reality, is going to now, head up as,
"Intelligence Chief" of these entire United
States? of who's America?

Flotilla Choir presents: We Con the World

/ / how can you mock against having the biggest
concentration camp in the world \ \ while
stealing cookies from children as tactic against
the living rights of everybody - Satanic I think
is what G-D tells of in the Bible, these demonic
enemies of Christ who steal the label Jew from
greatness that God truly wills for all our fellow

Ah yes, but did you know: That in ungodly
Satanic Israel, if you as a child, think stealing
from others is unholy, they put you in prison for
refusing to steal from others, or to bomb our
Humanity without justified reason as a bone to
pick? Nazi Israeli openly confess to breaking
the truce by fire bombing our loved children.
Seven million land mines they dropped on Lebanon,
in more than 140 towns and cities. Israeli Nazi
prisons are filled with Jews who believe in
Scripture, who are honest, who are God loving,
who are INNOCENT. First strike targets in
Lebanon? Jews. Satanic just as is explained in
the Bible. The Holy Bible. NOT JEWS, war

What is a Rightard?

As dumb ass evil Mr. Bush bitch LIARS, the
bigots, the racists, a scumbag - will claim on
our TV and Radio, what all believers in God
believe about everything, getting away to pirate
our Public air space left unchallenged for
rightful ridicule on their irrationalism, all
because some here will have none of it for
anyone. No Justice for you, no Justice for them.
Rightards. Never elected Mr. Bush and Cheney
will escape for mass murder in America on 911,
and Your just going to have to sissy it cock
suckers like they do. That's a "Conservative"
for you.. No wonder their almost exclusively
anti-Gay faggots wanting a uniform to boss teens
around for profitable war crime deaths as their
personal contempt for all that is right eh? This
is about discrimination of our rights to be
Human. (Look being who ever you are, gay or grey
is a-okay, as long as your freedoms don't deny
another their own to be whomever.)

Get Real, God Is

American soldiers are being conned to die warring
God and Humanity for the escape of Bush and
Cheney, and Alex Jones sells, support
(pro-racists but not a racist himself - how dare
you] Rand and Ron, because they are dedicated to
attack the State. Not banksters walking away
with trillions extorted, not S.S. pilfered by
shysters, poisonous vaccines, ect., no, welfare
mothers, those in need of Health Care, and the
elderly. I'm telling America, right here and
now: Alex Jones and the con men Pauls are not
Constitutionalists, for if they were they would
demand the arrest of Bush and Cheney for closing
911 police investigations, and for the war crimes
of Iraq costing AMERICAN lives. AJ does not much
care to support anyone else but a bigot who hates
blindly like himself. What ever happened to the
struggles for Justice on 911?, or for Palestinian
Christians in a concentration death camp deprived
food and water? Corporate American Puppets don't
like the smarter folks speaking truths they can't
argue against in the light of day as evil doing?
Who cares anymore? Get real, God is. Forward

To support the arrest of those who committed 911,
is the actions of a true Patriot. Well said.

Crimes Against God: Bushites are the Enemy

Street-Roving XRAY Vans

Did you know it isn't a socialist conspiracy but,
xrays do mutate the dna of human tissue?
Yah yah, like someone truly American, could
actually freely vote for Republican without
shame as publicly ridiculed, I mean, come on..

"Yes, I think Mitch McConnell will be the leader
again and hopefully the Majority Leader this time
around," answered Rand Paul.

Rand Paul: I Don't See Extending The Bush Tax Cuts
As 'A Cost To Government'

This is the Rightard nonsense AJ sells Americans
to give in sacrifice for, instead of demanding
911 police investigations be re-opened Coast to
Coast questing for anyone who disagrees in such a
liberation to speak freely, keeping the Peace.
AJ doesn't want this for US because easily half
of his politics is corrupted as a Rightard
bigoted fool that stands only for his refusals to
allow brighter days for all. Claiming Bush
escapes accounting because he is a "puppet", is
not freedom. To suggest Bush shouldn't be held
accountable for his wilful criminal
transgressions against the great America I
defend, is treasonous. The America I defend
is an America that respects all in fairness as
the Constitution stresses. That way the bad guys
actually get caught, and we're all better
served because of it. Don't let these Rightards
play US any other way for escape of those that
truly do US wrong.

BP Sprays Residents and Workers with Corexit

“This is premeditated murder“

This is war.

US TV Heroes posing with corpses of the Innocent



/ / A tiny amount (a milligram) of this [Depleted Uranium]
radioactive poison quick marches up your smelling nerves
right into your brain and keeps firing 1.2 Million
bullets a day – forever. That’s a bunch. 850 Rounds a
Minute \ \

Vaccinations: Chronic Illness, Disease and Death for us all

Mercury is hugely toxic. Influenza is a virus,
that for NOT UNDERSTOOD reasons, is in a state of
'randomly' mutating itself. The Vaccines are
genetically targeting the Peenacker's concoction
know by it's markers, delineating it as sequenced
to this years "H1N1" bird/pig/monkey/ and so on..
- yet - it was that when? after the NWO takes
almost a year to bring out their new poisons?
UNDERSTAND: The W.H.O. is correct on what
strain will murder millions next!, 6/12 months in
advance. Every year correctly murdering more of
our forsaken Humanity for billions and billions
in cash paid out every year in blood sacrifices
by The People made victim. FOR DEATH. I Am
Life. Support Johnny for NEW! Coast to Coast
open-line Radio Host. Vote early, and vote
often. Justice Man. Later.

Soldiers Kill for Thrills in Afghanistan

No. Instead we need to send in every last
honorable soldier in to take these Nazi savages
out for public trial on their treasons. There is
nothing better for all, than to see those who war
America for the escape of Bush and Cheney lose.
And win we will. Justice for all. John exists.


/ / the same US Government that worked so hard to
justify allowing the opium to grow to now justify
spending US tax dollars to cure the plant
disease. \ \ Bushite are women hating dope
pushers of tyranny is what they are as cowardly
refusing to defend America from Bush and Cheney
for closing outstanding 911 Police
Investigations. Pushing their dope into America
as an illegal narcotic. Not in Johnny's America
this wouldn't be happening I can assure you if
you'd listen to reason as supporting our popular
rise against the ungodly evil bushite vermins.

America's "FBI" is doing what?


These are the "terrorists" wanted by our FBI?
Come on now, who buys that without thinking?
Again, there is one or two in the FBI who
'escaped' bombing the WTC. They provided the
bombs that murdered Americans for the Neocon
Zionist liars, and have yet to be tried and
executed for their capital offenses. I would
wager the very same traitors, are responsible for
trying to convince everyone here today, that
those who appose lawlessness with non-violence
are the real terrorists, according to the entire
FBI not following probable cause. Again, who
buys this without thinking in any Police Service?
Evil ungodly Zionist pirate enemies of Life do
too that's who. And I know for a fact, they are
always the tiny ungodly evil minority who
criminally dictate our stolen values, who as
such, are reported by newspapers to be legit in
speaking as, American Freedom Force of Liberation
without questioning for Just cause considered.
Now, what kind of freedom from tyranny is that
that holds no honor in doing what is right? You
know well what I say, but look for yourself

Convicted for Protesting

Nazi soldiers summarily executing the innocent for fun

Nazi soldiers ate chocolate while shooting children

Here's to trying whatever
will work going,

Changing Things for the Better by Speaking out
for Justice today as Tomorrow and Beyond for our


[Israeli[Jewish?]] Homeland Security Targets Activists

That Nazi Israeli can dictate who will
be harrassed as innocent American victim
really should have all concerned, concerned.
Bushite "I don't care. Where's your wife
and children?"


The King Rules

Free open debates is all we are after here to
secure our Liberties. The American ignoramus
loses severely in open free debate with the facts
they have little of no real grasp as. Play
pretending they are worthy the respect a true
Patriot holds, as honorably committed against
lawlessness. What do these Glen Back/demon whore
of Satan Sarah 'the retard' Palin spin offs, know
of virtue? of honor? As Bushites, they don't
truly care for anything. as selling for sold as,
the magic TV excuses. No care for anyone,
especially themselves. See? One can not blame
God for our failures to communicate for our
benefits, if all we have is TV contempt for
intelligence ourselves broadcast 24/7 on near
all international media outlets.


who can't see the reason for what Mr. Bush is,
in everything he has done for ungodly tyranny
home and abroad as war crime monger escaping
those who did 911, isn't a responsible literate
citizen. No evidence against an accused is US
being truly abused. Torture warrants death, but
for censorship to allow us free national debate
with any bush bitch FOX snooze fan still
breathing toxic waste.

We will not stop until we see Justice done
for US. God, and everyone else.

NATO says aircraft entered Pakistan, killed
“armed individuals”

We, as the Human species, must demand the public
trial and executions of every last member of NATO
as the mass murderers they are alined for Bush
and Cheney's final escape. As such, they only
target innocent Peoples daily on hopes the
survivors will rightly gun down a dumfuk grunt.
But, to save everyone's life, we only need to
send in every last available freedom force to
bare against these nazi savages who war GOD in
hopes that no true Christians, Muslims, or Jews
exist to make a big kerfluffle over their wanton
indiscriminate killings. Bush and Cheney
officially halted American Police Investigations
designed since the dawn of Man to capture the
actual bad guys. Narco NATO war Humanity to rape
children, to abuse women, to push heroin, to all
steal all resources.. And I'll tell you, we are
not happy about it.

They deny us as the enemy real resolution for
hard copy indictments against actual terrorism.
The facts forge our freedoms. bushite are liars
who cheat ourselves a free world by bombing
defenseless innocent Peoples, who torture, who
rape, who steal. And that's a fact Mac. Let US
bring America back to where the People's rights
are defended, and nazi war criminals bare our
vengeance instead of ourselves left forsaken.
Or, do you just want to silently fall down as
innocent victim to third world military
dictatorship, fallen due your refusal to defend
yourself now, today. Justice is freedom, we're
arresting for public trial the criminals
responsible for 911. We are America, and we are
no greater than any other to proclaim, this is
our right, this is our destiny.

Johnny America - The True Patriot

U.S. Military Officers Demand 911 Investigation

Well now, that just sounds American to me.
How about You?

People Need People


/ / Obama Argues His [murder innocent AMERICANS]
Assassination Program is a "State Secret" \ \

This is one of those supremely evil moments where
the war criminal can not hide from anyone, and it
hopes, The Peoples will just all go, whatever, or
just can't be. Don't do that.

Don't except anything else but a free to be we society.

UN Says Israelis "Executed" US Citizen Furkan Dogan

And America states TV America must not speak in
defense of the innocent US murder victim?, for to
do so, is to be, without question, anti-"Jewish".
TV America is an evil ungodly Zionist who wills
to kill the innocent in America for money and TV
fame in league with Satanic AIPAC. hidden in the
shadows.? TRUE Nazis.? And the lawless Bushite
he don't care for nothing but what he too, can
steal from God and Humanity likewise. American
Soldier. As could be foreigner from the worst of
military dictatorships (all funded directly by
the American Demonrat Repuglicon taxer we all
know as they refuse freedom for everyone 'else'
they give in as, 'golly shucks' conned to die
innocent victim for "America" in Israel, Egypt,
Uzbekistan or Saudi Arabia to name only a few of
the wrap sheets), CONVICTED WAR CRIMINALS termed
AMERICAN 'lawless' death squad goons from South
Africa, wearing our flags, give out videos even
as party favors. Dying someone for something when
they randomly gun People down for pleasure
claiming the American Soldier can do nothing as
a lawless anti-Gay faggot. Being gay is okay, it
just ISN'T THE ISSUE. It's what??? That male
American soldiers can't help themselves to rape
American female soldiers as such without concern
there, and if the Gays flash their Penises, every
last American GI will be on his knees, begging to
suck that piece of meat. Right? "Rightards" is
what some one termed them, and I do believe that
is quite Oprah Poe. Real men (be they Homo or
otherwise) that defend America from lawless
tyranny, do so by living for such in Anytown
Earth as Just cause. Should be I'm saying.. We're
like a small band of brothers untied by an
eternal cause of Justice and Liberty for All.
And it isn't just said that way for effect, but
lived for honorably in respect for this great
wonder. How "Americans" live any other way is
beyond me, where it stays in a land I will to
play no part in sacrificing any life for. Been
there, done that. Especially all for banksters,
without needing to speak out for freedom every
damned day we continue in such a stupid way..

[NAZI] Israeli to use force if Jewish aid
boat refuses to comply [as evil ungodly war
criminals who attack the innocent to steal
from US all]

"Anti-Mosque Coalition’s Website Owned By
Neo-Conservative Islamophobe Frank Gaffney"

/ / Gaffney: "It is regrettable that they had to
die, but I believe they did have to die. The
danger was inaction could have resulted in the
death of a great many more Americans than 4,000.
And that's the reason I'm still delighted that we
did what we did." \ \ Saddam was doing whatever
was asked plus more - whatdidtheywantbutnotaskfor

Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441. War
criminals truly deserve to die by war crimes
Public trial. Why? It's NEEDLESS mass murder
Neocon Gaffney supports on magic TV without the
facts there to defend anyone. Dying. The Iraq
war has no cause. Soldiers are warring there to
bring about a situation that was present before
the conflict began. Near Impossible now with all
the toxic waste and losses to everyone of
innocent lives made to suffer and die for nothing
but the Bushite's contempt for Law. Contempt for
Justice. Contempt for our wise leaders of
civility, contempt for Freedom. Once nearer a
civilized Humanity we were living for freedom,
and now, all suffering with God for more than a
thousand years, due these Zionist Nazi illiterate
savages, pirating our fire power. Innoculating
THEMSELVES blindly with posions that make US all
even dumber. George Walker Bush is evil
personified as the war criminal of the worst
order, ever. As Humanity it must all be our
fault, for I felt I could easily help everyone to
be more Human than all we've been left as on TV
since 911 happened on our watch. One thing is
for sure: Lawless wars for ungodly tyranny by
slavery sucks for everybody. Justice is a must
if we are to ever claim Victory here again.

Bush and Cheney closed 911 police investigations.

They were being told "not to interfere in
incidents in which Afghan forces were having sex
with children." Bushite grunts raping kids, and
what does the American man have to say? too
cowardly to speak for the interests of innocent
victims? No to Women's Rights is what these
bushites war unjustly our Humanity to rape as
thieves further, officially pushing heroin, and
executing individuals simply becasue they are
Christians. Do something good, and kill an
unlawful Bushite enemy for Afghanistan, for
America, and for Christ. Die bushite war
criminal nazi fuks die.

/ / One of Four Female College Students
Will Be Raped Before Graduating \ \

TV Americans don't care. They hold
women in contempt, as they do
for God, and everyone else.


PBS - NOW - Oil Royalties

No Royalties!

Wall St. Knew It

/ / It turns out that Wall St. knew almost one-third
of the mortgages they bundled and sold to investors
were bad. \ \ A crime. And it was for these escaped
crimes that we went ahead conned to die, by irrationally
buying up these worthless toxic assests for cowardly
victimhoods. While theys refusing to give our money
back in loans at interest, con pounded interest.
King Johnny at Your service. But you as the typical
rightard TV American don't care to forward these cries
for real Justice, or speak a word in your own downfall
for Bush and Cheney's final escape for 9/11. Rightards,
an evil TV nation of rightard bigot book burners who hate
real men or women being granted the right to speak
freely with the facts. Christ is of the Koran man.
But these book burners of course do not read books,
for, 'books are for the dummies' as a Sarah 'the retard'
Paying demon whore would say in all honestly. It
doesn't need facts, for, debate in American politics
is forbidden but for every four years, for several
minutes, it looks between the only two candidates
that that's what is transpiring. yuck... have
you even heard John speak Coast to Coast on TV like
the demon whore herself does saying nothing but
derision for free open communications? "Real Justice
is a must as understanding how to go about defending
Liberty."? Likely not. Yet anyway. Forward this for
the benefit of all others why not. Yeah Way Man.

We are having a communications problem
about freedom here. Peace sells.

I think we need desperately to look at Bush and
Cheney still attempting their get-a-ways with
Humanity in tow by Clinton and Obama just now..



Obama Knows: "troops just air raiding villages and killing civilians"

Kill a Bushite for America, kill a Bushite for
Humanity, kill a Bushite for Christ in God.

American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA)

Ha! It's funded by ungodly Zionists who preach
as devils: do not fight for a just cause, and
lie down to die innocent victim for the Satanic
Peenacker Neocons. Not a practicing Muslim in
the bunch. (NO EVIDENCE was offered against the
falsely accused as INNOCENT, while then, Bush and
Cheney closed 911 police investigations halting
the following of probable cause to nab the true
evil doers responsible for mass murder in America
- as planned before hand by Condi) Telling US what
all Mexico thinks was bad enough, but now all
those who believe in God too? (Allah is the
Muslim word for God if you as your typical
American didn't know much of anything already.)

"In total, 31 people were killed."

They bombed Kabul after knowing the Taliban were
long gone, mass murdering only those they knew
were on the brink of starvation. The Taliban
however had nothing to do with 9/11, and killing
a Bushite over this issue of their TV LIES would be
the right thing to defend their next innocent
targets. A Bushite grunter wars God and Humanity
to escape Bush and Cheney, and killing a Bushite
liar cheat rapist mass murderer, would be a
blessing in love for God. A Bushite, like the
Republican, hold the values of Justice as fair
play in total contempt. No evidence was offered
against the accused while investigations were
closed, and a Conservative Republican Obstructer,
argues, get rid of us as ‘nanny welfare helpers'
while their bankster buddies walk with trillions
absconded - as rights for workers must go if too
they must slave to feed themselves. Vile evil
and corrupted is what a 'tough guy' Republican
spews, speaking no words for freedom as Justice
is. Only naked contempt for Economics, Law, and
being manly. Thus is why male Republicans all,
wear pink panties for Bush, and hate ourselves
because of it. They know they are truly
cowardly, when they put on their Conservative
pink Panties for George Walker Bush THE TRAITOR,
who refused US still, to follow probable cause on
9/11, starting on General Ahmad resigning in
embarrassment over the crime. The big isn't small,
blind Republican, blindly hate every last one of
US here, because they KNOW they don't have a tenth
of the real skill required to explain anything. They
are blind evil without a TV guide liner of doing
what's right to state the platform of anyone included.
Mute pro War criminal bigots, rapists, and those
who will some innocent weaker segments of
our society be UNFAIRLY treated, is the 'Champion
Cry', of the TV Teahadists dying blind craw.
Health care, immigration, education, you name
it, a Republican will sell you out for it's last
breath, if it means intelligence will not win out
through freely communicating the scientific facts
our great Humanity can ponder. John is good.
Vaccines are bad. Banksters don't cover our loans,
we do. Bush and Cheney are guilty of Obstruction.

Obama Calls Ahmadinejad's 9/11 Comments Hateful, Inexcusable

What? huh? Who's he trying to con here? America?
but he's the President.. HuhHh, trying to con
himself with all US watching looks like..

The bushite are claiming the truth hurts their
cause of robbing US all. Further for Bush and
Cheney's escape too don't forget.

Bushite McCainiacs are evil stupid people of
History's worst example for false accusations.
To near never apply our skills of communicating
to seek greater understandings, but to divide
our/itself as a bigot false accuser not qualified
to hold such a position in complete disregard for
the worth of it's viewer. US, the Audience.

/ / Obama urged a federal judge early Saturday to
dismiss a lawsuit over his targeting of a U.S. citizen \ \

Murder it's called, attempting murder.

Tea Bagger Rand Paul "we allow people to be un-civilized"

Why are rightards so dumb ass evil eh?


Iran Calls for UN Investigation Into 9/11

9/11 Coincidences


Mayor, ex-city manager among 8 arrested in scandal

It CAN be done see?

Justice For 9/11

If we can truly ever defend everyone fairly, it
will be here and now. Or, later. Whatever.

Social Security is a Trust Fund

Removing the Federal Reserve requires a
Government that would act in the Public's
interest, as that is what is not happening right
now with private bankster privilege, and the
Rightards campaigning for "limited" "small"
government.. limited from Rightly arresting Bush
and Cheney for 911, and the KBR gang rapists of
American women? A Rightard can't even fathom how
to serve US the public equitably when they (The
Political Bourgeois leadership of Commie Pinko
Elitist TV Society) take RELATIVE terms like "Big
Government" and claim them falsely as Absolutely
meaning something to themselves as rejects
ill-defining - ergo - why we are denied freedom
for the individual by corporate mind control like
America's infallible Pope, the, 'not right or
Left' "Conservative" rightard Alex Jones. Why?
American Peoples are too bigoted to not have
thought of this freely sooner. God thing we was
there Is all I've been saying here forever man
united with the forces that bind all natures for
the better good. No Justice, life sucks. Bush
gave US no evidence to form his non-science, A
then ACTUALLY closed 911 Police investigations
(W199i,PD51,P2OG,ABCNEWS) claiming, from that
moment on. if we were to even/ever form our/an
own/any conclusion, (or follow probable cause in
a fight against lawless tyranny) we would no
longer be with him, but with the terrorists
apposing torture or distinct extortion.
Extortion of the 'little' trillions variety that
Americans are expected to pay back, going
without, far over the next millennia. Real
torture, real extortion. Real American lives.
died on 911, who's families continue to suffer
the unjust consequences of Your personal inaction
to word these worlds. So; a for real Antichrist
of Evil personified actually exists that's all in
the name of George Walker Bush, grandson to
Hitler's Banker, and his thoughtless dying
minions of evil in this world are as so, ungodly
murderous war criminals. ANTICHRIST.
Explanation: Evil is the deceived disguised.
These words of thought about living free are
universally represented. No evidence against an
accused is truly US being abused. No matter
"who" you are. Socialist Libertarian, King
Johnny, Super Coool Massless Aliens, whatever
man. What?

Justice is Freedom

We can't divorce ourselves of the governing
decisions that the government takes as given
already. Banksters don't cover our loans is
priority one for topics to freely discuss, done
during after the initiation of public warrants
for the arrests those guilty of mass murder in
America on 911, and in Britain on 7/7, all done
by following probable cause to nab the actual
culprits. General Ahmad for example, and Peter
Power. Someone else must have helped the
terrorists do the footwork, for we have video of
iron pouring out the side of the World Trade
Towers, and someone from Scotland Yard (likely
Ian Blair) tried to steal the CCTV video where
the innocent victim gunned down in the street
(who worked for a private security firm it has
been alleged), was murdered by the enemy to
assist in the formal escape of Peter Power and
Associates - those that truly did US wrong as, in
part, responsible for the mass murder. Following
probable cause it's called. Watch Dragnet, or
A&E's The First 48. Don't miss "Loosechange
Final Cut" either, So, where to begin... Bush
and Cheney.

Now, I am waiting on You to do what is right, and
champion this defense, as if you Own rights we're
living in lawless reckless abandon., in Jeopardy.
We can do it. Justice for all is freedom to be.
I am King Johnny, an equal to the body politic as
fair gain in a free market place of ideals.
Ideals to keeping Justice rule supreme for the
definition of Freedom known. That would
naturally make simple sense to just about anyone
listening. No evidence, suspect is innocent.
Torturing innocent persons to get false
confessions for murder, while the true culprits
make their escape from Judgment warrants Death.
(that according to Standing America Law ushered
by Reagan.) Life should be Good if we can help it
along some for The Peoples winning. Thank you.
..and goodnight.


Don't want the facts?

The Republican TRAITORS all on the magic tv
telling American dimwits not to support wise
Justice for pirated America, should then earn
them life term prison sentences for naked
sedition escaping the Peenacker, what say You?

How did KSM get the explosives in WTC7 then?

Torture in Iraq Continues, Unabated

Alex Jones "Liberals don't like Bush"
Alex Jones "Republicans are Constitutionalists"

Cause and effect is our true State.

AJ is not all bad. Life, isn't all or nothing to
draw as best a faithful representation of a
cracked pot, it's something to live for as the
here and now, causes and effects. some criminal
that we, the innocent fall war victim to. Following
probable cause for a infraction of Rights is how
we did in the old days, Prioritizing.. I have
highlighted the failure of this mechanism, to
what are found measured, as, 'inconsequential'
to the dominant forces of the otherworldly
"Globalists" - Namely, the Thieves. Such as those
who are making off with more than three or four
trillion American TAX dollars through that scam
run under the authority of Greenspan, as those
that were hidden within the Asian Market, (the
Chaos is Order oOp) as too, classifiable as just
marginal along with the tens of trillions dollar
toxic asset FRAUDS, to the NWOer's vision of those
in ultimate top top secret secret control control.
We as the victims are the real problem. See,
the trillions dollar thieves are still making
their escape right there! And Bush and Cheney
closed 911 police investigations, halting
ourselves from making the conclusions that we
still aught. We are People knowing People.
Those with motives of Justice for control as no
hiding from who anymore, means what to those
stripping our America as further plunders while
murmuring, I don't know I don't know? Justice
is Freedom. Bush and Cheney are guilty of
Obstructing the Law, Freedom Ourselves.

If we can truly ever defend everyone fairly, it
will be here and now. Or, later. Whatever.

(be kind rewind)


Swine flu vaccine to be included in winter flu jab

Criminal, for we all know what is contained.
These that endanger our families with these crack
pot eugenicists of disease, by naked deceit
insisters, are defeated by truth in seconds while
our authorities march them off to Juvenile. Peer
Reviewed in Canada, Reported in the National
Canadian Newspaper, The Globe and Mail, 'people
vaccinated against seasonal flu are twice as
likely to catch swine flu.', and then maybe dying
from the toxins added for spite. Don't believe

Alex Jones & Dr Sherri Tenpenny - Flu Vaccines

And WE KNOW why that is, along with Influenza
mutating at chaos in living/dead swarms, making
it impossible with a high school class or two, to
pre-determine what lethal strain will move sales
next. The World Health Organization always get
that part right, but for when they fail, as death
counts go down. Criminal is what our lawless
governments are doing to ourselves ignoring this
Science, along with Bush and Cheney for 9/11,
ignoring our calls for Humanity as a Civilized
world does when dying for another's cowardly
contempt for our liberations. Seriously criminal
is what it is. We should be better than this as
truly defended People. You could walk right in
and put everything in prospective to where we
actually can understand, we are the leadership
standing united. Freedom is living in a Just

Canada Engaged in TREASONOUS Cover-Up Operation To Conceal Flu Origin


"Jewish" Society?

“I am in favor of a Jewish-Zionist State. I
defend what has been rightfully mine for ages. I
would even slaughter, not only abuse, the Arab
[Christians]” and the real Jews too

See? As a true Christian Jew Muslim dude, I
recognize these threats against innocent God
loving Peoples, are of the Satanically evil, just
as the Holy Bible describes. Who is a Jewish
Messiah? A murderous thief?, or a lover of
Justice as fair living?

From Mohamed’s 'must read' book, Genesis (very quiet drum roles..)

001:011 And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb
yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his
kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

See? That's as true today, as the day is night
someplace, and.. See? It's like a doorway into
imaginations of incredible possibilities man..
I'm just saying.. Legalize Pot! Or
decriminalize, what ever it takes.

"Obama Oil Spill Commission INTIMIDATING scientists -- ILLEGAL TO

It only has to do with a threat to all American
life, and CBC, CNN, and FOXNEWS doesn't believe
it's newsworthy, do You?

Thimerosal [Hg] Accumulates in Rat Brains, Study Reveals

Millions of American children.

Vaccines, GMO's, and Viruses

Obama Admin: For the seafood to pose a health
risk, the food would have to be heavily
contaminated with oil, and would therefore have a
strong odor and taste of oil.

While GOD WILLS the war criminals hunted down to
the ends of Earth to be formally Publically TV
tried for exection by the Patriots for war crime
thieving, torturing, and mass murdering. Real
Patriots, not the 'big government' cult that
forbids the intelligent defense of following
probable cause to arrest the actual bad guys.
Not the "globalists", the actual for real
criminals. Starting with Zionist Bush and Cheney
for 911, and Zionist Obama for extortion, funding
terrorism for Nazi Israel and Saudi Arabia, and
attempting the first degree murder of innocent
Americans. And those 30 Republican/Conservatives
for the gang rapings of American Women should
have every real man demanding their immediate
arrest for KBR GANG RAPE. Corporate America has
never mentioned the 30 demons as important to
identify.. So, what kind of Nazi Amerikan haters
of Justice does that bring? Corporate whores do
us little good being ambivalent about Bush
closing 911 Police investigations, so pray tell,
how will we ever get the actual bad guys until we
reopen the case, with honorable soldiers gunning
for free speech rights against who disagree on
freely communicating the FACTS with Justice
winning our Liberties as a strong word or two on
the subject, plus more?

Broke Towns Can’t Afford to Drug Constituents with Fluoride

Maybe as a funny consequence People will wake up
and realize we're being drugged and left for
dead. Few would be laughing though..

"Israel OKs US ‘Gift’ of Billions of Dollars in Warplanes"


This Explains the Million Man Terror List

/ / Group Demands Investigation into DHS, Long
History of Labeling Americans as Terrorists
(Israeli Company Used) \ \ gays, smart folks who
read books, and those with a command of their
faculties. Those who Empathize. Israeli are
anti-Jewish evil Nazi bastards of Satan. Or, the
bad guys in the X-Men. Just as explained in
Scriptures, or stories by Stan. Boo. Yes, it's
true, I am what is referred to as a man. That's
right. A man from a time where being as such
really meant something good. As mythical Boy
Wonder, I would suggest closing Homlund Skirty by
rightly seizing everything there as evidence for
FBI indictments of high treason, including,
spying for a foreign power. Plus the deliberate
false accusations created quite an expense for
everyone concerned. Billions and billions of Tax
dollars from last I read. Wasted Police
services, yes redrawn off following leads at
major Zionist crime scenes, yes, but also jamming
up the lines at the airport.. oh.. am I finally
getting the selfish American "Patriot" spirit
jerked into a miff? Well, it's about time.
We've only had several million People so far
indiscriminately mass murdered, the world
poisoned, and trillions plundered, but, well,
better late than never. Welcome to the Cause of
Man. Send this post to whom you believe should
be concerned.


Mr. Bush closed 911 investigations and claimed
if we weren't with him blindly to mass murder
millions indiscriminately as the established
COMPLETELY INNOCENT, we were therefore to only
be, with the Terrorists of 911 apposing torture,
high taxes, or Banjo playing at 4 am, without any
distinctions drawn. Can you hear me now? Does
the truth hurt more than losing a home? or teen
son or daughter for stolen profits? How about a
country? Art Bell thinks so, as he has said as
much without a Johnny Justice broadcasting yet.
Let's Change things better, by speaking out for
Justice today as tomorrow and beyond for our

U.S. Military Officers Demand 911 Investigation

Well now, that just sounds American to me.
How about You?


43.6 Million Americans Living In Poverty

Did you know that "Poverty" in America is when
you earn $21,900 as a family of four before
taxes? Now, everyone of the developed world who
doesn't know, rent for a small bachelor apartment
in Manhattan for individuals who are COMPLETELY
Bagger's brightest Scott Brown would leave not
paying taxes whatsoever) costs about $18,000 a
month. In California, as like many of the
southern States (Commie Pinko Alex Jones would
tell as the best in the world), many People can
not afford a phone, electricity, or water because
the Publicly paid for companies have been often
out-right stolen by a Republican Conservative
'Tea Bagger' for nickels on the dollar. I know,
I know, who cares right? Americans refuse to
forward my words to defend their own dying
selves. It's a TV nation comprised of almost
entirely bigots. At AJ's website, they'd never
know this. Why? They don't seem to really care.
AJ has gold, so.. who banking cares for the
plight of the little guy right? 'The Best in the
World'. You should have heard Alex shut down a
caller who's brother was expected to die because
the family couldn't raise the cash for an
operation to save his life. Alex said speak no
more. 'No way' he claimed, TV America has the
best health care in the world - in fact he went
on to tell all like Ron Paul does with a straight
face, you can get free health care anywhere in
America. by just simply asking - I AM NOT LYING.
Being an Alex Jones Commie Pinko sucks, where all
Americans give and give and give for only the
Elites of the Elites of his New World Order.
Americans pay twice as much per-capita as
Canadians do that recieve Universal coverage,
while the TV Rightard's censored poor victims are
expected to go out then and buy some private
insurance now. The Iraq war has no cause. Commie
Pinkoism. Now,.. Am I alleging Alex Jones wears
pink panties as a sadomasochist depriving US an
equal right to speak freely with the facts? Yes.
Bush and Cheney closed 911 police investigations.

Alex Jones "Liberals don't like Bush"
Alex Jones "Republicans are Constitutionalists"

Cause and effect is our true State.

Petraeus: Afghan War Could Take Another Decade

Why not save our soldier's lives, by fighting
for a just cause?

U.S. Military Officers Demand 911 Investigation

Well now, that just sounds American to me.
How about You?


CHRIST SAYS 'Israeli are Anti-Jewish'

.. on the naked lies of TIME magazine warring America
for the escape of the Zionist Neocon Peenackers in

/ / Deflecting criticism of [war crimes] Israel by
screaming "anti-Semitism" makes as much sense as
deflecting criticism of the Nazis by screaming
"anti-Germanism!" \ \

..or anti-Jewish because without argument from
anyone, the Palestinians are the Semite Peoples
here, and too, the millions of Iraqis dead or dying
from all the bushite Nazi indiscriminately mass
murdering. But the TV trained Zombie Rightards
we guess either go insane from programmed lies
in their personal self inflicted hellish cries,
or become Human.


Oh yeah..

Star Trek says 911 attack is a SCAM to start war and take away our

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let Fly

Zionist TV propagandist Steven Colbert, let fly
that The Peoples have nothing to fear from a pro
torturing enemy of Justice in America, namely a
Nazi Vet walking on our streets missing half a
brain, trying to become a lawless cop who beats
on women like Anthony Abbas did, or who gets off
on indiscriminately slaughtering our innocent
Humanity to escape never elected Bush and Cheney
for 9/11. Bill a Bushite and be Blessed by
Christ we will forever say, while we formally
hunt to have every last Bushite war criminal
publicly executed for crimes like gang raping
American women with KBR, or bombing entire cities
like Fallujah or Samara for no reason, (as too
the entire Iraq assault has no cause,) or for
dropping land mines in school districts, for
torturing elderly people to death countless times
by the likes of a Mr. Grainer. Who, received only
ten years, and only because he bragged to his family
and entire city that he could torture anyone of them
too, and there wasn't anything anyone could do
about it. (If it hadn't been for that, he'd be
walking free like the rest of them who did even
worse. Mattis' Haditha Child killers are
actually called Heroes by FOXNEWS TRAITOR Hannity
for example - for killing little kids to get back
at US all for something they freely state in
America today like is said Publicaly in Nazi Israel.
Unremorseful child killers getting free health
care campaigning like Commie Pinko AJ does, to
not have that for yourself fairly though) That is
what Grainer told in writing to his threatened
(likely raped too?) young daughter - for why
her?. Ten years for murdering countless innocent
Iraqi Peoples he tortured to death, and after his
sentencing in a Court ruled by illiterate Nazi
savages with ZERO Law/Freedom experience, claimed he
had no regrets in stealing so many innocent lives as
the criminally insane. He'll presently be trying
to be a Cop in New York City we're sure, because
he still surely believes though Americans own
guns, they wont kill Bushite enemies of Humanity
rightly to defend their next innocent god loving
victims as the Law dictates against war
criminals. (It's only God loving Muslims, or
Niggers, or Afghanistan Christians, or Japs or
Chinks, or Ruskies, or Liberals..) Ungodly war
crimes done to see their fellow teen soldiers die
as a consequence of an American male's personal
cowardice to be real men in their TV world, to
hide their anti-Gay faggotry by hurting innocent
others, such as children they several times were
CAUGHT blowing up with explosives just for
kicks.. Along with Police officers trying to
defend our communities. They stole all of Iraqis
money, and American's money, and then gave all
rights for oil to BP and other foreign companies.
Iraqi's fairer Christ like banking system and
replaced it with the American godless banking
corruptions of the IMF where YOU pay them back
for money they never lent you to begin with..
They put Allawi in charge who after crediting
himself for killing a bunch of innocent children
in a school bus, ordered Nazi grunts to execute
every last doctor or nurse who would even attempt
to treat an innocent child or women from
Fallujah. Then there were the ethnic cleansings
they funded on all sides, along with ACTUALLY
yes YOU, when finding this allegation true, join
me in hunting every last nazi grunt under Sattler
who carried out such orders without even
whispering a concern for their innocent mass
murder victims? They NEEDLESSLY dropped NINE two
thousand pound bombs murdering a conservatively
estimated 250,000 innocent souls in Fallujah -
FOR NO REASON. Then did near the same in Samara
before John Batist quit, because he refused to
carry it out completely - largely I speculate
because with his name, it would have been just a
little to demonic for his liking to needlessly
mass murder so many innocent Peoples for NO
REASON as Satanically evil.. Yeah yeah, I know
what the Bushite Nazi grunter is going to lie
about here, which is why I sooo much want to see
the Air Force tried publicly so all can witness
by War Crimes Law ushered by President Ronald
Reagan as STANDING AMERICAN LAW. For Bushite Nazi
grunters most certainly deserve it at the Hand of
President Reagan. Again, they SPEAK NOTHING
TODAY for American women being Gang raped by
their partners in war crimes. Speak nothing for
Justice on 9/11. For executing innocent men
simply because they are Christians, as they did
heroin pushing in Afghanistan without a word from
near anyone from the Nation of the FOR REAL
die. We've had near fifty kills this last week..
And things are only looking brighter.

Israeli Settlers Step Up Attacks on Churches



IDF denies disciplining top officers over
phosphorous used against children targeted

9/11: Mossad Is Guilty U.S. Army Study On Mossad

Obama Targeted Killings Suit Spotlights US Targets

ehboei,.. murder it's called. Murder. Look, if
Obama has a true reason to claim an American
deserved their death sentence, it would be in
America's authority to rightly defend yourselves
with US as our side. To murder som... Look,..
Obama is guilty of attempting for real, first
degree murder here - a person he can't have
arrested for an actual offence against any, The
Peoples, for the falsely accused IS an innocent
American man or women. So, if a "Birther" or
Libertarian, or Republican was a true American
Patriot, they would be rightly teaed off here
about such an issue as critical to all involved.
Innocent Americans marked for murder by an
unlawful rogue state over extending their
usefulness into bad news for all as escaping
bushite war criminals. Why so mr. magic man of
a place where self respect is a given right?
Americans do not want to be murdered. Ask any of
them. Hi, my names John. Tyranny sucks.
Justice is Victory.


USA makes it illegal to give aid to Gaza! In
"Holder vs. Humanitarian Law" While funding Nazi
Israel to main and murder the innocent loved by

This is so incredibly evil as ungodly war criminal.

Advisors received kickbacks from H1N1 vaccine manufacturers

I wish Humanity could understand how serious
these crimes are. 1 in 5 children of America
were reported to have received these shots
containing mercury.

/ / the judge in the case declared that "there was
no evidence linking [Padilla] to specific acts of
terrorism anywhere or that their actions had
resulted in death or injury to anyone" -- even
as she handed the torture victim a 17-year prison
sentence, as Winter Patriot reports. \ \

Please, Americans. Demand a rightful death
sentence, as according to Standing American Law,
for those at FOXNEWS and elsewhere who support
torture in America. Republicans almost
exclusively, but some demonrats too. Do not
let them escape torturing innocent Americans
for sadistic ungodly war crime pleasures. Please
fight for what is right, or die as a consequence
of your personal contempt for true Freedom as

Would you rather die innocent victim than have
Justice win by polite open debate denied this God
forsaken world?

We need to organize the enforcement of our laws
by priority. War of false imprisonment to
enslave the innocent, is a strategy, I contend,
nobody here in this arrangement adheres to. We
The Peoples are paying for going without good
enough attention to who is who here being left
forsaken to die on a cross somewhere. Dying
victims to the corporate news pros denying rights
to be defended as equals. War criminals who
pirate America's uniform to rape and pillage with
an official policy of denying an accused as
anyone any rights as defending ourselves are the
actions of the enemy traitors. All falling
victims for the cowardly bushite war criminal
sacrificers, warring for the escapes of the
neocon peenacker party of guilty 911 Nazi Zionist
conspirators - those who truly done did do
America wrong, as still wrong is it always will
for always be as. The Zombie Commies refusing
the FACTS that get in the way of attempting
further escape of Bush, Cheney, Condi and
Rumsfeld for the high treason called Obstruction.
As they did, when closing official American
Police investigations, as the "police actions" of
the dishonorable. Played by corporate control in
a self defeating no facts for US criminal
strategy, rooted as remaining us silented
internationally on furthering these crimes the
bushite "Judges" are guilty for at Guantanamo for
starters. Crimes that should be seen as clearly
in, warranting our outrages of un-acceptable
lawless standards to the cause of Our Great
Humanity. Now Rising. oh.. never mind, as you


Top Priority

Top priority. Justice for 911 Victims. Paper
ballots for fair elections on fixing to vote for
a public education on 'banking scams'. Us, and
them who hide and pretend who's all paying for
this there is something not publicly defined.
Because they are taking us for Rooked! Banksters
don't cover our loans. Checkmate.

get out of jail free card

Bush and Cheney closed official 911 police
investigations. What do Conservatives do? Look
to blame an entitlement society of homeless
people charged big money to eat at the Salvation
Army. Or immigrants that look just like you or
me to the bushite grunting thieves who war as the
bad guys mass murdering the innocent, to rape
American women, to rape Afghanistan and Iraqi
children, all the while dying to steal everyone's
money for the magical bankster.


Why Rightly Bill WAR CRIME Bushite Grunters

/ / the Gitmo Kangaroo Courts constitute war
crimes under the Laws of War, the Four Geneva
Conventions of 1949, and even the U. S. Army's
own Field Manual 27-10, The Law of Land Warfare
(1956). \ \

Innocent peoples they torture to get false
confessions for terrorist crimes that the for
sure guilty party escapes because of.

Top Al-Qaeda leader killed.... For the third time

See? A bushite LIAR, lies to mass murder
innocent defenseless families. Our families.
Never to speak of Bush and Cheney's escape for
halting our Police Services to complete our tasks
of victory over the terrorists of 911 at hand.

John Cornyn: We'll Be Happy to Cooperate With
Democrats to Destroy Our Social Safety Nets [for
Paulson and the IMF trillioniare thieves]

Who could ever vote for this pro-rapist in a
democracy where the votes weren't rigged I ask

Cornyn defends Israel's right to kill innocent Americans

Remember, this demon enemy also supports gang
raping American women with FOX. And American men
don't care enough to murmur a concern, let alone
demand his head for treason. Again, all American
women, you need to find a real man like me who
will stand in defense of all that is right, as
all that is beautiful. Bushites deserve to die
for their treasonous crimes of mass murder and
torture against the targeted innocent done to
escape TRAITOR Bush and Cheney for 9/11. Bushite
are enemies of our Humanity, and God.

Tea Baggers to protest "high taxes and big government".

98% of working families received a tax cut.
Every state's average tax cut was similar. So
tell me again: What is it they're protesting?

Not the war crimes, not the banksters, not the
tortures, not the vaccines. Not AIPAC, not the
demon whore of Satan, Sarah 'the retard' Palin,
and not FOXSNEWS. Tea Baggers are Zombie dumfuk
Republican nazi whores who war America to escape
Bush and Cheney, and those at KBR who gang rape
America women left undefended. They champion
paying private insurance companies billions of
tax dollars irrationally as Ron Paul would
stupidly advise, because they hate, truly HATE a
wise man or woman being allowed to speak freely.
NWOers would rather see all of America die,
before allowing the truth be plainly told. It's
all about escaping Bush and Cheney for the
treasonous crime of Obstruction. A crime that
OFFICIALLY, escapes those responsble for mass
murder in New York City on 911. Americans don't
care for the innocent lives they steal for cash
profit, but, do you? Do you?? Then forward
these concerns, both pro or con. I demand open
communications to speak the facts, while You as
an American, would rather die for treasonous
liars who kill Americans for stolen gain? Your
call losering. We all could be Heroes.


Bush team 'agreed plan to attack the
Taliban the day before September 11'

"if it refused to hand over Osama bin Laden"

For what? No evidence for anything was Condi's
war crime plan to escape the Neocons responsible
for mass murder on 911. Understand, THEY HAD NO
INVASION 'ESCAPING' the guilty Neocon.
[911 mass murder occured here] Pre-planned.

Look up the Taliban offering to hand over bin
Laden to Clinton and HE REFUSED! Refused for
more than 40 consecutive days!!! It's the inside
scoop on this crime against Humanity, without a
love for God or his greatly gifted Son John the
Baptizer truly.

"The U.S. state of Mississippi recently reopened all of its fishing


[they pay NO royalties toooooooooooooo]

Tea Bagger 'Yeah but, they's harder to
pick on than helpless welfare mothers.'


Alex Jones Ain't All Bad

Every last "Judge" at Guantanamo deserves trial
for death. Hundreds of innocent victims have
been held there for almost a decade, and luckily
where the nazi grunts are confronted that they
HAVE NO EVIDENCE to form ANY conclusion, the
INNOCENT victim is sometimes released for fear a
man would rightly kill the bushite enemy, but we
find our torture victims only to be murdered by a
grunter later IF the victim remains silent as
threatened. For fear the victim will tell the
truth on who deserves death here in God's Holy
Name. (Not speaking against war crimes seems to
die completely just about anyone, in a living
universe that actually is intelligence ourselves.
(God is a real smarty pants as all forgiving.))
You, as a Christian, KILL bushites. Why? They
are war criminals who LIE CHEAT AND STEAL to
murder innocent defenseless families like the
victims of 911 to escape Bush and Cheney. You
kill the lawless minions of the demon Antichrist
George Walker Bush. Why is he the Antichrist?
He gave ZERO evidence to form ANY conclusion on
Afghanistan's guilt, closed 911 police
investigations, then claimed if we disagreed with
that false assessment conjured only by stealing a
weaker man's faith in God, we would be with the
terrorists apposing torture. Bushite aren't
Americans. An
Oath is not a formality, used for bushite excuses
to bomb innocent families, to rape, to torture
and mass murder Humanity to escape the GUILTY
Bush regime for the crimes of 9/11, and Peter
Power with Ian Blair for 7/7.

(The IDF and Bushite Grunters are working
together now for war games did you hear?)

Zionist Nazi: I would gladly kill Christians


IDF soldier Eden Abergil writes on Facebook 'I
would gladly kill Christians - even slaughter
them', then she claims 'In war there are no
rules.' and that is why she is pure Nazi Zionist
evil as publicly celebrated in Israel, as the
ungodly Satanic escaping retribution - so far -
just as described in Scriptures. But we know,
Nazi Israeli don't actually believe in a GOD, as
they burned innocent children alive as targeted.

"6000 Veterans Commited Suicide Last Year"

CARVILLE: Islam did not attack us. Al Qaeda
did. And we ought to be at war with al Qaeda
and not Islamists.

BENNETT: Islamists did.

GOD did not attack America

“Christians” carrying placards and yelling ”Islam is a lie”

Is it about Christ being a prophet, or that thing
about Mother Mary? Or, is it the Justice for all
idea, that has the Zionist ungodly Bushite
Antichrist disciples of pure Nazi evil all in a
row? God is the Word. All words are containing
the unbound infinite of imagination to ponder as
scientifically provable. "Atheists" fear US
speaking freely because I am wiser.

"Cornyn: NYC mosque will be an election issue"

Oh right, not his Republican pro raping American
women as demon traitor to God and America Nazi
con though. What a demon enemy to all living
things eh?

Understand, those who have STOLEN trillions from
Social Security support the illiterate Tea Bagger

Can You Believe It?

Can you believe it? The bushite enemy at
Guantanamo, have insisted, that our Jury must be
war criminals

DOJ Gags Scientists Studying BP Disaster


"Feds confiscate independent LSU scientists’
samples because project not approved by BP"


A No-Brainer


'The result: saved more than $60 billion'

President Obama called it a "no brainer". Now,
why would not the same be thought of Health Care
that NEEDLESSLY funds private insurance companies
to the tune of over 1,000,000,000,000 DOLLARS
each year?, paid out to those who would rather see
all die before eating into their thoughtless
takes. After all, Obama called it a
"no-brainer". The "Professional Left" like a
Randy Roades or Bill Press, Ed Shultz and Maddow
[that's about it!!] in America don't want US to
discuss this freely, or on the continuing
criminality of Israel, or Bush and Cheney, for it
effectively destroys their CON on how we are
divided for plunder by shysters who deny everyone
free open debate with the facts that stand as
such, regardless of whether you are a blind Bigot
rightard Ideologue or not.

Right Wing Americans are true Socialist Commi Pinkos.


Conservative/Libertarian/Republican Americans as
COMMIES will go on and on about no improving
Health Care for America, (for a truly clever guy
or gal who knows the dollars and sense, might be
seeked) but Ron Paul and his Republican family
get socialist (no middle man for them) health
care without a complaint as top secretly

Members of Congress and their Families are Blessed


/ / Members of Congress and their families are
blessed with their very own gold-plated,
taxpayer-financed, Washington-run health care
system. \ \

Imagine, Ron Paul says nothing about demanding
at least half of HIS Health Care fund, be
thoughtlessly given away to trillioniare
banksters for nothing. But he will for
Your fund. Do you care as sacrificing
to die thoughtlessly American?

Commie Bushite "I don't care. I'd rather die than
my sickened family learn what a real man is."

Office of Special Plans

Those in need of arresting for naked evil treason.

Study: CIA doctors ‘gave green light to torture'

This warrants death according to the Patriots
like President Reagan. War Crimes Act. Death,
and rightly so. They war innocent Humanity with
demon Zionist lies all for the CRIMINAL escape of
those that TRULY do US wrong as the for real bad

Failure to Communicate

Extortion is against the Law in America. Let's
start there.. back on Sept. 18th 2008. Either
we pay them without question, or come Monday
morning, they would run the country into the
ground. Bailed JP Morgan had more than a
trillion dollars in capital, through out the
entire so labeled "Crisis". Surprising to most
however, is that banksters do not actually cover
our loans, we do. As Extortionists, they
illegally took all our trillions of dollars for
'free' as private individuals. Stupidly. Crazy
man crazy. It's a good thing we're here.

/ / Audit shows 95% of the funds for rebuilding
Iraq 2007-2009 is MISSING and 100% from the years
2004-2007 is unaccounted for \ \

Obama "Nothing will be gained by
laying blame for the past."



TV America - Where The People Don't Count

Oh for Pete's sake.. Republicans give themselves
"Socialized" Canadian like, "Socialist" Health
care, but not for the suckers who pay more for
less to die as losers to the commie con men
absent my logic. If this system is good enough
for Obama and the Repuglicons and Ron Paul, why
isn't it good enough for blinded as lost in
indifference American dumfuks? Good question.

Mitt Romney Calls Emergency Rooms "Entirely Free Care"

Now..see? Corporate Amerika refuses to correct


Hans Blix: "The Iraq War Was Illegal"

No Evidence, Person Innocent. Who's In?

/ / President Bush was expected to sign detailed
plans for a worldwide war against al-Qaida two
days before Sept. 11 but did not have the chance
before the terrorist attacks in New York and
Washington, U.S. and foreign sources told NBC
News. \ \ What would have been the Justification
used then without 911? A lawless war against
'terrorism' world wide without end? Did you know
a spy had inflitrated the FBI and actually was
responsible for providing the explosives that
near brought the WTC down the first go around?
This is a critical communications issue that is
still costing innocent American lives because the
nation is a land of cowards who refuse to demand
the likes of a George Noory and FOX Snooze fans
to take US seriously in these demands for willing
just causes. Millions mass murdered, pensions
stolen, bailed out to the tune of trillions
banksters foreclosing on everything by refusing
all new loans, WAKE UP, while BP countinues as
criminally negligent un-hampered with Obama still
stating, "nothing will be gained by laying blame
for the past.", With bonuses of billions besides
not paying our continuing costs. Very expensive
this passive, Americans, 'I don't care' for You
dying attitude. Peoples are being poisoned by
deadly COREXIT, and CNN, CBC, and George Noory
don't think it's worth demanding an account here
to save our falling loves. Banksters do not
cover our loans, Zionist Neocon Nazis must not
succeed against our species. Fight back for
Christ sake God damn you. For we're not going
anywhere until we get this solved for the
betterments of everyone. I wish to host Coast to
Coast in a five hour special on why Justice is
Freedom. No evidence, person innocent. Who's

/ / plans for a worldwide war against al-Qaida \ \

This is a lie by Jim Miklaszewski. MSNBC was
told that the plan was fully implemented, as was
fully comfirmed by his Pentagon sources. Then in
2005 or there abouts, MSNBC scrubbed the story
that sat for years on the public server, to
presumably hide the war crime from America, as
Jim done did do, doctoring the story to now
foolishly say, the plan of Condi's wasn't carried
to completion to have soldiers suckered to die
escaping the actual bad guys guilty for 9/11.
The Plans were top secret and provided to Jim by
someone from Condi's office trying to save
America's ass from these Neocon Zionist Nazi
Liars, and Jim sold US all out to see America die
too apparently, before returning the facts for
America still falling to their personal contempt
for Freedom to not demand Justice for this day.
(Bushite enemies to Life, who rape steal and mass
murder say, "I don't care.") By closing
investigations as Bush and Cheney did and that
Jim failed to report as critical, and then as
they did, bring forward no evidence to form a
conclusion by anyone, would secure criminal
invasion for Enron as the bad guy enemies of
America. God's actual for real Son says, "die
bushite nazi fuckers die."

Cheney's Daboul Working Group explains much..

HIV test a crime, AIDS 'cure' killed a whole generation

Lee Evans Speaks Out about the HIV Tests

Autopsy denied to find cause for deaths - Support Public Inquests
2016-03-17 13:08:26 UTC
Let's Save Some Lives

Support a Public Inquiry We need an autopsy to include
cause of death with the sciences of toxicology - something
forbidden the victims of Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center..

URGENT - Support a Public Inquiry into Why some Winnipeg autopsies
don't allow toxicology to determine cause of death in murder..- URGENT


Intro - Mr.Kinal on the murder of his mother at the hospital.

To whom this greatly concerns..

My mother died murder victim at Winnipeg's Health
Sciences Center. Dr. Colister approached the bed
to ask, how about giving your mother Scopolamine
to ease moisture.. Sound good? I state no.. I
explained such poison would hamper my mother's
ability to expel her current chest infection as flem..
It would be greatly better, to remove all your
opiates, like Fentanyl, and let her heal how about
instead? my learned friend? He doesn't disagree..
His side kick states, yeah.. sounds good in similar
words.. They leave.. Then, I pop out later for a
coffee, and back when I return Nurse Colette
has administered the lethal shot.."Devil's Breath"
Stating.. your mother asked for it.. being barely
capable of stating, ' get me out of here'.. 'bloody
murderers' 'no more pain killers'.. She had no
problem health wise any longer.. but for those
in "comfort care" succeeding finally in error at
murdering her.. Now the hospital states, they
don't allow toxicology studies in autopsies.. Well..
that's why I implore for you to stand up likewise
as a fellow human being, to demand such an
easy test be carried out to determine true
cause of death.. And a Public Inquiry on how
Justice has left us for no longer, on this critical
crime scene involving all Canadian lives
jeopardized.. left in self contempt by our
newspapers and TV broadcasters grinning..
Sound good? Justice for Jennie Kinal.

..to the Medical Examiner

Re-send the file to Your City's Medical Examiner please.. and hurry.

Justice for Jennie Kinal.

Don't forget, this involves many more
lives in Canada than just my mother,
willfully poisoned to die crime victim,
just like the rest officially. Denied vital
care in needed medicines, while
doped out of her wits to complain
about who's driving the ship.

John Kinal: Justice for Jennie Kinal - Support a Public Inquest

Justice for Jennie Kinal

I want a public inquest in how my mother died, so justice can be served. All the evidence is in, it's just that, because the death occurred at a hospital in Winnipeg, the Police's hands are tied.

Jennie Kinal was murdered on March 8th, 2016, by the actions of Dr. Colister, at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center.

Facts: Dr. Colister told no new medications would be administered on March 8th, to myself and Jennie.. Dr. Laura Chisic, Jennie's other doctor, one of more than four others, told of Dr. Colister, doing just as he claimed he would not, ordering on the 8th of March, the deadly, Scopolamine "Devil's Breath", in conjunction with already administered Fentanyl, . Nurse Colette, sold that it was Jennie's idea to take the most lethal drug on the Canadian market that she gave Jennie, Scopolamine, to hamper her ability to expel an infection that had recently appeared, leading to paralysis and death. Nurse Colette, couldn't administer the poison while I was present however, and couldn't let on, it was
ordered in by Dr. Colister. As Colette's crazy lie of my mom being willing, now makes more sense. No antibiotics are given in Winnipeg, for ANY Canadian patient in "comfort care", but poisons a plenty to first degree mass murder it disturbingly appears. You really should care.. Think of the next victims last night. Forward this concern to everyone who loves their mother. Do it.

The TRUE disregard for a patient's wellness, made as policy at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center, is like a hell on earth for real, when you hear them tell of such madness openly, denying all rights to do right for ourselves. 'End of Life' poisons to those we guess near, perfect health. Poisons to weaken clearing our bodies of new infections, with poisons to hamper breathing, and then, to top it off, heroin derivatives 80 times stronger than morphine, apposing better health.. is simply willful first degree murder.. Again, they officially deny all "Comfort Care" patients antibiotics, to die victim from neglect.. With too, refusing to resuscitate any patient as policy of evil.. So, say you
were poisoned by Scopolamine with her Fentanyl. as my mom was against her will and my own.. they told me as such, over the phone.. they will make no attempt to save my mother's life as "doctors" on scene. Demand a Public Inquest.

Don't forget, this involves many more lives in Canada
than just my mother, willfully poisoned to die crime
victim, just like the rest officially. Denied vital care in
needed medicines, while doped out of her wits to
complain about who's driving the ship. Different
Nurses everyday, while the Doctor changes once
every two weeks, with Colister hanging around all
the beds going, "are you in any pain", then needles
every four hours non-stop, till you die.. No matter
whatever you say to the contrary. Who needs a
witness? Some say Jennie Kinal was good to go,
while Colister states her story can't live more
than weeks with him and Laura Chisic ruling over
everyone here truly being tyrannized. ..while
poisoning who knows how many others too, who
dream of being released, as they go further
unchecked as needling psychopaths. We
desperately need a true concern expressed for
ourselves as the citizen measured correct in all
fairness. We will to be civilized on the farms
and in the hospitals.

Justice for Jennie Kinal

Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center, that hosts
the murderer of my mother Jennie Kinal, can't
even try to get her legal name right for the
death certificate.. Today they told that they
will not correct it.. releasing instead, a
fraudulent death certificate for all to witness..

Public Inquest.. ask for it here in Winnipeg please

Please Peoples.. support a Public Inquest here
in Winnipeg on the mistreatment of Jennie Kinal
in the Health Sciences Center, ward H4, and of
her subsequent final murder.. Done in by Dr.
Colister with Scopolamine, in conjunction with
Fentanyl, to a 84 year old woman, who suffered
a thyroid issue, that caused swelling, then
indicating inside that short time frame,
confusion nearing the symptoms of dementia..
But that all disappeared a month earlier..
That's it.. she could walk talk and express
clearly, she did not want a nicotine patch..
but they gave it to her, apposing me included.
Public Inquest.. Hopefully, gaining an
understanding too, for why our police think
it none of our business still, while more are
thrown through to fall crime victim to these
apparent psychopaths.. to be denied essential
medications, and antibiotics for infections..
but to just be poisoned to death with their
unneeded injections. It's called murder..
and all stand on guard for thee of we fairly
speaking. Justice is freedom to be all we can
be as of, the civilized worlds. Commanding
ourselves with self respect. Support a Public
Inquest. .Save further lives left forsaken
now, no longer. What do you say lover of life?
Forward this post to someone in Winnipeg if
you could.. Let's go save some lives..

Paging Doctor Colister - Demanding Justice for Jennie Kinal

My mother was murdered on March 8th, 2016, by the
actions of Dr. Colister, at Winnipeg's Health Sciences
Center.. Whereby, after consulting my mother Jennie
and me, he told of no new medications would be
prescribed.. For a woman heavily drugged every
which way, but initially denied her thyroid medication
that I had to fight for as reasonable.. Then denying
all antibiotics apposing our wills to truly care.. as I
explained to Dr. Chisic of her madness on March 8th,
2016.. since the recent speculative lead up to this
appearing of an air born infection, that will in some
likelihood, take the healths of many weakened
others.. This house of hellish horror, of Winnipeg's
Health Sciences Center, H4, is a place of the wickedest
evil ever witnessed by yours truly I must say. Anyway..
the hell of it is, Dr. Colister secretly told the day Nurse
for Jennie, a named suspect labeled Colette.. 'that if it
should warrant'.. use this new order for Scopolamine,
in conjunction with her fentanyl.. for Jennie's
congestion. A concoction, substantiated
together, paralyzed my mother to a position
of suffocation.

Though, importantly, according to Dr. Laura Chisic,
(being Jennie's last stand in good for nobody though..)
tells of the order, came from Colister, while she herself
adamantly denies all antibiotics for every infection, like I
said, even penicillin... Don't be crazy.. ..let's get to it..
"no.. we don't do that here.." is what she spoke, in
part, as clinically insane.. So less of two evils, is still
two evils.. what say, we demand fair say.. I wonder
where that could take us commanding in self respect
for the rights of others, as if they were of us too included..

"Fentanyl is estimated to be 80 times as potent as morphine "
"World’s most dangerous drug is not a myth: Scopolamine aka The Devil’s Breath"

When Jennie was ever questioned, she spoke of
no pain, and no interest of being doped further out
of her wits, without she was, the claimed multiple
organ failure, but suffering with dementia.. Medicine?
Figure it out.. the police haven't had the public
interest just yet.. despite the thousands of similar
complaints, and Night Nurse Charlene telling, in the
SEVEN YEARS she worked there.. not a single
person has ever been capable of escaping her
horror show.. "Comfort Care" in H4 at the Health
Sciences Center.. Winnipeg. Call the cops..
Call the President. Save That Man!


To those who this greatly concerns..

Hello.. The newest revelations to this heart break of a story, is that Jennie Kinal's outgoing Dr, Dr. Semus, has advised me today, March 7th, 2016, that after reviewing Jennie's medical records, they do not contain the information of Doctor T's (Tazaramangzing..?) order to the Nurses at station, for the evenings of question, Feb 2nd, and Feb 3rd, 2016, to not administer hydromoophone to Jennie, without her son witnessing first hand some form of pain.. Jennie, at that time, an alleged sufferer, of "multiple organ failure" However, the Nurses involved certainly would concure, as too, most importantly, the head Nurse for the day of Feb 3rd, does confirm that such an order did transpire, of
her quoting the Nurses report, where hydromoraphone was administered, to Jennie.. An action opposing Dr. T, by leastly, RN Delaney it appears.. Who too, like another Nurse that evening, state Jennie does suffer from "multiple organ failure". Dr. Semus, Jennie's Doctor for the last two weeks, and the prior Dr., Dr. Necozy, stated, and will state, Jennie does not, and could not have had multiple organ failure, going on now, more than a month later.. Big problem of course.. as you know... Here is the run down...

Shortened synopsis..

I wad told Jennie had multiple organ failure, and was
on end of life medication. I said bullshit, she was great
just hours ago.. The head Doctor, Dr. T, called a halt
to the death meds.. Telling Nurses, if Jennie experiences
any discomfort, I am to be phoned to okay the death
meds once more.. I am phoned for such action the next
day, arrive in under 7 minutes, to find my mother pronounced
clinically dead by RN Delaney, due organ failure.. I revive
my mom to discover, she has no organ failure.. and
breathes to this day..Just barely..Being doped everyday
Forward this information to everyone who loves their mother..
The Police most especially. They have been caught attempting
first degree murder of made helpless innocent old folks
at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center.. Fight back for
Christ sake God damn you.

Send to many, including some of Winnipeg's Council..

, ***@winnipeg.ca
, ***@winnipeg.ca
, ***@winnipeg.ca
, ***@winnipeg.ca
, ***@winnipeg.ca
, ***@winnipeg.ca

Please help to save my mother's life..

Hello.. I've got a story of a precious life, my mom.. and
about clear abuse transpiring in real time over at the
Health Sciences Center in Winnipeg.. I'm currently
seeking for good politicians, and some public exposure..

Jennie Kinal's Doctor forbade the administration of a
dangerous narcotic, but the medical records indicate
someone went ahead and administered it anyway..
causing her, to be pronounced clinically dead.

They claim my mom has organ failure, and had clinically
died Feb 3rd 2016, but.. she lives on today! despite their
failures still, to address my mother's true health concerns.
Freely urinating, and defecated near everyday, only
because I feed her, and am trying to protect her for as
much time as I can sacrifice.. Please, express your
humanity by telling this story.. It's not only about my
mother, but potentially many others, that are left to fall
forsaken. For I am told, this form of complaint against
some practicing health care in Manitoba, numbers in
the thousands.. I am told, of such similar complaints
the Government of Manitoba registers, but does remain
hampered to remedy for the Public interest of Canada.
Largely, it seems, for failure to communicate these
sometimes complicated matters clearly to the lay
person.. and limited resources.

Please help to save my mother's life.

The Protection of Persons in Care office, that enacts
the Provincial Act, contacted me today, March 1st, 2016,
to inform that the Hospital did not provide them the
medical records for the critical days of question.. Feb
2nd, and 3rd.. Of which they are obligated under Law.


The Protection for Persons in Care Act

The Protection of Persons in Care office Senior
Administrator, Chris, tells if the situation as it is,
found wanting, without the Health Sciences Center
obliging.. there would most certainly be, a public
inquest..Though, that can't happen for two more
weeks, due the person responsible is on vacation!.
It is NOT only my mother's life on the line my
honorable friends..

I fear a misunderstanding of the severity is witnessed
here.. As too, with my first discussions on this matter with
the Winnipeg Police.. For I argue by just simply making
one phone call to Dr. T - Dr. T = something like,
Tazariamansing, or in the evidence I gave, of the head
nurse CONFIRMING, that what was forbidden, has been
administered.. As told too by the victim, my mother Jennie,
for ten hours, gasping without a full breath.. We would
acknowledge, something of a very serious crime, of at
least gross negligence is still under way.. Of which those
in charge refuse to remedy. Depending on who you talk
to individually.. Some Doctors like Necozy, contend
Jennie is relatively stable, and situated to go home under
an arranged palliative care program.. while others, with
just as much authority, falsely claim she has but two
weeks to live.. Hiding from the mistake, willing instead
to see my mom continued forsaken. Please, for the love
of God, for mercy, call Chris as a provincial legislator,
or city counselor, or the greatly honorable Prime Minister,
to demand the public inquest start immediately..

The Protection of Persons in Care Act's, Senior
Administrator can be contacted at 204 --- ----

I can only once again, use words to describe, that
this unresolved situation, is incredibly dire if left
unfairly attended.. There are other lives at risk..
Solutions to not have such a mistake happen once
more seem easy.. But delaying this process, simply
because a Manitoba employee in on vacation.. to
me, sounds kind of.. crazy.. Right? It's like,
'yes Mr. Rockefeller, I understand, but Bill is
on Vacation right now, and he handles all bank
robberies... But as soon as he get's back, well
get on track to following the fleeing suspects..'
In this action I take, I believe I help the
administrator also, to draw attention to himself,
not to necessarily admonish, but to defend..
Power is with the people.. These are serious
charges.. involving more than just my mother.
There is more to this case. I would recommend
RCMP investigators also have a look over the
evidence at hand, most naturally.

Ca|| me with any questions you may have..

John Kinal .. 204 --- ----

John Kinal - Protections of Persons in Care Act - Feb 24 2016

Please, for the love of mercy,
forward this information also..



'..thousands of similar complaints..'

Please.. they are abusing my mom with lies as
hiding from public accountability. Don't let an innocent
Canadian pay for their continuing mistake.. Yes,
there are potentially 1000's of victims falling, treated
for shortness of breath, to shorten their breaths to
suffocation. Yes, I know too, extremely disturbing
as to know such a thing appears happening.. To
see the video of my mother suffocating under the
poisoning.. and to care not for such a kind gentle
women in her eighties? How can you not care for
your own mother? How can you live without yourselves
being human? All on board? That's what you'd figure..
Right?. My expenses are great.. anyone want to help
chip in for the cab fares?


On Feb 2,, 2016 after discovering my mother to be on death meds, namely hydromorphone to hamper breathing for death, I demanded such madness stop immediately.. telling Dr. T of all the witnesses the day before, and the official record of Jennie up with several physiotherapists , Dr. T agreed to call a halt.. Then ordering, that if Jennie, woman with 'multiple organ failure' seems in dire need for such opiates, I will be called to witness such anguish..

On Feb 3, RN Delaney phoned at 6pm to have me come to the hospital, to okay the death meds (hydromorphone) - I arrived in 7 minutes to witness my mother appearing dead, with all the moisture gone from her skin, not appearing to be breathing.. I talked to her of what I thought she was going through, as incapable of taking a breath, due the poisons RN Delanely used apposing Doctor's orders..How do we know this most certain? From Jennie herself, for ten hours, telling of how she can not take a full breath, just as such poison is designed.. Turns out, Delaney and Dr. T were wrong that mom had total organ failure..
How's that? It's called attempted murder..

There are a possible number of other victims..

Save an innocent life.. What if it was your mother?

Points of Fact:

They claimed Jennie had multiple organ
failure where clearly she does not. To 'justify'
hydromoraphone, as a poisonous opiate to
hamper breathing, that would have killed her,
hadn't I stopped it.

Nurse Delaney repeatedly encouraged me to
stop speaking to the clinically dead, before I
revived my forsaken mother, left as dead in
bed, looking seriously poisoned with a
diuretic, and no doubt, hydromoraphone,
Something I had banned her with the
agreeing Doctor's admonishment from
doing ever again the day before. Without
my implicit approval, it would not be
allowed to happen again.

Suspect Nurse #2.. She firstly reported
to a doctor that I was abusing what she
understood, to be the clinically dead. The
doctor arrived to witness Jennies sitting
up alive. Then, shortly later, shows back
up to tell, I should get my mom back on
the hydromorophone.. Telling as recorded,
I don't want to make Jennie suffer with her
multiple organ failures do I. Told to me no
less than 7 times, by at least three nurses
trying to control free thought through guilt
on the issue. Telling her I did, as recorded,
Jennie is not in any pain, and certainly most
does not need something to stop her from
breathing. The suspect Nurse #2 then
leaves, and reportedly by her co-worker,
to tell me later as recorded in evidence
also, that they decided together, I must
not be allowed to wake the pronounced
linically dead again.. Claiming such action
is not caring. Implicit in knowing, as
ecorded, she was left for dead by
themselves, until I had revived her..
This is willful attempted murder once
more, that she knows they are almost
caught for it clearly appears in the light
of fairly understanding the evidence
before us.


On Feb 2,, 2016 after discovering my mother to be on death meds,
namely hydromorphone to hamper breathing for death, I demanded
such madness stop immediately.. telling Dr. T of all the witnesses
the day before, and the official record of Jennie up with several
physiotherapists , Dr. T agreed to call a halt.. Then ordering,
that if Jennie, woman with 'multiple organ failure' seems in dire
need for such opiates, I will be called to witness such anguish..

On Feb 3, RN Delaney phoned at 6pm to have me come to the
hospital, to okay the death meds (hydromorphone) - I arrived
in 7 minutes to witness my mother appearing dead, with all the
moisture gone from her skin, not appearing to be breathing..
I talked to her of what I thought she was going through, as
incapable of taking a breath, due the poisons RN Delanely
used apposing Doctor's orders..How do we know this most
certain? From Jennie herself, for ten hours, telling of how she
can not take a full breath, just as such poison is designed..
Turns out, Delaney and Dr. T were wrong that mom had total
organ failure.. How's that? It's called attempted murder..

There are a possible number of other murder victims..

Save an innocent life.. What if it was your mother?

Justice is freedom - NOTE TO POLICE

The Evidence
(newest version..)


Irene McDonald, as the Executive Assistant to the Investigations
Committee of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Manitoba
has recommended this as an allegation of criminal infraction, be
handled directly by the Police..It's about time.. Police In. R16 9616


This is what we witness here as recorded in evidence.. They
said the crime victim had organ failure, and would never recover..
A LIE.. Left for done in with the poison known of as Hydromorphone.
Raised from a certain death sentence, and found without the reason
given, to try and steal an innocent Life of one so still, left in jeopardy.
This needs widespread criminal investigations for the public interest..
for we the people will to be civilized.. Fair say all the way means
everyone wins.. I want only the best for my mother in a ward of
likewise care givers.. I think we can work together, and get
that done as soon as possible..


New in the Developing Case: of the Formal Complaint Against the
Named Nurses and Doctors of Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center

Regarding, 'With RN Delaney again, insisting that I was not
facing reality.. That I should be just thankful for the
time I had with mom.. Jennie then began to revive..'

This after being put on 'end of life meds' to steal my mother's
life, without consultation.. Considering the day before she was
up and eating, and wanting to go home. Please, call the cops too.

In conjunction with the 22 of January where I was told Jennie
had a heart attack, and I found what I disproved of, a nicotine
patch on her shoulder area..Apposing they did the wishes of
both Mother and son.

Everyday that goes by, while we wait for the College of Physicians
and Surgeons of Manitoba to act correctly in the defense of my
innocent mother's Life, is another day she is still left in mortal
jeopardy.. These facts detail a need to have her immediately
moved out of the HCS's 'comfort ward' and to be into intensive
care where not needed treatments, are no longer administered..
Act now..

Formal Complaint Against the Named Nurses
and Doctors of Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center

On the 21st of January, despite Jennie's expressed wishes upon intake, and my own, the Doctor not responsible for Jennie, but on "the Team", asked if she was a smoker, and would provide a nicotine patch, I told him no.. she didn't want it, nor did I..

On the 22 of January, I was told Jennie had a heart attack, and I found what I disproved of, a nicotine patch on her shoulder area..

To whom this concerns..

My name in John Kinal, the son of Jennie Kinal, currently held against our will at 4H at the Health Science Center.

My mother told the hospital upon admission, she did not want a nicotine patch, but two weeks in, when she's near a coma.. they appose her wishes and my own, giving her the POISONOUS nicotine, and she then has, a massive heart attack hours later..Then a week later, puts her on end of life medications.. To die of.. for sure for sure.. 100%.. every patient under such treatment DIES.. I fought to deny my mother had complete organ failure.. and over 20 hours in total, brought her back to life..From a position the hospital has decided to do nothing for.. because she was clinically dead..

"Hydromorphone may cause serious or life-threatening breathing problems, especially during the first 72 hours of your treatment and any time "

Think of this.. They poison patients so they can't take a breath, then when the patient struggles to breath due the muscles not working, they only answer, must need more pure oxygen, or Hydromorphone ..Another quick death they believe they will escape criminal charges over..

When I learned they were giving my mother end of life medication, where only the day before she was at near the best she had been since arriving.. I demanded such madness stop immediately.. Of which two RNs on the floor argued with me for 30 minutes, to suggest I was being cruel to try such action. They argued I have not the right to deny death meds,and told I must speak to "Dr. T", of which I did.. Reminding her of all the witnesses to my mothers health, from the day before.. such as the physiotherapist.. sitting in bed, talking, and eating several yogurts, juice, and water.. She told she would then have the poising stopped... and if the seriously unqualified RN Ms. Delaney, decided it at a
later time needed to continue, would have me called firstly, to get to the hospital to witness such need.. The next day, at approximately 6pm, Ms. Delanely called me to come and witness her condition, in need of death meds.. I get all the way to the distant HSC in approximately 7 minutes.. to witness her 'dead' in bed.. not breathing due the medication stopping the muscles of her lungs incapable of taking a breath..Ms. Delaney told me to stop talking to a corpse that can't hear, speak, or see.. All the fluids of her body had been removed due, what was likely an overdose of a diuretic.. her lips were near black. Ms. Delanely told I was not ever going to get a response talking to a body with
complete organ failure..She can't pee, so her body is clinically dead..I remained, and in approximately an hour, her lips move in response to water.. and slowly I brought her back to life.. Delaney never returned to the attempted murder scene for the rest of her time at shift.. No 'miracle' claimed, but for by the several aids who witnessed, in part the 'miracle'.

The evidence offered for fair public interest, tells Ms. Delany's plan was to tell she didn't give such medications as a lie.. Why? On video, of my mother recovering the assault states.. she can't take a breath (her lungs are poisoned on purpose, due the "medicine") it takes near 20 hours for the poison to be left absent her blood stream according to the videos..The medical record as quoted to me 24 hours later, when I'm leaving for home after resurrecting the dead.. I'm told indicates the last poisoning to stop muscle function occurred 24 hours prior..

I need a formal investigation, following probable cause to arrive at the fair conclusion of decisions made to steal my mother's life..

Contact me immediately on the fair actions already underway to gather the facts here,

To College of Registered Nurses in Manitoba... (this may not have actually successfully been received.. Though I have been in contact with them earlier)


It is John Kinal reporting in on recent disturbing developments on the Jennie Kinal matter at Winnipeg's Health Science Center in 4H. As you may already be aware, hopefully, I struggled in a meeting with five professional individuals on Wednesday, the 24 of February, 2016, to have Jennie Kinal taken off the hydromorophine, considering it appears as the primary cause for why it killed her, as according to RN Delaney, on February 3rd, 2016. They crazily, like unreasonable psychopaths on a mission of self destruction, argued against it.. claiming my reasoning they would at all costs refuse to tune into.. so mush so.. that Dr. Semus suggested, perhaps an alternative could be found to stop their
naked exposure to the light of being.. and would get on that, quickly, as they had done.. as it was achieved, the next day. Despite Jennie and myself stating, we do not want to be doped.. we want our bodies to heal without the confusion created by opiates, and poisons that mess with the muscles of our lungs to stop one from breathing.. But who cares truly for the health as well being of person or persons truly, for they appear insisting, Jennie's life is not the concern here.. The concern is not allowing her to live, free of the lie, that she still has, "multiple organ failure" going on three weeks..pigging out.. (she wants yogurt, egg salad, salmon, blue berries, and some kind of specialty
stews..) , Instead of facing the mistake, they've chosen still, to steal her life.. Her life loved by me.. As it has turned out however, the new opiate concoction administered by patch, exposed the reality, with the turn around.. That NO PAIN Jennie had, or has through the transformation to getting well.. But get this my learned friends.. prepare yourself.. Friday morning, February 27 2016.. Vanessa, head of all nurses for the Health Science Center, ward 4H and beyond, at approximately 9:14 am, informed me, that Jennie yelled throughout the night.. I spoke to state, that even so, the quantification she was making is still unknown.. See, it could mean, her screaming is a good thing.. because,
now she can breath.. Then she said, challenging my great wisdom of all ages, she had been screaming, "help me".. I asked Vanessa firstly, "was she then sedated", she responded, "no, she wasn't." I then said, "so this is then in the official report? She said "yes..". "Oh", I said.. "I arrived here at approximately 6:18 am, and was approached by the night Nurse responsible for Jennie, knowing her well, over this life and death struggle.. and she's stated that Jennie was exceptional through the night.. rested comfortably.. as showing a good sign for progress." I then looked over to my left, and there she was.. six feet away, not gone home yet.. I stated, "Hi.. ..did you hear Jennie scream,
'help me, help me', through the night?" She only looked briefly in terror at the face of Vanessa, then turned quickly, without a word.. and took off out of there.. Oh oh.. This is very serious.. potentially deadly if you asked me to speak in all candor, knowing what I know.. as true, holds some jeopardy to the night Nurse's true professionalism for starters, as Vanessa is her blindly foolish superior .. Why so certain? I don't have to tell you, as the College of Registered Nurses here in Manitoba, but for those not familiar reading here. See.. That would mean, Vanessa has committed a crime, and should in all fairness, though PUBLIC fair trial, be challenged to lose her license for a
lifetime.. and.. we most definitely need to call the cops about the attempted murder no doubt.. As I've stated since this madness of contempt for thousands of innocent lives started, by irrational constructs, of those who mostly only deceive themselves when Johnny enters the scene .. Do not now, in addition to holding Jennie's life in contempt, do so also, to the other wonderful woman who has done no harm alleged to anyone, being curtious, kind, and all around.. a really sweet gal.. I immediately explained this true horror occurring in real time to Dr. Semus, of which Vanessa, only feet away to hear me explain.. took the stage.. Time is pressing.. and this story is far from over.. though
when telling of her twisting to tale a fib so ridiculous, Dr. Semus walked away while she was speaking... In short form, she claimed she spoke not of 'through the night', but of 'through the evening'.. defining such a term as between 3pm and 5:30 pm.. trouble is, I was there with Jennie through out near that entire frame.. as was the tricky Dr. Colister.. and three others from Palliative care.. No.. four.. I left at approximately, 5:12pm that day.. I kid not.. my life is bared to witness. So, of course.. I then expressed THE ONLY RIGHT I have in demanding the report of my mother's treatment from starting on this allegation against a honorable nurse to finish including the critical incident
summaries of her death on February 3rd.. And in short form, Dr. Semus, responded, he had no knowledge of February 3rd, 2016.. Despite, Wednesday, the 24 of February, 2016 (Many Doctors lead busy busy lives I suppose..) WOW.. that means.. well.. you as the professionals should know without me telling.. I will my mother to be moved from 4H at our earliest convenience, and especially, not given opiates mixed with poisons to further steal her precious innocent life.. She does not deserve this.. nor should anyone else, ever again.. We need a public action to remedy this for the better good of everyone..With the newspaper or without..Thousands here in Winnipeg have fallen victim to die forsaken,
according to my discussions with one Provincial investigator's aid. That of which, we together, don't yet, have the manpower, or the jurisdiction.. the Police do though, as lead by experienced practitioners.. I will to assist in any way possible to get to the core of what is important here.. My mother.. Let's let science prevail in determining what serves our healths best how about my friends?

Addendum : when I stated that it could be a positive thing that Jennie can now freely breath instead of being suffocated, I also stated, that she is for this day, eating more than she has since entering the hospital.. a container of blue berries, three yogurts, egg salad.. Vanessa immediately responded, by stating "I don't know that." See? No care for Jennie's well being..

Love John.
or Johnny..
or whatever..
let's do this..





..selling of a process she is 'aware of' has been committed to blindly lashing already though for furthering without a stitch of fact, as planned before hand - but.. I'll blab blab.. - Good or bad? only a fair hearing of defense can arbitrate.. Justice is freedom to be all we can be as civilized. I love Canada.

Jennie Kinal was admitted into the Health Science Center January 7th 8:41am

On the 21st of January, despite Jennie's expressed wishes upon intake, and my own, the Doctor not responsible for Jennie, but on "the Team", asked if she was a smoker, and would provide a nicotine patch, I told him no.. she didn't want it, nor did I..

On the 22 of January, I was told Jennie had a heat attack, and I found what I disproved of, a nicotine patch on her shoulder area.. I removed it, and told the doctor, being scientifically reasonable, she clearly was in no need of such poison.. considering her health issues.. and she apposed such poison from the day she entered.. and from that moment on.. it would not be continued..

Risk of acute first myocardial infarction and use of nicotine patches .

IT'S POISON... Hello... "harmless" .... you can't be serious when free men and women talk scientifically... and it's not burning with the additional many other ingredients people crave.. not as the deadly poison in it's purest stage. Besides, she had kicked the habit. Criminal negligence. Perhaps attempted murder as regular fair.

On Feb 1st Mom is near the best she's been since arriving.. sitting up on the bed, eating yogurts, drinking water and juices.. and with the physiotherapist, was talking with me on how the plan is to bring about a hopeful position where she can walk across the room eventually.. hopefully soon..

On February 2nd, upon witnessing my mother unresponsive to all stimuli, and witnessing a intravenous drip containing a concoction she had not received prior.. and given to her without me told of such a change.. discovered they were injecting her with an 'end of life' morphine derivative.. that stops humans from breathing..

I called RN Delaney to stop this action immediately.. She apposed, claiming such actions would be cruel for at least ten minutes..defeating her irrational position I did effectively, she sided to go get her fellow senior RN to argue with me in the hallway, that again, such action would be cruel, in not allowing her to die comfortably.. I would therefore need to speak to the head physician Dr. T.. Of who I reminded the recorded history of Jennie, just the day before.. under no pain or duress in breathing.. and with plenty of witnesses to attest.. She finally capitulated to intelligent discourse, and sided such poisoning would be halted.. but if it needed to be re-introduced, I would be called
before hand.. to witness a distress that would call for such poison.. I stayed with mom who remained near powerless to breath...

"Hydromorphone may cause serious or life-threatening breathing problems, especially during the first 72 hours of your treatment and any time "

Of which they told me, this poison will restrict Jennie's breathing, but too as an opiate, she'll feel great in this ending of her life by serious criminal negligence.

On February 3rd, at 6 pm, I was phoned by RN Delaney.. and needed to come to the hospital to okay the death meds.. Conveniently, I arrived at the hospital in approximately 7 minutes to find her, in all appearances to be dead... All the water had been drained from her face, in what appeared to be a huge overdose of a diuretic.. (Urine tests that were expected to never happen with the 'deceased' would confirm this..) As I spoke to Jennie, RX Delaney continued to insist I not do such a thing.. Jennie had complete organ failure, and can not hear, speak, or see.. As claimed, how she died was kidney failure to process urine.. and so all the poisons overtook her will to live.. so stop talking to
the clinically dead.. WITH WITNESSES.. But no.. I know better.. and over the course of approximately an hour and a half.. With Delaney again, insisting that I was not facing reality.. That I should be just thankful for the time I had with mom.. she started to revive.. upon then.. RN Delaney did not say, "..a miracle!" No she left the room, to never return for more than 24 hours, plus.. She did not come back to work the next day, nor did Dr. T approach her workstation.. Nor did any Doctor visit any other patient in the room as I recall thinking back.. Seeking a defense of plausible deniability, means they have to still insist, Mom's in a death coma..

As time permits, I will improve upon this outline... I would appreciate the quickest response feasible, to inform me on further processes, to move towards defending my mother's life hanging on, held in jeopardy by those that deny my mother's wishes, and my own to be scientific on how these medicines are administered.. Not as quoted in the audio, at regular intervals without measure..

Again, please phone me to co-operate in any respect of resolving this crisis, sooner than too much later.. Thanks before hand for being a professional about this matter..


Reason for why you may have received this already..

Out of many of MPs, and many from the media emails I sent yesterday..

I received 11 failures to deliver, 5 auto replies..Hmm.. For example,
of the five auto replies, four come from members of parliament..
What about all the others?

These are the four..


..and then there is CTV


For example, no auto reply from the Honorable Prime Minister?

As it turns out, some did not receive this post.. this now
seems certain.. maybe due my now old email client, not
correctly addressing.. If you could help, and forward this
life and death concern to your favorite Federal and Provincial
Government members, we would all be greatly served for it,
I am most certain. A Public Inquest is a Public Inquest.

In addition, If you would will to see you favorite media
personality cover this fairly.. forward this post to them if you
would.. Again, it's potentially many victims falling due our
media's unfortunate failure to hold ourselves to account here..
Perhaps, as Dr. T as told, it actually involves a great many
more lives not yet realized.. I contend, it is in the term
"shortness of breath" used to wrongly administer the
poison known of as hydromorophone, to further hamper
breathing.. Then, they universally declare, YOUR loved
one has two weeks to live.. AND, most importantly,
'don't be cruel'.. I know it's deeply disturbing.. you don't
need tell me.. Then with the pressures of blind guilt, it's
no wonder, what with true psychopaths possibly existing,
and could so far, escape all our authorities not paying
enough attention to wise men and women speaking..
Supposedly transfixed by the complexity of simple
deductive reasoning.. (well, that just doesn't make
sense..) Hmm.. But for no longer, if you do the
responsible thing.. By forwarding this post to all
that should be greatly concerned such as I..

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