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Sarah Dean
2008-11-20 22:02:22 UTC
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FreeOTFE v4.40 has now been released as a maintenance release to v4.40
and includes the following changes:

*) German translation added
*) Added "Tools" menu item to provide a straightforward user interface to
allow the user to quickly and easily copy FreeOTFE to a USB drive, and
optionally configure it to run automatically when the drive is plugged
*) Changed default settings to display system tray icon by default
*) Improved support for dismounting drives nested within each other
*) Added "/noexit" command line option
*) Added "/password" and "/silent" command line parameters for mounting
Linux volumes
*) Added greater emphasis on the fact that when overwriting a partition
with encrypted data, whatever was previously stored on that partition
will be overwritten. (Yes, some people did email about this!)
*) Prevent FreeOTFE from exiting when the wrong password is entered
*) Various cosmetic improvements

v4.40 may be downloaded from the FreeOTFE WWW site at:


From v4.30, FreeOTFE has included support for multiple languages. At
present however, only English and German translations are is available.
With your help though, this can change!

If you are a native speaker of a language other than English, and would
like to help out with the FreeOTFE project, please take a look at:


for instructions on how to translate the user interface. Even if you do
not have the time to translate all of the text used within FreeOTFE,
please get in touch; partial translations still have use, and would
certainly help!

(Similar support for FreeOTFE4PDA is currently under development.)
Sarah Dean
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Personal site: http://www.SDean12.org/
Disk encryption comparison: http://otfedb.sdean12.org/

For information on SecureTrayUtil, Shredders, On-The-Fly Encryption
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2008-11-20 22:15:19 UTC
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Post by Sarah Dean
FreeOTFE v4.40 has now been released as a maintenance release to v4.40
...as a maintenance release to v4.40 <== typo: should read v4.30

Thanks for this useful program.