More likely to lose data?
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2008-01-01 23:46:52 UTC
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Hi all.

If a sector or two goes bad on a drive encrypted with TrueCrypt (most
recent version), will I suffer a greater amount of data loss than I would if
that volume wasn't encrypted?

Thanks in advance!
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2008-01-02 03:25:25 UTC
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Aaron -

If even one bit is wrong, the error will expand to an entire 'block'
which is usually only 16 encrypted bytes. A sector will be 512 bytes,
and if a full sector error occurs, that will be the same as a sector
error unencrypted. If that sector is in the middle of regular data,
such as an .avi movie or a .jpg picture, that will be the same as an
error without encryption - it may or may not be somewhat important. If
the sector is the first sector of the volume, you will need to restore
the header which you should have saved elsewhere with the TC menu
option to save headers.

If the sector is one of the volume's file table allocation sectors,
you might be able to recover data in that volume using regular file
recovery techniques provided you are able to mount the volume. That
should be possible if the header is not corrupted or if you restore
the header. Always save the header when you create a volume. Copy it
off to a CD or USB stick or another drive.

Most users of TC have no such problems. I have never lost data.
Remember, when you read reports of data loss, they are usually
hardware or OS problems, or bad user choices such as some Acronis
operations or improper disk partitioning.

The TrueCrypt forum will be back soon with the release of the new TC
5.0 and you may explore this further by searching that forum. Best
wishes for the new year, and do try the new version coming very soon!

Carsten Krueger
2008-01-02 12:40:54 UTC
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Post by Aaron
If a sector or two goes bad on a drive encrypted with TrueCrypt
If it hits the first sector of the volume all data is gone instantly (if
you don't have a backup).

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